~ Chapter 100: The 'adulterer' who stole Shanteya's heart (Part 1) ~

Author note: Happy 100 Chapters 'I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!' !

[Illsyore's point of view]

With a sigh escaping my lips, I started the engine of the MCV. A soft hum could be heard from under the hood, and just like that, we made our way toward Krestan.

“Are you alright, Illsy?” asked Ayuseya as she patted my shoulder.

I let out another sigh.

“It couldn't be helped, we had to do it this way, otherwise you were going to end up breaking their common sense again.” Nanya pointed out with a shrug.

I let out another sigh.

“Don't feel so bad, nya! We always knew your were an incorrigible and unreasonable impossible to accept to exist Dungeon Lord, nya~!” said Tamara.

I let out a very loud sigh.

“I don't think you're helping.” said Shanteya with a giggle.

“Illsy, you're exaggerating.” Nanya squinted her eyes at me in the reflection of the rear-view mirror.

“THEY FAINTED AGAIN!” I complained.

Yup, that was the gist of it.

This morning, after everyone woke up and Tamara rushed to the kitchen to make us some breakfast, I went to greet my slaves and continue the presentation from last night. When they saw me they froze... in fear. After exchanging a few words, I realized they tried to brush off my previous speech as some sort of common nightmare.

I shattered that useless thought of their to pieces by summoning an imp commonly found in dungeons. It was a simple Level 1 one, surprisingly, of the type that wasn't infatuated with boots.

At this point, half of them fainted, while the others started to tremble like scared little kittens. The two children who were still conscious soiled themselves, and everyone cried and begged for their lives.

When they saw this, my wives pulled me out of the room and took care of them. Zoreya introduced herself as a High Apostle of Melkuth and convinced them I wasn't a bad Dungeon. It took her half an hour to convince them I didn't bought the women to help the goblins in my dungeon multiply, and about an entire hour to convince and calm down the children who thought I had bought them in order to cook them or some other ridiculous thing.

I could not help but wonder what sort of ridiculous things they were told by others. Although, true, a stupid Dungeon could have thought about doing all that sort of nasty stuff. It went without saying that I wasn't one!

As such, after my wives, especially Zoreya, who was human, managed to explain how things really were with me, they calmed down and didn't froze or fainted upon seeing me. Still, it made me feel a bit bad. I wasn't some sort of monster who hid under the bed and whose sole purpose in life was to scare little children!

This, however, made me reconsider how I planned on introducing myself in the future. If I wanted to scare someone, declaring myself as a Godlike Dungeon Lord was enough. If I didn't want this, I had to avoid introducing myself as such. Thus, henceforth, I became the 'human' Illsyore. My weird hair was a style preference.

“No, you can't be a human.” Shanteya said shaking her head.

“Nope.” Zoreya denied it as well.

“Impossible.” Ayuseya shook her head.

“Nya~ You? Human? Nyahaha!” the cat laughed.

“Illsy... a human. I can't see it.” Nanya shook her head.

“Oh for the love of... I WAS a human once, you know?” I retorted.

“Nya~ That was in another life, husband of mine. You can't be a human in this one.” Tamara shook her head.

“You are far too ridiculous for that.” Ayuseya nodded.

“Definitely” Shanteya nodded.

I let out a sigh and decided to ignore them. These wives of mine were definitely teasing me.

Either way, I told the slaves to think carefully about what they wanted by the time we left this continent. I had no problem with releasing them from slavery and then sending them off on their way towards another kingdom if freedom was what they desired. However, I did point out that I was going to offer them a one of a kind opportunity through which they would be able to aspire towards more. Having me as their guardian wasn't that bad of a deal either, especially since I had several gods on my side.

Apparently, this little piece of information was crucial in helping the slaves accept me as a Dungeon who wasn't after their lives.

As we drove on the bumpy road and passed by several carriages whose drivers more or less thought we were some sort of metal monster, the outer walls of Krestan finally came into view. They were around 10 meters in height and made out of sturdy stones cemented together in order to keep them from falling apart. I didn't sense any sort of Magic Energy coming from them, so I guessed they didn't use any enchantments to reinforce the structure.

The gates themselves were raised, but besides the usual drop down classical metal bar gate, they also had wooden ones reinforced with metal, which had to be pulled back in order to open them. Right now, there were three carriages waiting to enter the city as well as several groups of adventurers and travelers. The guards were doing a check up on everyone who crossed the gates, making sure no outlaws dared to enter.

They did with the help of Illusion Canceling Crystals and typical Wanted Posters.

There was nothing we had to worry about in regard to this, but looking at them made me wonder how I was going to prevent fugitives and criminals from stepping inside my academy. There were many ways I could find out who was who, but sometimes a criminal ended up with this stigma just because a rotten noble abused his power. Currently, I had no way of finding out the truth.

Maybe I should go ahead and ask the gods of Justice for advice on this one. I thought as I leaned back in my chair.

“Should we go on foot in the city?” Nanya asked.

“No, not really... Do any of you want to buy anything from here?” I replied and then asked as I looked back at them.

“Not necessarily. Just sightseeing for me.” Ayuseya replied with a shrug.

“Non-humans aren't viewed too kindly in this kingdom, but at the very least el'doraws and draconians have it better than the others.” Nanya pointed out.

“True... Could this sort of mentality be the source of that human supremacy political view?” I asked curiously.

“It's possible, but at the same time, as there are human supremacists, there are draconian supremacists like Dankyun, el'doraw ones as well, and basically any species has their own.” pointed out Shanteya.

“Sigh... Well... can't be helped.” I shrugged.

“Do you plan on staying overnight here?” Nanya asked.

“Nope. We'll camp in our house outside. We're just passing through right now. Tamara will get some food with Zoreya, and I'm thinking of visiting the slave merchants again.” I then felt a sudden glare coming from behind.

When I turned around, they were all squinting their eyes at me.

“Oh come on! I need students!” I retorted.

“Isn't there a better way of 'acquiring' them?” Ayuseya asked raising an eyebrow.

“Besides this method, yes. I can put a good word with the nobles, scout them from among the commoners, hire people for publicity at the Adventurers Guild. I could do many things in order to gain students, but I am aware of the injustice of the slavery system, so if I have both the power and means to do it, I want to save as many slaves as I can while passing through the Paramanium Empire.” I explained.

“Quite noble of you, but this in return would just convince the slavers that their business is going well.” Ayuseya pointed out.

“I can't do anything about that right now, but saving a life is better than none.” I closed my eyes and relaxed on my chair.

When it was our time to pass through the gates, the guards were scratching their heads when they saw my peculiar 'carriage'. They were wondering at first whether to allow us entry with it or not. It seemed they weren't entirely sure this wasn't a monster.

Eventually, they called their superior, and after a quick explanation, he let us through.

We continued to move until we reached the South Gate of the city. Here we passed through without a problem. If we got in while driving such a weird contraption, then letting us leave was going to be easy.

I parked the MCV at about one kilometer away from the city gates in a small clearing and left Shanteya and Nanya in charge of protecting and taking care of the slaves. Ayuseya insisted I let her join my visit to the slave merchant, and I honestly had nothing against it.

Thus, all four of us returned to Krestan once more. We split up from Tamara and Zoreya at the gates, since after asking the guard, we found out that the Slave Market and the regular one were located on opposite sides of the city.

In retrospect, the architectural design of this entire settlement was simple and quite easy to navigate through. The palace of the Lord was in the middle, and it was surrounded by another wall. Around it were the houses of nobles, then came those of the commoners, with the slums being in the most remote side of the city. Because they were all built around the palace, the roads most of the time connected the noble areas with those of the commoners, with a big central road making a straight line between the North Gate and the palace.

From a strategic point of view, this place was hard to defend and easy to conquer. On the other hand, the simplicity of the roads allowed for a better flow of traffic, enhancing the trade. In other words, it had a good infrastructure.

The slave market was just like before, close to a brothel. It wasn't that far away from the slums either, maybe because there were many unfortunate people who ended up sold into slavery by their families in order to pay off tax debts and other stuff like that.

The building itself was a two story tall noble's mansion with two brawny guards armed to the teeth standing at the entrance, similar to the one in front of the brothel. He was most likely there to deal with unruly customers and impudent fellows who wanted to use the 'merchandise' yet not pay a dime for the service.

“Are you customers?” the guard at the entrance asked us the moment he saw us approaching them.

“I heard this is the Slave Market in town, correct?” I asked cautiously.

“Indeed, you are right. Unfortunately, the master isn't home right now. He has some urgent matters to attend to and will return shortly after, maybe in an hour or two?” he replied.

“Is that so? Then I will return then.” I nodded.

“Despite how those two look, they were rather polite.” commented Ayuseya after we were outside of their hearing range.

“True.” I confirmed.

Since we couldn't visit the Slave Market, I decided to go to the slums of the city and see if I can spot some potential talents. We weren't that far away from it either way, and we also had to wait until the slave merchant returned as well.

The slums, as I had imagined them, were the vivid representation of all the luck-deprived people of this city. Wearing nothing but rags and smelling as if they hadn't seen a bath in weeks if not months, both the old and the young were laying down at the entrance to their homes, looking at the streets with a gaze in their eyes that lacked the spark of hope. Among them were those few adventurers who suffered injuries that stopped them from fighting again, as well as those with birth defects which turned them into outcasts of society.

The buildings all looked worn out and in need of major repairs. Some of them were lacking any sort of roof tiles, while others had all of their windows covered with planks in an attempt to keep the wind and cold at bay. If they could easily remove them or not, I had no idea. The most common type of doors I saw here were the detachable types. They basically lacked any sort of hinges, so the owners had no choice but to find a way to completely remove the door when they wanted to go out and then find a way to fix it in place when they wanted to close it.

“These people here live worse than animals.” remarked Ayuseya who covered her nose in an attempt to protect herself from the foul stench that reeked all over this place.

The latrine and garbage piles were probably the source.

“It appears so...” I nodded.

“For the sake of the child, I'll make sure to remind you not to bring Shanteya in this sort of place.” she declared.

“Good thinking! It would be terrible to bring my pregnant wife here... What if she caught something!” I spoke in a worried tone of voice.

“I'm sure you would manage to heal her, but it's still best to be wary of such matters. Bad hygiene and lots of filth are the main causes of death in this world besides adventuring and wars.” she said.

“True, I should also take note and make sure my Academy won't suffer from anything like poor hygiene or garbage deposits.” I nodded.

“Summon Merions. That's their general purpose, but it seems the people in this city refused to use them for some reason.” she told me.

“Yeah, true. This reminds me, but Shoraya Kingdom used various monsters in order to solve problems like this, but I had yet to see a single Merion here or back in the port city.” I rubbed my chin.

“It is indeed strange... Could it be the nobles... Omph!” Ayuseya stopped as she bumped into someone, no, more like someone bumped into her.

When I turned around, I saw a kid who was around 11 years old laying with his back flat on the ground. His eyes were spinning. He probably didn't expect the recoil from the dragoness to be that powerful.

“What's this?” I said and lifted the kid up.

The child was wearing a worn out shirt and pair of pants tied with a string at the waist. He had dark-brown hair and hazel eyes. His body was thin, showing signs of malnutrition, and his height was about average if I were to compare him to the boys in the group back with Shanteya.

“This appears to be a human child.” Ayuseya nodded.

“Yeah, but why did he bump into you?” I tilted my head confused.

“I think he was aiming for you, but you dodged out of reflex.” she pointed out.

“Huh? What?” I was even more confused.

Did this kid try and attack me? I wondered.

As if reading my mind, my draconian wife replied “He was trying to pickpocket you, I think.”

“But my pockets are empty.” I shrugged.

“True. We know this, but he didn't.” she pointed at the child.

Knitting my brow, I lowered him on the ground and then summoned a small sphere of water to splash him over the face.

“PUHA~!” he woke up gasping for air.

The human body's survival instinct was amazing.

“Yo!” I smiled and lifted a hand up.

The boy seeing me, he knitted his brow and then... he ran away.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised.

“This is becoming a habit, isn't it? People running away, fainting the moment they see you, shivering in fear...” Ayuseya let out a sympathetic sigh.

“I don't want that!” I retorted.

The dragoness giggled and kissed my cheek “Don't worry, your children won't run away from you. Just make sure to bless me with one as well after you built your academy.” she winked at me.

“I will... But first let's catch the kid.” I nodded.

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