~ Chapter 100: The 'adulterer' who stole Shanteya's heart (Part 2) ~

By now, he was gone from our sights, but a Dungeon had its tricks, and I had a lot more than I needed.

Thus, we calmly walked in the direction he was hiding.

The method I used this time to find him was simply spreading out my Dungeon Territory and marking him as a target. The immediate result was a blinking red dot on a map only I could see. By default, the Dungeons were supposed to be natural born cartographers, but for some reason, most of them, including me for a while now, never thought about using their Dungeon Territory as a means to detect and map out the said territory.

Surprisingly, the one who gave me the idea to use it this way was Nanya herself. Being a half-Dungeon, she initially thought it was because of her demonic side, but afterwards she understood that it was something she had in common with all Dungeons. Once I was able to figure out the trick behind it, I shared it with her.

The spell resulted from this skill was called [Tracker] by Shanteya, who found it extremely useful in her hunts.

The difference between [Tracker] and our Dungeon Territory Map consisted in the range and details of the said map. While the latter could generate even a 3D model of the area at the expense of using some Magic Energy and raising its density in the scanned area, effectively giving away the fact that you discovered your enemy, the first only allowed the caster to see a rudimentary top down map with not so many details, but with the clear ability to accurately pin point the location of the tracked target. It was closer to a Magic Energy based sonar of sorts.

As such, we easily found out where the little kid was hiding.

Lifting the lid off the crate, I found him backing away in a corner and glaring at me. He was like a drenched trapped rat.

“You can run, but I will find you anyway.” I shrugged and then placed the lid back on top of the box. “Come out and explain yourself after you calmed down.” I said after I knocked on the lid.

I took a few steps away and summoned a pair of chairs for myself and my wife.

The boy popped out his head after five minutes and then hid back inside the box.

“We're not going anywhere, but make me wait too long, and I'll drag you out myself.” I warned him.

After six more minutes had passed, just as when I was thinking about going over and pulling him out by the scruff of his neck, the kid came out of the box.

“A-Are you going to turn me o-over t-to the guards?” he asked with a bit of stutter there.

“Nope. Just tell me why you tried to pickpocket me.” I told him.

The boy glared back at me.

“Because you are cheating bastard, an adulterer, a womanizer, a pig!” he declared pointing his finger at me.

I nearly fell of my chair.

Ayuseya blinked surprised and covered her mouth with the tips of her fingers.

“WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT'S HOLY DO YOU BELIEVE THAT! WE JUST MET!” I retorted half shouting while trying to refrain from giving off killing intent.

“Because I heard you!” he pointed at me.

“Illsy? Is there something you haven't told me?” Ayuseya asked partaking in the joke and trying hard not to laugh while still asking as though she was shocked to hear this.

“When in the world would I have been able to go around and chase skirts? Nanya and Tamara would find out in a second, and no thank you on becoming a whack-o-mole for Zoreya's shield!” I retorted.

“Hihihi!” the dragoness giggled.

Letting out a sigh, I rubbed my temples and then asked him, calmly “What EXACTLY did you hear?”

The child was reluctant to answer at first, but seeing as how he had no way out, he decided to come clean with what he thought.

“Earlier today, when you were in your fancy carriage, I saw you being hugged and kissed by the woman with cat ears. There were five women in the carriage, but none tried to stop her. I thought she did this because she was your pet.” he said, but so far nothing proved nor remotely gave reason for me to be labeled as an adulterer.

That was when Tamara gave me a sneak attack... I remembered.

“Then I heard the draconian lady speak of your wife, Shanteya, it was the pretty blonde in the carriage with you, right? She must be suffering a lot seeing you act like that with other women. Even when you got kissed by the woman with cat ears, she didn't react, but she looked sad. And the way you speak with this draconian lady, that's not normal either. She has the eyes of a woman in love! You toy around with her heart as well! You are a bad man! A womanizer! A pantie-snatching thief!” he slowly explained then started to call me names.

“Hey! I'm not a womanizer!” I retorted.

“The last one though... could it be intuition?” Ayuseya wondered as she squinted her eyes at him.

“I knew it! You are a bad man! Bleah!” he poked his tongue out at me.

“Oh for the love of... Listen kid, ALL of those women you saw with me in my carriage are not some women I picked up on the street! They are my lovers and legal wives! Look! This ring proves it!” I said showing him the golden ring on Ayuseya's ring finger.

“No way! You are lying! A man can only have one wife, the others are called concubines! Bleah!” he poked his tongue out at me again.

Annoyed, I tossed a water ball at him, drenching him to the bone.

The boy, soaked in water looked at his clothes, then back at me, and...


Ah great! I made him cry. I face-palmed myself.

“Illsy, why did you do that?” Ayuseya threw me a glare and then got up from her seat and gently hugged the little boy.

“There. There. Don't cry. I won't let the mean man harm you.” she said.

Meanwhile I was just looking at them and wondering how was I to blame? I was the one who was insulted here.

“Illsy, you don't need to take him so seriously, he's just a child. He does not know any better, especially if he wasn't taught properly.” my wife scolded me.

“Yes...” I mumbled.

True... he's a child... but he shouldn't say I'm a womanizer... or a cheater... I'm not... I love my wives... I mumbled in my mind.

After he calmed down, Ayuseya made me give him some dry clothes and some snacks I had stored inside my Inner Mind. The boy was more than happy to receive the tasty treats and munched them happily while the dragoness dried his hair. It was a good thing he couldn't see how she was doing this, her fire breath might have scared him.

“Have you calmed down?” I asked when he was done eating.

He nodded.

“Good. Now, do you understand? I'm not an adulterer, I'm quite faithful to my beloved wives.” I declared with my pointing finger up.

The boy didn't reply. He was squinting his eyes at me as if he found it hard if he should believe me or not.

This brat! When I tell him I am a Dungeon, I will seriously laugh when he faints or crawls away in fear! I raged in my mind.

“Even though he looks like a pervert capable of impregnating a woman only with his gaze, you should believe his words. Illsy is indeed a gentleman who will hold in his loving embrace only his beloved wives.” Ayuseya... sort of back me up?

“I'm a what now?” I asked blinking confused.

“Nothing, dear.” she giggled.

“No seriously, I'm a what?” I asked again.

She looked away, and I lowered my head in defeat.

“You two are a strange couple... Not like mom and dad...” he said as he looked at both of us.

“I believe we are, but we do love each other, probably just as much as your parents do. Speaking of which, little one, you have yet to tell us your name.” Ayuseya spoke to him in a polite tone of voice and showing him a gentle smile.

The charm of a draconian princess was not to be underestimated.

He nodded and then introduced himself with a bright smile “My name is Kent Wolf! I am 11 years old!”

“That's wonderful! Now, can you tell me where your parents are?” she asked him.

The bright smile vanished, and the little boy looked down while clenching his fists. A few drops of tears appeared in his eyes before he got the courage to tell us.

“Mom and dad aren't in this world anymore... They were murdered...”

“Murdered? By whom?” I asked.

“Marquise D'andaros...”

I furrowed my brow when I heard the name.

“Erm... can you say that again? I think I didn't hear right.” I told him.

“Marquise D'andaros. That's his name.” the boy nodded.

“What's wrong Illsy?” asked Ayuseya.

“Sorry, I'm hearing his names as: Dând a ros. Which in translation would be: Giving he gnawed.” I told her.

“You are weird, mister.” Wolf knitted his brow as he said that.

“Yeah, I know... Anyway, how or why did he kill your parents? Can you tell us the whole story, please?” I asked him.

“Um...” he looked at Ayuseya and then at me. “OK...” he nodded.

Afterwards, he told us in his own words how he lived a happy but simple life together with his parents at the edge of the city. His father was a strong man who made a living during the summer as a construction worker and during the winter as a lumberjack. His mother took care of him and the house, but from time to time, she helped as a store clerk in various shops around the city. One day, Marquise D'andaros saw her and fell in love with her at first sight, or so he claimed. The man was already married, but he wanted to increase his harem of concubines.

Ayuseya guessed it was just his hobby, since the Paramanium Empire accepted only the child born of the official wife as the legal heir.

Of course, his mother refused the impudent noble, but he kept coming after her, sometimes even threatening her. Because he was a Marquise, a rank above that of a Noble, they couldn't do anything about him except refuse him time and time again.

One day, however, a man arrived at their house and told Wolf's mother that her husband was found dead. It appeared as though he got drunk, slipped, and died after hitting his head on a rock. His mother refused to believe him, but when she saw his body, there was nothing they could do.

“My father never drank! He actually disliked alcohol!” the boy claimed.

In this day and age such men were a rarity but not an impossibility. I decided to accept the possibility that the boy was indeed telling the truth.

With his father gone and no one to support the family, his mother was forced to work more and more, but the noble kept pushing and insisting. One day, the boy witnessed how the noble threatened to kill him if his mother didn't willingly give herself to him. She left that night with him, but then, the next day, she was found hanged on the tree above his father's grave. Apparently, she killed herself.

Me and Ayuseya could guess why she recurred to such an extreme gesture. The woman loved her husband too much, but what she may have been forced to do that night with the noble broke her heart.

If you gods of Justice are listening now, know that if I am to meet this man, he will die. I thought as I continued to listen to the boy's tale.

With his parents gone, the noble kicked him out in the streets. There was the chance of selling him as a slave, but the noble forbade everyone from touching him unless they wished to incur his wrath.

From a certain point of view, this might look like defending the child, but what this actually meant was a condemnation to a slow and painful death. A slave at the very least had the chance to survive one way or another, but as a homeless beggar on the streets, this child had no chance.

Fortunately, he met a kind adventurer, who before heading off on a quest with his party taught him how to pickpocket someone and how to spot an easy target. With his new skill, the boy stole from those who appeared rich and fought to survive on the streets of Krestan.

“I had been living like this for two months now. I got used to it!” he showed us a bright smile, but after hearing his story, I could see the pain and scars it was hiding.

Without a home, without a family, without friends, he walked alone on the streets of this city ruled by the one who stole everything from him. Well, I didn't yet know what sort of authority this Marquise D'andaros had, but assuming he could order the slave merchants and guards around, then certainly not one to underestimate.

“Illsy...” Ayuseya said as she looked at me with sad eyes.

“I know...” I let out a sigh.

“Hm?” the boy looked between the two of us.

“Go and take him to Zoreya. He'll be safe with her.” I said then looked down at the boy. “Wolf, are you OK with being in our care from now on?” I asked him.

“It means coming to live with us. My name is Illsyore Deus, I'm going to found the Illsyore Magic Academy. If you come to study there, I'll make sure you will have everything you need in order to become whatever you wish to become when you grow up.” I told him.

“I don't understand.” he furrowed his brow.

“It means we're offering you the chance to stop living on the streets like this. You won't need to steal from others in order to survive. You can just focus on improving yourself and your skill so that when you become an adult you can work as you want where you want to. How does that sound?” Ayuseya asked him.

“It sounds great, but... won't you get in trouble with Marquise D'andaros?” he asked a bit worried.

“I can't wait for him to show his face.” I smirked.

“What he means to say is that you don't need to worry about it. We may not look like it, but we are strong enough to defeat a Supreme.” she winked at him.

“Huh?! You-You are the Legendary Supremes?!” he asked in a loud tone of voice.

“Legendary? Where did you get that? But yeah, sort of... We're stronger than a Supreme though.” I shrugged.

“As he said.” Ayuseya giggled.

“Erm... Well, I don't have a home or family to go back to, but... if I go to your Academy... will I be able to become strong?” he asked.

“Yes. Definitely.” I replied with a smile as I ruffled his hair.

“Then... I'm going!” he showed us a bright smile.

With this matter set, I walked back to the Slave Merchant, while Ayuseya headed off to find Zoreya and Tamara. The plan was to leave the boy with them, then the dragoness was going to meet me back here, and we were going to look for some worthy slaves to become my students.

As for the matter with D'andaros, well... he didn't really matter. If we were to meet up with him, he would die, end of story. I had no plans on cursing him or forcing him to do my bidding. I wasn't in the mood for something as ridiculous as that right now. I just wanted to get my slaves and leave this city. We had many more cities to travel through and the number of people joining us was going to increase more and more with each stop.

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