~ Chapter 101: Mad Illsy (Part 2) ~

“Marquise D'andaros...” Wolf spoke in a whisper when he saw him.

We all heard him, but their group probably didn't.

“Greetings!” the noble said with a smile.

“Good evening. That's an impressive number of people just for a greeting.” Illsy commented.

“A minor requirement for traveling late at night. After all, you don't know what sort of scoundrels you might encounter along these roads.” he replied with a smug look on his face.

His eyes were then cast over the rest of us, most specifically Shanteya and Zoreya.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Marquise Oppreizvich D'andaros. And you are...” he said awaiting an introduction.

“Illsyore Deus.” he replied.

“Hm, I never heard of you. Where do you heed from, traveler?” he asked.

“The Noneofyourbusiness town.” he smirked.

“Hm, what a peculiar name.” the noble squinted his eyes at him.

“What do you want?” he inquired.

“Watch your tone, adventurer. In these parts, offending a noble is a grave matter!” he warned.

“I'll take note on that.” Illsy nodded, pretending as if he cared.

“May we inquire for what reason you have went through the trouble of contacting our party at such late hours? If it was nothing of importance, I do not believe someone of a distinguished presence such as yours would have went through the trouble of showing themselves in person.” I spoke in a manner more often used among nobles, and with which a Marquise would find himself more comfortable.

“One of you seems to know how to speak properly, interesting.” he scoffed, but he ignored me. “My business here is with the boy in the back, Kent Wolf. As well as with you, Illsyore Deus.” he continued.

Illsy squinted his eyes at him, but said no word.

“Hand over the child, and I will not see it as an insult towards my authority.” he declared.

At the rise of tone in his voice, his escort moved forward, unsheathed their swords and took a more battle-ready posture.

“Illsy?” Nanya asked.

He didn't reply to her, he just looked at the man.

“Did you not hear?” Marquise asked as he knitted his brow in annoyance.

“I did. But I think I have an idea why you want the boy, but what of me? What did you wish to speak with me?” he asked.

“A simple offer, really. You will hand over the two women over there, and I shall spare your lives. A simple trade, isn't that right?” he asked.

When we heard this, we all let out a small sigh and shook our heads. It was a rather strange thing for all of us to do this at the same time. But considering the fact that he was pointing at Shanteya and Zoreya, it made it clear that this man's end was going to come soon. If he only came for Kent Wolf, maybe Illsy would have spared him, but now... I highly doubted it.

“You what? BWAHAHAHA!!!” Illsy asked and then burst into a loud laughter.

“Are you insulting me?” the Marquise pressed on as if he still held the upper hand.

Out of concern for my own safety, I stepped back.

“Nya~ I pity you.” Tamara said and took a more relaxed posture as she stepped back as well.

“Indeed.” Zoreya nodded.

“Foolish human.” Nanya sighed, retracted her claws and walked towards us.

Only Illsy stood in front of us, laughing like a madman.

It was a rather peculiar scene, but then... the air around us changed. The pressure and dark miasma usually found deep within dungeons appeared all around the soldiers in front of us.

“W-What's going?” one of them asked.

“I-Impossible!” one of the more knowledgeable adventurers recognized what it was and took a defensive stance.

Illsy didn't really need to release this miasma, this dark fog of his, it consumed Magic Energy and made a Dungeon's intent clear as day, but this time... he was using it with the single purpose of inducing fear into them.

“Marquise D'andaros, we should retreat... It isn't safe here.” one of the adventurers declared as he took a step back.

“What are you fools talking about?” the noble asked in his own foolishness.

Then, before they could retreat, giant walls of enchanted rock were raised from the ground behind them and to our sides, effectively cutting off their chance of escaping. Upon seeing this, naturally, the slaves shivered in fear.

To calm them down, Shanteya approached them and spoke in a gentle tone of voice.

“Do not worry everyone, you're safe with us. See, the fog isn't anywhere near us, just around those fools over there.” she then pointed at Marquise' group.

After his laughter calmed down, Illsy asked “So, let me get this straight, you are trying to make ME hand over a child to YOU, whose parents by the way you killed, as well as 'hand over' my pregnant wife and High Apostle wife, whom I promised to love, respect, and protect in front of the God of War? Hm... AND you are trying to do this by threatening ME with... erm... a handful of human soldiers?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What?” the Marquise was confused.

“What are you?!” one of the adventurers asked.

“Take out your Dungeon Detection Stone and let me know what you read on it.” Illsy said with a smirk as he crossed his arms at his chest.

With a gulp, one of them took out the stone and charged it with Magic Energy.

“I-Impossible... A-A-A level 3348... D-D-Dungeon?” aaand he fainted.

Looking back, I saw the slaves were looking at Illsy with big eyes, the new ones were especially frightened, while the others, since they didn't get used to the idea were in a similar situation. Having him show off like this wasn't helping either. If it wasn't for us calmly standing between him and them, they might have even soiled themselves out of fear or fainted as well.

Really though, since when have I stopped being affected by this world's common sense? I wondered and let out a sigh.

My past training and education as a royal princess of the Teslov Kingdom was one that shouldn't be taken lightly, for I too was told about the dangers of powerful Dungeons. It was said that within the depths of the some of the oldest ones on the three continents, you could only hope to advanced with a party of experienced Supremes.

Right now, however, I alone was more than enough to stride through those floors without worrying too much about my own safety. Reaching the Dungeon Core would have been cinch for any of us, but even so... I guess I would have never been able to achieve this type of mental strength if I had not been subjected to Illsy's influence for so many years.

Looking at the slaves, I realized, that I too would have acted in a similar manner if I were to have met the current Illsy back at the Fellyore Academy. Rather, the way we currently acted by staying calm around him was perceived by them as being... unnatural, strange even.

“Your stone must be broken!” the Marquise shouted.

For a moment there I lost track of the action that was taking place in front of me.

How silly of me to worry of such things. I told myself and let out a sigh.

“Illsy, just to let you know, if you kill him, we might become wanted fugitives in the Paramanium Empire. Politically speaking, it would be imperative to appeal to the nobles rather than antagonize them.” I told him.

“So, are you suggesting I should hand over Shanteya and Zoreya?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Of course not! Don't be ridiculous. What I'm suggesting is that as long as you leave no witnesses here, then we will have more time to spare before things get a bit 'hot' around us. Once we are labeled as criminals by the Empire, things like trade, using the Guild Hall, or even entering settlements will be... troublesome.” I told him.

“Hm... I see... No witnesses is it?” he said and then smirked as he looked back at the group.

One thing he may or may have not noticed himself was that ever since he merged with The Darkness and acquired all of its positive benefits, his personality also changed a little. This part of him was more evident whenever he engaged in Dungeon-specific actions or combat.

The old Illsy, the one before the merger, would have thought once, twice, even thrice before considering the possibility of killing them all as a solution. If this was for the better or not remained to be seen, but there was an important rule out there that many individuals, especially young adventurers, didn't take into consideration all the time: when one drew their sword, they openly declared that they had accepted the possibility of being killed in the ensuing battle. If they ended up dead or not depended solely on their opponent.

In this case, Illsy had no intention of sparing those who targeted us, his wives, or showed a cruel behavior to children.

“Y-You! D-Do you really want to antagonize the Paramanium Empire?!” Marquise shouted as he pointed his finger at Illsy.

“You know, now that you mentioned it, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea in the first place.” he smirked.

They are dead. I thought.

“What I can't figure out though, is how to kill you... I could skewer you...” he said and immediately cast an [Ice Spear] at one of soldiers.

The speed and sharpness of the spike was at level that far exceeded what one could usually cast with this simple Intermediate spell. It went right through the chest of the poor man, leaving a gaping hole in that place and cutting off his ability to even shout in pain. What he could do was only to bleed out and fall on the ground dead.

“I could squash you...” he said and then used the spell [Earth Tomb], which caused two large slabs of ground to spring up and slam into each other like a bear trap.

Three soldiers fell prey to this attack. Their lives were ended in a flash, but this too was a simple, Intermediate spell. Nothing too complex and most mages used it in order to either slow down or temporarily trap powerful monsters. To kill them with it was out of question, but not when it came to Illsy.

“I could turn you into charcoal.” he said and then cast a compact blueish [Fireball].

Unlike the usual Intermediate spell, this one was a modified version which compressed the usually gigantic red fireball into a small one of a different color. We could all do it, and according to Illsy, what we did was basically just offered the fireball more fuel with Magic Energy and allowed its temperatures to go up. The extremely high temperature resulted in a change of color.

The man struck by this attack went up flames and screamed as his flesh was burnt in mere seconds. His remains fell on the ground in front of his still living comrades. Now they were all genuinely afraid. Not only was Illsy an extremely high level Dungeon, but the attacks he just showed were not the type they could easily recognize, especially since they had been cast chantless.

“I guess, I'll try an experimental spell? [Lightning Pulse] is the name of the spell... It's basically a charged up ball of electrons that upon contact sends five pulses of electricity throughout your body, each of them is the equivalent of a lightning strike. Basically, it can fry your nerves with the first pulse. By the fifth your bodies will already turn into charcoal. Although, I'll be honest, I have no idea if you'll still be conscious by then or not.” Illsy said with a smile and then pointed his palm at them.

Once more, without chanting, he released three spheres of lightning one after another. The moment it struck one of the victims, it pulsed out and caused an electric shock that spread throughout his body and anyone else unlucky enough to have touched him at that time. The spell was one that appeared to be overly complicated and easy to dodge by those of our rank, but not by our current foes.

Without giving them a moment to breath, Illsy continued to cast [Lightning Pulse] and taken them down one after another until only the Marquise was left standing. It wasn't like they didn't try to dodge them or raise their Magic Armor to defend themselves against it, but this spell was simply too powerful for their current levels. If I were to guess, I would say it was somewhere between Emperor Rank and Godlike Rank, although, with the amount of Magic Energy Illsy was infusing it, it was probably around Supreme Rank?

Either way, they didn't stand a chance. It was a complete massacre.

“Y-You m-m-monster!” the Marquise said.

“Nah, I'm just a Dungeon. You are the monster for what you did by abusing your authority. Now be a good pest and die!” Illsy told him and pointing his palm at him, he released one last [Lightning Pulse].

The result was Marquise D'andaros screaming out in pain as his body gave in and his flesh was fried. His death wasn't a swift one, it came only at the last pulse, meaning that Illsy adjusted this last spell in order to cause him to suffer more.

It was over...

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