~ Chapter 58: Draejan's escape (Part 2) ~

Kataryna was trying VERY HARD not to laugh right now. As for Elleyzabelle, she had remained quiet all this time.

I let out a sigh and seriously thought about whether or not the male dragons in this kingdom were helpless in front of their wives or if this was a general rule of some kind. It could have also been something else: the old dragons understanding the needs of the younger generation, they simply let them be. Although, Feryumstark was the KING! Why was he fleeing?! How could an old dragon and royal like him take part of this childish joke?!

Well, this did tell me that he was a very understanding King, but was it necessary... were we really that close to him to answer and participate in these sort of jokes.

Were these jokes normal in the first place?

My mind went swimming in circles around these questions until I finally gave up, letting the smoke fly out of my ears and my brain to cool down. It wasn't like I was against Seryanna being so assertive, but considering everything that happened and with the whole Draejan thing, I felt as though this was a bit rushed.

It was also possible that this was simply their draconic nature?

Honestly, I don't understand anything anymore... I complained in my mind while I was trying not to look at any dragons we were passing by.

I wasn't unhappy with it, but being carried like some sort of prize won in a contest was a tad bit embarrassing... I was still in my half-beast form, sooo the size difference was noticeable...

[Draejan's point of view]

“Ugh... W-What happened?” I groaned and tried to get up, but a terrible pain surged through my whole body. “ARGH!” I screamed.

My muscles felt like they were being ripped apart piece by piece, yet I didn't remember suffering so much damage. In the duel, yes... the duel... all I remembered was his smirk at the end... when he punched me.

After that... what happened? Did I... Did I lose? ME? Against a dirty human? the very thought of it made me angry, furious, annoyed beyond measure.

I clenched my fists despite my pain and glared at the ceiling. I couldn't accept it... I didn't want to.

ME?! A noble dragon with royal blood?! Me?! The one who was about to bring this whole kingdom to its knees and restart the human-dragon war?! No! IT CAN'T BE! It's not POSSIBLE! I screamed in my mind.

I couldn't dare let these words of mine be heard for I did not know who might hear me. This reflex was formed over the decades and even when I was completely annoyed, not even a peep came out.

“Master, please calm down, you are injured.” the slave spoke.

Glaring at him, I bared my fangs and asked “What did the King declare?”

“That... you lost.” he replied.

“Tch!” I clicked my tongue and leaned back on my bed.

“The healer said you will need to drink Healing Potions and call for someone with the ability to cast healing magic.” he said as he placed a potion on the nightstand next to me.

“Are my injuries that serious?” I asked in a low growl.

“From the outside... it doesn't look that way, but you can feel it's not so. Alkelios' attacks sent shockwaves of pure force throughout your body, damaging it at all levels... It's a miracle you're not dead.” he explained.

“Dead? He was trying to kill me? ME?!” I asked as a smile was formed on my lips.

I knew I looked like a madman, but the thought of someone like him trying to kill me was unpleasant.

“No... just damage you in such a way that you would need weeks of healing.” he said.

“Ridiculous!” I growled.

“Yet, here we are.” he shrugged and walked to the end of my bed.

Pulling back his hood, I saw the same scaly face he showed to the King when he was ordered to show himself. Even I would have confused him with a pure-blood dragon if I didn't knew any better.

“You know, I was surprised when Alkelios called me out... Somehow, he knew who I was... He's gotten smarter, stronger too...” he said as he looked as he flexing right hand.

Humans had the tendency to display some rather weird gestures.

The spell he used deactivated, and I could see his true appearance. He had a bushy black beard, tired-looking dark-brown eyes and a shaggy haircut. In the human territories, he would have been confused with a bum, yet this man was someone with a level over 500 as he claimed it to be.

His scheme in gaining Power Levels seemed to have worked splendidly so far, but he didn't really feel as powerful as a dragon with an equivalent power. Yet, if I were to toss him in battle, his ability to teleport troops wherever he wanted would make him a rather valuable and dangerous asset.

“Or maybe it's because you stuck to the same clothes you used back when you first met him?” I pointed out.

He looked up at me and then shook his head.

“I doubt it.” he replied.

What an idiot... I thought and then leaned back, closing my eyes.

Several hours later, I woke up again and drank three healing potions. There was no need for a healer to cast his magic on me. As a soldier and knight, I learned a few basic spells in the field, so I applied them on myself.

Two hours later, I could move and stand up, but barely... My whole body was hurting, and my insides felt like they were about to burst.

I can't stay here... I have to take advantage of the fact that they lowered their guard and prepare for the next step of my plan. There's no way I will admit defeat like this... Not after I made so many sacrifices... Not after all the plans and schemes I put into motion... I thought and while clenching my jaws, I got up from my bed.

The pain was horrible, and I could barely stand, but I was not going to allow myself to succumb to the pain.

“Kronius! Get in here!” I shouted.

The human teleported in front of me and pulled back his hood.

“Yes, master?” he asked.

“Bring me my [Purse] rings and use your ability to steal as many weapons and armors as you can from the armory. Return to me once you are done.” I ordered him.

“As you wish, master.” he replied with a bow.

After he teleported, I clicked my tongue and went to my dresser. From inside, I picked up an inconspicuous set of clothes and put them on.

These should do... I thought as I looked in the mirror.

I looked no different from a noble of a low rank. The hood was to help me hide my horns and face, while the mantle was needed to keep my tail hidden. There was no reason to hide my white scales, but the gold scales on my face and tail tip were a sign of royalty, or at very least someone related to the royal family by blood.

Looking around the room, I let out a sigh. This was going to be the last time I saw this place. My residence in Drakaria was going to be the first one to be searched after I was gone. As such, I was prepared to vanish without leaving any trace behind me. This meant no clothes, no documents, no tools, nothing to even remotely hint that this place was once used by me.

With pain pulsing through my body, I limped all the way to the room I used as an office. I opened the door and took a long look around. There were many things in here that had to be disposed off: documents, books, letters with secret orders and messages, all sort of things.

Once I'm done gathering all of these, I'll move on to collecting any item of value and tools in this house and finish by collecting my clothes, armors, and weapons. I should make sure to empty the cellars and attic as well... I thought.

Thus, I began to empty my house of everything I saw as important. The only things I left behind were the pieces of unmodified furniture. I only had secret compartments installed in my desk and two of my chairs, which I took with me. The safe in the wall behind the map of the Doesya Dukedom was taken as well.

Kronius returned not long after I was finished. He had more items to store than I did.

“It has been done.” the slave reported.

“Good. Now, teleport us to the Brekkar Army Headquarters tent outside of Drakaria.” I ordered him.

“As you wish.” he bowed and then opened a portal to his left.

This skill of his, the [Pika Boo Blink], was extremely useful in the hands of a capable commander. Acquiring him as a slave was nothing but a stroke of luck. If he had been discovered by the humans before me, he would have been a troublesome enemy to deal with.

As I stepped through the portal, I found myself inside my tent. Everything was where I had left them, including the map with the 'fake' strategy on it, which made it look, to any spying eye, as though I was thinking more about defense and supply management within the kingdom than I did of instigating a war between the humans and Albeyater.

“Go and tell Goryan, Talladov, Servorth, Colar, Jormungar, Kossan, Taranvik, Oldessa, and Patrianus to see me here at once. I don't care what they are doing or what they were planning on doing. If they dare to decline my call, tell them they are not needed anymore.” I ordered him.

“As you wish, master.” Kronius replied and then ran out of the tent.

There was a big difference between telling a slave what to do and ordering him. In case of the latter, he had no choice but to obey my commands, while in case of the first, it remained up to him if he decided to do it or not. To allow a human like him a free reign was absolutely ridiculous, so I ALWAYS ordered him what to do.

As I looked at the map spread on the table, I let out a sigh.

“To think that accursed human pushed me to gamble on this move... Breakthrough-er or not, I am going to make sure to kill him.” I said and moved the King piece from Drakaria all the way to the Eastern Plains at the border with the Embryger Empire. “As long as the King doesn't come here, the plan is safe... But...” I smirked. “with the Queen suffering from that terrible poison, I wonder if he would dare to leave her side.”

The plan I made when I was but a whelp was coming into fruition only now, after so many years had passed from that one... faithful meeting. My only worry was whether or not I was trying to pluck this fruit before it was ripe or after it had already gone bad. Either way, after losing to Alkelios, there was no way I could show my face again at the court. Therefore, while I still had the chance, I had to make the decisive move and put my plan into action.

In just a few months, the Queen will be no more, the King will die of grief, the economical and military power of this Kingdom would have crumbled, and all that will be left for me to do will be to invade, take over, and set up a new reign... Or rather, put a worthy puppet on the throne while I moved things from the shadows. The idea of peace between humans and dragons will die together with my foolish grandparents! And along them, everyone who dared to support them! I thought and then picked up the King piece “History will remember you and your allies as fools and me as the hero who brought balance to the values of both dragon AND human kind.” I said and then squeezed the piece in my hand until it cracked and turned to dust.

As for Alkelios Yatagai, until I made a Breakthrough or found a way to weaken him, all the battles between us would end up with my loss. He made this all too clear yesterday, and I was no inexperienced fool to deny this fact.

In order for me to win this 'war', my strategy had to be perfect, my goals clear, and my allies there. But most importantly, I had to find a way to neutralize, weaken, or incapacitate the enemy's Breakthrough force. I had to find a way to keep most of their Breakthrough-ers away from my battlefield...

I guess... I will need to ask the help of the humans... again. I thought and looked towards the entrance of my tent.

The dragons I had called for showed up one after another. Wearing a serious expression on their faces, these loyal, battle-ready dragons were going to obey only MY orders and through them, a big part of this army.

“Tonight, we depart from Drakaria.” I said and with this, I began to give them specific orders on what to do and how to move.

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