~ Chapter 59: An audience with the Queen (Part 3) ~

“In other words... it's complicated and solely depends on each family, but the tendency is to leave the women do the thinking, right?” I asked.

“Yes.” they both nodded at the same time.

“Quite different from what I'm used to.” I scratched the back of my head.

“Humans have a tendency to be patriarchal rather than matriarchal, and I even heard stories of how they treat their daughters as nothing more than chess pieces in order to gain more power.” said the Queen.

“But didn't you also marry off some of your daughters to foreign countries?” I asked curiously.

“Hahaha! Alkelios, they all married those dragons because they fell in love with them. But what one in my position fears the most is not marrying my daughters to a foreign land, but having foreign Princesses marry my sons!” declared the King with a growl.

“Humans often believe that it is the dragons they have to watch out for, but in our case, it is the dragonesses.” said Elliessara.

“There's nothing worse to fear than a cunning Princess out to steal your son!” declared the King.

“Do not mind him, Alkelios, he is a bit... upset because he recently found out about whom the First Princess of Embryger fancies.” giggled the Queen.

“Oh... So that's not a good thing, right?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“On the contrary, it is. The First Princess of that Empire is not as cunning and elusive as some of her younger sisters, and the one she fancies is actually the Adopted Second Prince Kryogan, who acts as an ambassador there. If they do form a couple, then she will automatically be denied any right to the throne, and she won't have much of an authority within the Empire. Adopted children don't have any right for the throne, so it is the same as marrying a high noble of a foreign land.” explained the Queen.

“Well, I believe I got the gist of it now...” I said scratching the back of my head.

“Do not worry, young one, in time, you will learn the ins and outs of our Kingdom. You have a strong fiance by your side and some rather powerful friends to guide you on your way.” said Feryumstark.

“Indeed, including Queen Elliessara here, but speaking of which, should I check your status now and see what we need for the cure?” I asked as I looked back at her.

“Well, I suppose. Please do.” she nodded and showed me a small smile.

“Show Status of Elliessara Seyendraugher.” I said and the window which only I could see appeared before me.

[Name]: Elliessara Seyendraugher

[Species]: Superior Draconian of the High Light

[Awakened Status]: 6 of 6 Conditions met.

[Level]: 1207

[Strength]: 1245 (6556)+

[Speed]: 540 (7868)+

[Dexterity]: 2310 (9378)+

[Magic]: 6540 (12980)+

[Luck]: 55

[Magic Excellence]: 43%+

[Current Buffs]: [Dragon Tamer] <5X Life Force and Magic Energy Absorption from kills/Learning Speed. 10% of hero's overall stats gained while they are within 100 m of him.>

[Wisdom of the Old One] <Buff acquired through Awakened Breakthrough. It offers the individual a new view of the world. It raised the intuition of the individual. It grants the aura of a wise individual>

[Debuffs]: [God's Demise Poison]: <Slow acting poison that cripples the victim's Magic Channels, slowly bringing them to crippling a death. It works especially well on those who achieved a Breakthrough. Upon death, the body is infused with magic absorbed by the poison throughout the years and turns it into a Lich with the sole purpose of eradicating all life within 600 km of its spawning location. It's the only poison known to affect Immortals with powerful regenerative abilities. It's said to be the poison used to kill the god that would later become the first Dark God. Remaining time until Lich transformation: 4 years 2 months 9 days 4 hours 20 minutes. Type of Lich based on current absorbed Magic Energy: Supreme Lich. [Bartender]: Requires Grand Godlike Alchemist to prepare. Cure: [Lumenos, Lumenya, and Nocturnia's tears Potion]: Requires Grand Godlike Alchemist to prepare. Ingredients: A drop of Royal Human Blood, Elf Queen's Tears of Joy, Baby Tooth of a Relliar Royalty, Celestium-Zaradin alloy dust infused with ancient dwarf magic, Bone Powder from the Horn of a Skeletal Wyrm, The Powdered Scale of a Superior Draconian of the High Flame, The Powdered Scale of a Superior Draconian of the High Ice, The Powdered Scale of a Superior Draconian of the High Light, The Powdered Scale of a Superior Draconian of the High Darkness, The Powdered Scale of a Superior Draconian of the High Earth, The Powdered Scale of a Superior Draconian of the High Authority, Cure-All Plant Leafs, Enchanted Water, Orange Juice.>

When I read out loud the ingredients, I felt like the King and Queen were staring at me with dead fish eyes.

“And... Orange Juice... At least one thing is easily obtainable...” I pointed out and forced a smile.

“What is an orange?” asked the King.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised.

Clicking on the ingredient revealed the following information:

Orange juice: the juice squeezed from the fruit called Sweet Orange. The tree that produces it is a hybrid citrus result from crossing a Pomelo mother tree and a Mandarin father tree. The Human Empire Akutan uses Oranges as a sacred plant to determine the next generational ruler. The ritual involves in having the young princes and princesses attempt to grow an multi-generational sweet orange tree by using the same Pomelo and Mandarin trees provided to all of them. Cultivation and Consumption of Oranges outside of the Imperial Palace and in any other human kingdom is considered illegal and punishable by death.

“Oh for the love of...” I nearly cursed.

“Sigh... Although we have the cure, to think it was in the most unobtainable locations of all...” the King shook his head.

“Well, depends on the way you look at it. Honestly speaking, I find the other ingredients to be even more troubling to obtain...” I pointed out, scratching the back of my head.

“A skilled thief could steal some oranges for us. The only thing we would have to worry about would be the backlash from the Empire. If they were to find out, an invasion would be the least of our concerns...” suggested the Queen.

“I could go there and kidnap the prince or princess who knows how to grow one?” I asked.

“You do realize that's a terrible idea, right?” she asked squinting her eyes at me.

“Erm... Sort of?” I tilted my head to the left.

To be honest, I found that idea to be the most... interesting and fun to do of them all.

“Indeed, what will we do with the royal afterwards?” asked Feryumstark.

“I don't know. Trade him back for a peace treaty?” I suggested.

“That might work... I think, but there's nothing keeping them from attacking afterwards.” said Elliessara.

“Well, that's complicated...” I nodded and crossed my arms at my chest.

“There's also this Cure-All Plant... I had never heard of it... As for the scales of the dragons, those individuals would need to be fully Awakened.” pointed out Feryumstark.

“Ah, I think we can use some of mine in the worst case scenario. Your Majesties have both the scale of Authority and of Light, so we would just need to find the rest.” I suggested.

“You know, I always thought that the reason people feared Superior Draconians of a High Element was because of their incredible power and ability to control their element, but I'm starting to guess that it might have also been because their scales are components of certain powerful potions like this one.” said Elliessara with a heavy sigh.

“Don't worry, your Majesty, we'll be sure to get the cure for it! Besides, we already have one of the ingredients!” I said and then activated the [Black Hole].

From within it, I pulled out the plant I discovered back when I first met Seryanna. It was the weird plant the herbalist thought it was worth around 30 gold coins. It's rarity made its price exceedingly high. Of course, this wasn't the same plant, just another I had found during my travels through the Seculiar Forest. The one I found together with Seryanna had been left with Kataryna or sold off, I couldn't remember what exactly happened to it. A lot of stuff happened since then, and I sort of forgot about it.

“This is the Cure-All plant. Hm, if I'm not mistaken you can use its leafs and petals to make a special kind of tea that should help slow down the poison's effects. Actually, why don't you use this one just for that? I have several of them in my storage, and I can probably find some more if I wanted to. If we give one to a botanist, maybe he can find a way to cultivate it?” I suggested as I placed the rare plant on the table.

“I honestly don't know what to say... Is this really alright?” Elliessara asked.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Well this is good news then! Hahaha! But what of this Enchanted Water?” asked the King.

“That's a special type of water processed by an Alchemist. I can make it, so no need to worry about it. Although, I guess I will have to make myself some travel plans in order to obtain the rest.” I said scratching the back of my head.

“I will immediately send my best dragonesses as ambassadors to the Elvin, Relliar, and Dwarf countries to organize a special visit from you. As for the human one, I will need to consult with Brekkar and see if we can obtain the oranges without starting another invasion... Maybe that dragoness, Kataryna might know someone?” said Feryumstark as he was already making plans in his mind.

“With the recent events that happened, I will once more take lead and advise Elovius on the matters that need to be solved immediately.” Elliessara said.

“Then what should I do?” I asked blinking surprised.

“Prepare for the upcoming tournament! You won't be participating, but I arranged for you to have an opening spar with someone! I promise they will certainly put up a good fight!” Feryumstark laughed it out.

“Understood... wait what?” I said then tilted my head to the left.

“Since the tournament was originally organized to gather competent forces from within the Brekkar Army, I gave order the day before for this one to be changed into a tournament meant to scout powerful dragons who aspire to a military career. The opening entries aren't restricted only to the Brekkar Army anymore. Anyone with a sword can participate, but they must not be a wanted felon or member of suspicious organizations. In regard to this, I have ordered Thraherkleyoseya Draketerus to skillfully process all of them.” explained the queen in gentle tone of voice.

“Erm... OK... I'll do my best then.” I said with a forced smile.

“Alkelios.” Elliessara said and showed me a warm smile “Thank you for helping us... I'm happy to know that not all humans are bad. Maybe with time, we can help put an end to this tiring conflict. It is sort of a dream of mine, and you... you are living proof that I can still hope for it to come true.”

“No problem! That's what friends do! They help each other out!” I replied in casual tone and gave her a thumbs up.

“A friend... that sounds nice...” she said with a soft smile on her face.

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— Cultivation and Consumption of Oranges outside of the Imperial Palace and in any other human kingdom is considered illegal and punishable by death. —
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