~ Chapter 60: A day like no other (Part 2) ~

“Oh, really?” Seryanna said as she looked at Kataryna and then back at me.

“Yes, really. Erm... If Kataryna still wants to have an egg with me after I had one with Seryanna, then I will gladly make it happen, and I will enjoy it too!” I said hitting the table with my fist.

This resulted in the soup bowls flying up and landing right on top of our heads...


Then the table broke into several pieces...


The two dragonesses slowly turned their furious gaze towards me, and I gulped.

“Erm... My bad?” I showed them a wry smile as a piece of noodles fell off my left cheek.

“Alkelios... You said you reached a Breakthrough, right?” asked Collentra who was standing behind me.

I gulped again and slowly turned to look at the third angry dragoness who was glaring at me with her arms crossed at her chest.

“Erm... Yes?” I replied with a wry smile.

“Good! Then you will survive my Punch of Fury!” she said as she made a fist.

“Wait! But I'm a Duke now, right? Isn't punching a Duke bad?!” I tried to defend myself.

“Yes, that's why these two lovely ladies whom you drenched in my soup will punch you as well!” she said.

“Wait what?” I blinked and then looked back at Seryanna and Kataryna who got up and both made a fist. “OK, I know I may deserve a tiny slap, but I think you are exaggerating a bit? Just a tiny bit... Seryanna please don't make a fist. Erm, Kataryna, why are wrapping your fist in ice armor? Collentra... that's a frying pan not a fist!” I said as I backed away from the three.

“Nooo, we're not exaggerating in the slightest. You drenched us in soup and broke a table. You are a Breakthrough-er, so you should have know better than to do that. Most of all, you should know how to properly control your own strength.” Seryanna showed me a cold smile.

“I don't really care, but I'm just going with the flow.” Kataryna said with a shrug and a cold smile.

Like HELL you don't care! I thought in my mind as I backed away until I reached the wall.

“Collentra! Askanti just woke up... Erm, are you busy?” Bayuk asked as he came out with the little baby.

“Abububu!” the little one made a cute baby noise and the three dragonesses melted, completely forgetting about me.

“Awww! How cute!” times three.

Am I saved? I wondered.

As I was trying to sneak away, Kataryna trapped me in an Ice Cage that reached all the way up to my neck.

“Don't think we've forgotten about you. Just stay there until we're done playing with the cute baby.” she said before taking some noodles out of her hair.

“Me and my blasted Luck...” I grumbled to myself.

One would think that my stats should have prevented this incident from happening, but the Universe didn't see it as life-threatening, neither did I, and despite the way the conversation was going, I didn't really feel like I was in a terrible danger or wished for it not to happen, thus, resulting in the passive ability of granting me 100% chance of something good happening to not activate.

Then again, if you looked at it from another perspective, what were the chances of me actually being able to land three bowls of soup on all three of us at the same time AND break the table in the process, all with one single hit?

Not long afterwards, Seryanna gave me a slap on my left cheek, Kataryna punched me on the right one, and Collentra gave me a pan on the head... all at the same time with perfect timing. After my served punishment of breaking the table and drenching them in soup, Bayuk gave me a broom and told me to clean up the mess I made... I complied... This was probably the first time a Duke had to go through something as embarrassing as this, but I did break the table. I should have controlled my strength better.

Once I was done cleaning, Collentra gave me a bowl of warm soup at a new table, where Kataryna and Seryanna joined me. We talked about something else, like the upcoming tournament and new things I could make for them. Seryanna told me about meeting the Albeyater Kingdom's best blacksmith and her friend: Dregarya Gorrashy.

Then, after we ate, we borrowed two separate rooms at the inn for us to get washed and changed out of our soup-drenched armors. I thought I was going to take a bath with Seryanna, but Kataryna pulled her away.

Thanks to our spells and good use of magic, the drenched armors were all cleaned up in no time at all. We left the inn and thanked Collentra for the hospitality... and pan strike.

Back at the castle, we all left our separate ways again. I went to a room the King had prepared for me. Here, I met with Brekkar and Feryumstark who were having a Chess Showdown. I introduced the game to them a few days ago on a whim, but apparently it sparked a curious rivalry between the two. They both managed to beat me at it not long after I showed them how you played it.

I tried to take my revenge again today, but I wasn't able to do it, so I resigned myself to the humble role of an observer. However, as time went by studying their moves, the sense of urgency began to grow inside me.

The reason for this was a rather important and pressing matter I had to deal with. In not even one hour from now, I was to head to the Temple of Drakartus in the capital, where another big ceremony was going to take place.

This time, I wasn't going to receive a title or rank in the Albeyater Kingdom, but I was going to be recognized as Seryanna's husband and she as my wife. Indeed, today... was the day I was going to marry my redhead dragoness.

“Alkelios, relax. It's not that big of a deal, and you memorized everything you have to do.” said Brekkar right before he moved the black pawn on C5.

They were starting a new game.

“You old lizard, what are you scheming?” Feryumstark grumbled as he looked at the table, then moved his left white Knight on F3.

“I'm totally relaxed, Brekkar.” I retorted.

“You are hanging by the ceiling in your half-beast form. You look more like a stressed-out bat than a dragon. Knight on C6.” he said.

“Huh? I didn't notice.” I said as I got off the ceiling.

I really did take a bat-like position.

At the very least, I didn't say: Silence! I'm prowling the night, for I am Batdragon! I thought and shook my head.

That would have been... embarrassing.

“Let me tell you something, young dragon. Even I was nervous on the day of my marriage with Elliessara! Pawn G3.” he said.

“You were?” I asked.

“There is no dragon out there who can claim they weren't nervous on their wedding day. For you, this was also the day when you became a noble, which by all rights makes you even more worthy of my granddaughter's hand! Pawn E5.” said Brekkar.

“I guess it does... But what if I mess it up?” I asked.

“Then just wish for nothing bad to happen.” suggested the king.

“You know, you are right. I do wish for nothing bad to happen during today's wedding ceremony!” I declared proudly.

“By the way, you aren't going to my daughter's wedding wearing THAT!” Brekkar lifted his head off the table and pointed at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked a bit confused.

“You are wearing your own armor BACKWARDS!” he retorted.

“Bishop G2. The boy must be more nervous than we thought he is.” Feryumstark sighed and shook his head.

“Oh! Really... It's backwards... How did that happen?!” I said as I twisted around.

“You are lucky the enchant makes holes where your wings are, otherwise that armor would have ended up shattered to pieces.” said Brekkar.

“Indeed.” nodded Feryumstark.

“I'm good with enchants...” I pointed out as I changed back to my human form. “By the way, what's the score so far?” I asked.

“45 to 45” replied Brekkar.

“This old lizard is good.” pointed out Feryumstark.

“I'm not a general just for show!” the dragon laughed.

“And I'm not a King just for show either!” the other dragon laughed.

“You two really like this game, don't you?” asked.

“Indeed, it is enjoyable. We have a similar one, but this one has more well-defined laws.” replied Brekkar.

“I see... Well, I'll go change then go over the rules of today's ceremony once more.” I said as I moved to the dresser and changed into my suit for today's wedding.

It was a silver armor with fine golden decorations added to it. This was Brekkar's old wedding armor which he kept just for such an occasion. I didn't have one, but even if I could make it from scratch, it felt more appropriate to accept this one. It had... sentimental value. Apparently, Seryanna was going to wear her grandmother's wedding dress... erm... armor... thing.

I had yet to see how she would look like wearing it, but when I tried to take a peek when she was testing it out, Kataryna punched me to the other side of the city... I landed in some poor dragon's fish cart. Of course, I payed for it and the cart, but I didn't take it with me. I donated it to the not-so-wealthy dragons in the slums. I also gave them a bunch of healing potions to those I found sickly, for which reason I apparently became well-liked by them.

When it was time to head out, Feryumstark and Brekkar stopped their game where it was and walked out with me. The two of them took the Royal Carriage, while I was to head there together with Iolaus. Seryanna, Kataryna and the other women were already there, meaning that us men were the last to arrive as tradition beckoned.

“How are you holding up?” asked Iolaus with a cocky smirk on his face.

“You'll soon find out as well.” I replied with a smile.

“What? I... Erm... Yeah...” he looked away.

“Is this the carriage we're riding in?” I asked as I pointed at the decorated silver carriage next to him.

“Of course, you are a Duke now. Traveling on foot is unbecoming of you.” he replied with a stern expression on his face.

“I think I can manage. Can't be worse than running away from hungry sheep.” I shrugged.

“Ah, that must have been horrible.” he said.

“Oh yeah! You don't want to know how I escape, but let's just say it involves Luck and me falling head first in something very gross.” I said with a smile.

“Ew!” he grimaced.

“Hey! It worked! That's what matters!” I smirked.

“Still gross.” he said.

“Sigh. Let's just get going... I don't want to leave Seryanna waiting...” I said.

“You wouldn't, trust me. The girls worked very hard to prepare this wedding, especially the celebration party.” he reminded me.

“Indeed, the did their best...” I nodded and then we got on the carriage.

“I for one can't wait to see the moment when Brekkar punches you in the face at the party!” Iolaus showed me a wide grin as he said that.

“That is one part I'm not looking forward to...” I retorted squinting my eyes at him.

The carriage driver pulled the reins, and the Khosinni began to trot and slowly move up to a canter. We were heading for the Temple of Drakartus, and no pit-stops were allowed.

During the journey, I was reminded that when the talk about preparations came, me, Iolaus, and Brekkar were literally tossed out of the room by Kataryna and Kleo. Later, the Queen joined them as well, and as a result, the King joined our merry group. These dragons helped me understand the traditions as well as learn my lines for the upcoming ceremony, but although I practiced them very well, I was literally a nervous wreck.

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