~ Chapter 60: A day like no other (Part 3) ~

As our carriage arrived in front of the temple, I could see many other guests entering the temple as well. Everyone was a noble here, but there were going to be commoners present as well, like Collentra, Bayuk, and their child.

The temple of Drakartus was located in the noble area alongside the temples of the other gods. It was like a small religious corner where most nobles went to pray. There were similar ones in the commoner area too, but not as big or well decorated. This one was almost entirely made out of white marble, but it was decorated with red gemstones. The general color theme for the Drakartus temple was White, Red, and Gold. Every temple had its own color theme. As for the decorations themselves, they were representations of dragons in their beast form. Inside, the walls were covered in depictions of scenes of great importance in their religious lore, such as large scale battles or a blessed marriage.

Iolaus stepped out of the carriage first. I climbed out after him and remained there standing.

“I can't believe this day finally came...” I said as I looked up a the temple.

“Yeah... Who would have believed the scrawny little human I met back in Pertiko was going to marry the oldest granddaughter of General Brekkar Draketerus?” commented Iolaus.

“I also became a Duke and a Breakthrough-er.” I smirked at him.

“With so many achievements in one year, you will go down in history.” he said.

“I know... but I don't complain.” I shrugged.

“Just remember what you have to do. I'm going in to announce your arrival.” said Iolaus.

“Sure... I'll just wait here...” I said with a wry smirk.

For dragons, it wasn't 'Here comes the bride!' but 'Here comes the groom!'. Although I never did witness an actual marriage ceremony back in Romania, I did have a rough idea of what happened during one thanks to the wonders of the internet. Because of this, I knew that the one in the dragon traditions and the ones in both orthodox and catholic traditions, had quite an interesting resemblance.

The first part went down like this:

After the assembly gathered, the priest came forward and announced the beginning of the ceremony. A song was played in the background, performed by the temple's own acolytes and priests. It was only an instrumental one, but the sound was calm, soothing, and had a certain happy note to it.

As the priest explained how Drakartus united in the holy matrimony the gods Lumenya and Lumenos, the assembly listened while sitting down. By the end of the first song, the story was over.

Now, Seryanna, who was the bride to be, was going to stand in front of the priest and receive a preaching. Through it, she was advised on how to traditionally take care of the family and always make it a priority, but never above the words of their gods or those of their King and Queen. Because she was also part of the military force of the Albeyater Kingdom, she was also told to remember that her time on the battlefield was one through which she would not only protect the people of this land but also her own family, and she should always remember this when in battle from now on.

At this point, Iolaus, who was the 'Bringer of the Groom', announced my arrival and opened the door for me. Up until now, I would have to wait next to the carriage, so I didn't hear the preach Seryanna received, but I had a good idea of what she might be told. Feryumstark and Brekkar gave me a detailed explanation of the whole thing. Tradition dictated that I should not make a single step forward until called in. If I did, it would be seen as a bad omen and this marriage would be riddled with bad luck. When I first heard this, I inwardly smiled.

“The groom has arrived!” Iolaus announced and the opened the big doors of the temple.

That's my cue. I thought and straightened myself.

With a smile on my face, I approached the entrance of the temple. Here, I made a bow to the left and one to the right. This signified my acceptance of Drakartus' blessing in the following ceremony.

Afterwards, I entered the temple. I held my back straight and a hand over my chest, with my palm resting over my heart. This signified my willingness to participate in this ceremony and declaration of love towards the one standing in front of the altar. While I approached the bride to be, another song was played out in the background.

Seryanna at this point was with her back at the altar and looking at me. She also held her hand over her chest, with her palm over her heart, a gesture that signified her approval and love of me.

Seeing her for the first time in the wedding... erm... armor made me blush and simply be amazed of how beautiful she was.

Her long lush red hair was wrapped in a golden string with nine pins stabbed in a small bun at the back of her head. Over her shoulders, she wore a transparent white mantle made out of silk. The armor was white and made out of thin plates over a light chainmail. Underneath, she wore a one piece dress, which extended all the way to the ground, hiding her tail. Around her hips were white plates of armors made out of three parts. The dress had long sleeves which reached all the way to her wrists, where it expanded in a diameter to several sizes. In her left hand she held bouquet of multiple red flowers and a candle in the middle. Traditionally, it always had to be the same color as the bride's scales, that was why a marriage was never performed for Unawakened dragons.

When I arrived at the altar, the song ended. I made a bow in front of Seryanna, another in front of the altar, and then I had to turn around and make another bow to the King and Queen who stood on the front row seat.

Lastly, I turned to face Seryanna, and said “I am blessed to be in your presence today, my love.”

“I am blessed to be have you in my presence today, my love.” she replied.

These were the ceremony's lines for greeting each other.

After this, I moved to her right side. Here, Brekkar, who was the dragon representative of her family and also a substitute for her deceased father, gave me a bouquet of flower similar to hers, but had Red, White, Black, and Yellow flowers instead. Again, this represented the color of my scales.

I made a head bow to Brekkar and held the bouquet in my right hand. I turned to face the priest.

“Blessed be this day, for we have all gathered here to witness as these two dragons willingly and selfishly bind themselves together in marriage and love!” the priest said as he took my left hand and Seryanna's right hand then joined them together up in the air for everyone to see.

“With love, I declare my willingness to participate in this ceremony.” I said.

“With love, I declare my willingness to participate in this ceremony.” she said.

A song was played in the background and the priest lowered our hands.

“Love is a blessed gift offered to us by the gods. And while few cherish it as they do, I still urge you to try and like Lumenos and Lumenya hold it high in your hearts! Never let it waver nor let it dry. Love is an act of will and not of need. As long as you hold it within you, so will the gods above bless you. Now, I stand here as substitute for our great god Drakartus to unite these two in the holy ceremony of matrimony! I bless thee, Alkelios Yatagai.” the priest said and then used a small fire spell to light my candle. “I bless thee, Seryanna Draketerus.” he now lit her candle as well “May the two of you cherish the love you hold for one another and may it never dwindle or waver for as long as you are given days to live on this world!” the priest raised his hands in the air and a chorus sang to accompany the instruments.

The tune lasted for about a minute, then he lowered his hands and walked back to the altar. From on top of it, he took two circlets, one out of gold and one out of silver. He approached us and continued with the second part of the ceremony.

“In the name of Drakartus, the God of Life and guardian of all the dragons in this world, I bless thee, Seryanna Draketerus, to lead a happy life filled with love and treasured moments alongside your husband, Alkelios Yatagai. May this gold crown signify your willingness to accept the role of leading the family and keeping it safe.” he said and then placed the gold crown on top of her head.

Seryanna closed her eyes and bowed her head once, then the priest turned to me.

“In the name of Drakartus, the God of Life and guardian of all the dragons in this world, I bless thee, Alkelios Yatagai, to lead a happy life filled with love and treasured moments alongside your wife, Seryanna Draketerus. May this silver crown signify your willingness to accept the role of protecting your family and keeping it safe.” he said and then placed the silver crown on top of my head.

I too closed my eyes and bowed my head once.

The priest lifted his hands up and another chorus sang for about one minute, then only the instrumental melody remained.

“In front of our god, Drakartus, Alkelios Yatagai, reveal the rings of marriage.” he said.

At this point, I activated my [Black Hole] skill, which brought a bit of a surprise to everyone, seeing as how I wasn't just taking them out of my pocket. From inside, I pulled out a crystal box.

After the black hole vanished, I turned to face the priest and opened the box. Inside were two special rings I had made myself. They were simple identical rings made out of enchanted Celestium-Dregaryum alloy inscribed underneath with the words: 'May our love last forever.'. The enchants I placed on them was a morphing one for when she turned into her beast form and a Luck one.

To my surprise, a Grand Godlike Enchanter could add some very interesting enchants on items. The one I found to be rather incredible was the [Add 10 points in Luck] one. Of course, there was a downside to it: the enchanted item couldn't hold another enchant besides one at the same level as the morphing one; I couldn't add more than 10 points; and only one such item could be worn by an individual. If someone were to wear two such rings, the effect would activate only on the first one. Also, the enchant had no effect on me and couldn't be added on common metals like gold, silver, iron, copper, etc.

“My these are... some rather remarkable rings.” said the priest, who was quite surprised by them.

“It's my own work. Celestium-Dregaryum alloy, and they are enchanted as well.” I said.

“Celestium? The same material from which god level artifacts are said to be made out of?” he asked surprised.

“For my special dragoness, I saw it only fit to offer her the best of what I could make.” I said with a smile as I turned my head to look in her eyes.

Hearing me say this, Seryanna smiled and blushed.

“Very well, then we shall proceed!” the priest said and then took out the two rings and lifted them up in the sky.

Murmurs and whispers spread throughout the entire temple as everyone came to know the metals they were made out of.

“Oh, Drakartus, God of Life, bless these rings with your light and let them be the physical proof of the union between Seryanna Draketerus and Alkelios Yatagai!” he said this three times before lowering them down.

“Do you, Seryanna Draketerus, take Alkelios Yatagai to be your lawfully wedded husband in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, to love them and honor them all the days you have left on this world as granted by Drakartus, the God of Life? And do you, Alkelios Yatagai, take Seryanna Draketerus to be your lawfully wedded wife in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, to love them and honor them all the days you have left on this world as granted by Drakartus, the God of Life?” he asked.

We each took one ring from the priest's hand and looked at each other.

“I, Seryanna Draketerus, take Alkelios Yatagai to be my lawfully wedded husband in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days I have left on this world as granted by Drakartus, the God of Life.” she declared and then placed the ring on my left hand ring finger.

“I, Alkelios Yatagai, take Seryanna Draketerus to be my lawfully wedded wife in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honor her all the days I have left on this world as granted by Drakartus, the God of Life.” I declared and then placed the ring on her left hand ring finger.

“Then in the name of Drakartus, I pronounce you husband and wife! May the two of you lead a happy life together blessed with riches, with love, and with many children! You may now kiss the bride!”

And so I did.

In front of the priest of the Drakartus Temple and the assembly that stood up and applauded, with the background music and chorus singing, I took Seryanna in my arms and kissed her.

This was indeed a one of a kind day I would come to always remember no matter where my destiny would lead me in the future.

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This was indeed a one of a kind day I would come to always remember no matter where my destiny would lead me in the future.



“This was indeed a one of a kind day I would come to always remember no matter where my destiny would lead me in the future.”

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