~ Chapter 33: Review of the past nine years (Part 1) ~

Ten years seemed to have went by in a flash, and it was only one year ago when I requested my dear father to release Luthecia from her slave contract. Now, she was living together with us as our legally employed maid.

I was happy that I was able to help her regain her freedom. Without a doubt the gods had something good in store for her. Maybe an unexpected meeting with a handsome prince or a role as someone who was going to change his country? There were quite a lot of opportunities to choose from, but in the end, most them were only my overzealous delusions.

This feeling I had of her being a destined person could have just been a simple whim of mine for what I wanted her to become.

Either way, ever since the case with Luthecia, I had never seen that strange golden aura around anyone else again. As for me and Cassandra, we kept training diligently with our aunty Eliza until we reached some rather absurd levels for a pair of ten years old.

In father's words: we were two little monsters, but in a good way. Especially me who I somehow managed to strike him by accident whenever I let something slip out of my hand. It had literally turned into a running gag, and father was the only one to suffer so far. Luckily for him, the strikes were never powerful enough to cause him to go unconscious, they couldn't even give him a bump on the head.

In regard to this, some of the accidents were caused by my telekinesis while the others were down right unexpected even for me. I could only wonder if maybe this wasn't some sort of prank played by a rather mischievous god. With all 118 Blessings I packed, there might be one that fell into this category, but nothing showed up on my status. Although, what sort of ridiculous blessing would that have been in the first place?

'I bless thee to hit your father in the noggin' whenever something slips from your hands!'

This sort of ridiculous thing was impossible, right?

Anyway, using my [Status Window] spell, I was able to confirm just how much I did improve my abilities, and to be fair, I never did use this one as often as one might think. There was simply no reason why I had to do it in the first place.

I couldn't tell anyone about it either on account of me sounding crazy, but no, the actual reason for this was because if found out it might hinder the well being of temples and churches all over the world, and I really had no desire to make myself Public Enemy Number 1 by igniting their wrath.

As such, these were my stats:

[Name]: Leonidas Drakarys

[Age]: 9 years (11 months and 21 days)

[Species]: (Evolved) Human

[Level]: 5

[Strength]: 112+50

[Speed]: 98+50

[Cognition]: 138

[Magic Energy]: 3844+50/3894

[Magic Affinity]: All Elements

-The following data is available only to the caster-

[Divine Skills]: [Oracle Eyes]; [Divine Contract]

[Known Magic]: [Status Window]; [Fire](+); [Water](+); [Wind](+); [Darkness](+); [Light](+); [Nature](+); [Spirit](+); [Summoning](+); [Holy](+); [Martial Arts](+); [Sword Fighting](+)

[Hero Potential]: 321/12870466 (This skill will not activate until the previous value has been surpassed)

The +50 before each stat represented the added value after leveling up. It didn't appear until I reached Level 2. It also meant that I could more or less lift 162 kg worth of weight in one hand and run with a speed of 148 km/h.

Yup, I was a superhuman child who could also heal faster than anyone else without being assisted by magic.

Speaking of which, my Magic Energy was more or less at the same level as my aunt Eliza's, who was an Emperor Rank Adventurer.

As one would expect, I did ask my parents if we were abnormally strong. The reply from them was unexpected. Our muscle strength was around average. Our intellect was quite high, but not abnormally high, the elves toppled that. Our speed was great, but was overshadowed by many species, including elves and relliars, or beastkin in other words. Our Magic Energy pool was impressive, but if we were to compare ourselves with the average mage, then we were far bellow them. Aunty Eliza was mostly a melee damage dealer and sometimes a vanguard, so her use of magic was limited.

Of course, these were all values when compared to adults double or triple our age. Apparently, father could topple us in all categories, mother only in magic. This meant that our potential was astonishing. We were going to become very powerful by the time we were of marriageable age, which for us as nobles was 18.

Aunty even said that becoming a Supreme was a possibility as well if we kept training for the next twenty years or so. It sounded like a long time, but those who held this rank were insanely strong.

Honestly, I had the feeling we were going to far surpass any of their expectations because as of right now, we didn't have our growth spurt. Last I remember, this was the period when the body of a human changed the most, the muscles become stronger, the bones thicker and sturdier, the inner organs grew and fully developed themselves, and all the good stuff happened.

When it came to Magic Spells, the [Status Window] didn't display ALL of my learned spells and skills, but if I focused on the (+) sign, a drop down menu would appear with a list of all known spells that entered that category. Whatever I was able to cast was clickable, what I wasn't was shown in gray. As such, these spells could also be cast through this menu itself, but it took far longer than it did the normal way, making it rather redundant in an actual battle, where being slower even with one second could mean the difference between life and death. On the other hand, it was the best thing to use when in a situation where I couldn't use my hands or didn't wish my opponent to hear what sort of spell I planned on using.

Even so, the list was fairly impressive if I had to say so myself, but my sister's wasn't that different from mine, actually it was longer. She also probably grew a couple of levels, but as far as I could tell, she was both stronger and faster than me, but not as smart.

Since I never saw her Status and I couldn't cast this spell on her, I ended up only guessing this sort of info. It could end up being 100% inaccurate.

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