~ Chapter 33: Review of the past nine years (Part 2) ~

Levels were going up by killing monsters, so about half an year ago, aunty Eliza took us hunting in the Chedelle Forest. We were strong enough to fight even a pack of goblins on our own, but we took things step by step, one monster at a time so we could understand the strategy and positioning outside of the theory. We tried to prolong the lives of the poor chaps as much as we could, but it didn't always turn up for the best. This was also a training session through which we learned to control our strength.

The result of this training hunt was that we completely overpowered the goblins and when it came to other creatures, wild beasts and such, they still weren't a match. By the time we returned home, I was beginning to suspect that aunty Eliza was making sure we encountered only the least dangerous ones.

Neither of us was used to the gore and flying body parts, so after the first kill, sister walked up to me with a wry smile and then... puked on me. As a result, I turned green and emptied the contents of my stomach on the empty grass spot next to me.

In a way, this was a training for our weak stomachs as well. We were children, it was natural for our bodies to react like that. It didn't even matter the fact that in my previous life I've seen things that were far more disgusting and disturbing than a goblin's skull smashed to pieces and with his brain matter splattered all over the place, puke was puke, gore was gore, and a bad smell was a bad smell.

Although aunty Eliza made sure not to force us too much, we could barely stand after the first few kills. It wasn't because we were tired but because we felt sick and nauseous. Out of worry and consideration for us, our training sessions within Chedelle Forest were going to be kept at a bare minimum until we got used to seeing gore.

Thanks to our stomachs that refused to keep the food in, we barely managed to level up and definitely not as fast as I was expecting to. So far, we had only reached Level 5...

Aunty Eliza ensured us that as we grew older and trained more, our power was going to increase at an unexpected rate. What happened to us: puking, being unable to control our strength, stumbling on our feet during an attack or retreat, getting too excited or freezing in our spots out of fear or worry, these were all things experienced by absolutely everyone! It was normal to go through them and apparently only prodigies and those worthy of being called monsters wouldn't make these mistakes.

On the bright side of things, when we returned from the monster hunt, Luthecia made us something sweet to eat, so all was good.

In the end, all of these past nine years had been spent rather leisurely, and although I terribly missed being able to surf on the net and play some games on the computer, there wasn't that much I had to worry about. Our family went on about their daily lives without any extraordinary events taking place. There were no unexpected attacks or legendary individuals showing up at our doorstep. We had good food, a shelter, a comfy bed, things to do, and toys to play with. We didn't felt like we were lacking anything.

It was at the point where I felt like this world knew not what conflict was.

Unfortunately, this wasn't true... There was a Demon King out there who threatened the peace; a Demon Species bent on conquering all the lands; conflicts between multiple sapient species, including the relliars and elves. The dwarfs were neutral. As expected, the human species had the worst political relationships with most of the others out there.

On the bright side of things, according to mother, the demon side was overwhelmed by internal conflicts, which made it almost impossible for them to attempt to gather and launch an invasion of the human lands. As for the renowned Demon King, that was merely a title given to the rulers of the Demon Kingdoms. So, no cliché story about a superpowered mystical enemy with cheat-like abilities, the Demon King was just a politician who claimed to own the place.

Well, these matters had nothing to do with me, but it was basic knowledge, so my dear mother hammered it in my brain. What I was currently worrying about was my sweet little sister's imminent departure to some famous academy, to which I could only dream of being allowed to join.

In society's eyes, I was a child with only one Blessing, which from the start made many judge me as useless and untalented when compared to my little sister, who had three.

Although, I could visit her at the academy in the weekend, and she could come over on holidays, it would have required me to be able to study at a nearby academy that didn't put so much pressure on Blessings. Again, I wasn't able to do so because I didn't have the required 'specs'. This time, the reason was my father, who was on bad terms with the majority of the nobles who held a considerable political influence in the area. If they would have 'advised' the teachers at the academy to decide against accepting me as a student there, they would have obliged, no questions asked.

I was told this, I couldn't help but ask “Father? Just what did you do to make all of those people hate you?”

To this, he replied with a shrug and walked away.

Thus, while I couldn't join my little sister at a Magic Academy meant for children, we could still both get accepted in the High Magic Academy of Lukrentia Kingdom.

There was only a small problem regarding this part. In order to be accepted at the SAME school as Cassandra, I had to go the extra length and manage to gain several recommendations from the tutors at the Magic Academy for children I was going to. If I wasn't able to do this, then I had to earn some great achievement such as reaching Emperor Rank in the Adventurers Guild. If this was out of the question, then I had to somehow gain the trust and support of a really powerful noble in the kingdom. Through his influence and recommendation, I could get accepted, but if this one was a bust as well, then I was left with only one chance. This one was the easiest to accomplish, but which would let me with a nasty taste in my mouth. Basically, I had to be sent by an official, state-recognized Oracle who received a message from one of the Major Gods.

The last one required me to get in contact with S.A.R.G.E, but I didn't want to do it, and it felt like cheating. The others were more challenging to do, however, if push comes to shove, I wasn't going to stubbornly say I wasn't going to use it. On the contrary, this was my trump card if ALL of my plans went down the drain.

The third option was somewhat difficult and depended on how powerful the influence of said individual was. This was quite risky because it could easily backfire on me. Now, getting a recommendation seemed to be the most plausible one of them all, while trying to become an Emperor Rank Adventurer was clearly impossible for me. Well, not exactly impossible, but I wasn't planning on spending my next four years grinding monsters and quests in order to level up. Not to mention the fact that I had to gain the trust of many other adventurers who recognized my skill as being worthy of that rank. But there was another absurd barrier that stood between me and the Emperor Rank, it was my own age. This Rank required that the said adventurer was at least 18 years old and to have at least three years of activity within the guild.

So, while I didn't have all of my paths blocked, it wasn't going to be easy either. That being said, a High Magic Academy didn't have an age restriction for joining. Finishing the courses there allowed the students to gain a recognizable status within society and in some case several job offerings. For others, it was also a chance of finding a suitable marriage partner.

And just like that, I found myself stuck again. Even though both my parents and aunt said I worrying too much about it. The years of childhood would come and go before I knew it. One day I was training with my little sister in the backyard, the next I was seeing her married off to some joke of a human being!

I didn't want to let something like that happen! Not while I was still alive and kicking! So true, I was worrying a bit too much, but this was also the main reason why I wanted to go through all the trouble of getting into the same High Magic Academy as her. I had to make sure no vile noble dared to lay his hands on my little sister!

Sadly, it never occurred to me that I may have been just a tiny bit overly attached and protective of my little sister... but it wasn't like I had the intention of shackling her each and every move, I just... sort of wanted to make sure she wasn't stepping on any land mines on the way to achieving her dreams!

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chance thompson
chance thompson

It wouldn’t suprise me if his sister fell in love with her brother hehehehehe


Hah…. the mc is pretty disgusting.. Siscon × 1000 . He is selfish extremly weird he is more child the the sister even tough he have his memories from past life , he wants to protect his sister but he takes up a sewing kit instead of focusing all his might on training everything he says goes against what he actually does? . I rly hope he won’t be clinging on to his sister for the rest of his life like some old pervert I mean he is basically 20 + irl and he is acting like he want to… Read more »


Don’t get me wrong lime the story and all with it expect the disgusting behavior towards his sister and frilly stuff hi o warning × 1000


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Kinda bland here. All these things were talked about earlier. It felt more like you reiterating the last 20 chapters. minus the whole puke/goblin ordeal. I think you could of combined these last two chapters into one and make the next chapters pov from the sister. What’s her take on going to the school? We know she wants to be a hero. Does she feel bad about leaving her brother behind? Stuff like that would be good. You could even go into the parents pov. I mean they have to go back into society when their kids hit 10 right?… Read more »


” It was normal to go through them and apparently only prodigies and those worthy of being called monsters wouldn’t make these mistakes.”

This sentence is confusing.

Are they not prodigies, and perhaps, little monsters, in terms of power level?

Does that mean they should not be making mistakes and getting sick? Or did you mean that “even prodigies and those being called monsters would make these mistakes”?

Dark Jackel

Hmmm, the last bit sounds a bit…ominous… -_-

Thanks for writing! 😀


our MC is quite the worrywart^^
thanks for the chapter <3

Avod Rashod
Avod Rashod

And he still calls her SARGE… I bet she is out there somewhere crying right now.