~ Chapter 34: Blessings 101 (Part 1) ~

“Rise and shine!” aunty Eliza shouted at 6 AM in the morning while standing in the door with a big toothy smile on her lips and her hands on her hips.

Both me and my sister woke up with a startle. We looked at each other with sleepy faces and then at the cause of this racket, the big muscle-head.

“It's too early in the morning!” I voiced out my complaint.

“What are you talking about, Leo? The sun is up!” she said pointing at the window, through which the first rays of light slipped inside.

“Not in this room!” I retorted and then pulled the cover over my head.

“Umu!” my sister agreed.

This pair of twins were anything but morning people. We loved to get a good nice sleep under our cozy and warm blankets. Yup! That was the law in our room! It always had been like this, and yet... for some reason known only by the gods, today it was ignored.

Without even a single drop of mercy, this brutish aunt of ours pulled the cozy blanket off of me, letting the mean cold air bite my little toes.

“Uguuu!” I groaned and glared at her.

She then moved over to Cassandra's bed and pulled off her blanket as well, earning her another glare.

“Get up you two! Time for training!” she told us in a loud voice before leaving our room with our blankets as innocent hostages.

The two of us weren't happy and kept glaring at the door.

“Umu! Emergency supplies!” Cassandra said and then pulled another blanket from under her bed and cuddled up in it.

I squinted my eyes at her.

What sort of emergency were you expecting for you to need an extra blanket?! I scowled in my mind, although what I wanted to ask was if she had another one.

The door then opened again and our aunt called to us “Come on, you two! We don't have all day!” she then noticed the difference between my bed and my sister's “Cassy, where did you get that blanket? Give it here and get ready! Meet me outside when you are done.” she told us and stole my sister's blanket again.

“Uguuu!” Cassandra glared cutely at our aunt, who completely ignored her.

Serves you right for not having an extra one for me too! I thought.

After aunty left our room again, I let out a sigh and I understood that going against the brute woman was going to get me nowhere. My peace and quiet as well as my treasured moment of sleep under a cozy and warm blanket were washed away by the racket made by our loud aunt and the biting cold of a morning breeze.

With a grumble escaping our lip, we got up, we got changed and then went outside to partake in this sudden morning training session. We were bit grumpy because as I said before, we weren't of the morning type.

Despite our current abilities and rather strict training regime, we still received plenty of free time to play and act like normal children. We were also allowed to sleep for as long as we wished, therefore, it became an unspoken rule in our house not to wake us up until it went past 8 or 9. During rainy or simply clouded days, it was harder to tell when that time was.

Being so rudely woken up by our aunt was by far no fun at all, and both me and my sister had a 'I want to sleep more!' expression on our faces. I didn't know about Cassandra, but I was thinking about skipping out on this lesson if it wasn't interesting.

“Are you two ready?” aunty welcomed us with a big grin on her face.

“Blanket. Now!” Cassandra demanded while holding out her open hand.

“Young lady, if you can't even handle waking up early in the morning, what will you do when you will be inside a dungeon and will need to constantly be on your toes, ready to jump up the moment a monster got too close to your camp?” she asked raising and eyebrow at her.

And with this, she shut us up. There was no way we could give her a comeback even if we were to put both our heads together and even thought about it for a long time. Aunty was right... Here, we were safe, but out there, we didn't know what sort of monsters awaited us.

“Now! Today is very special, you know?” aunty told us.

“How so?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

True, we were woken up quite early in the morning, but I highly doubted this was the reason.

“As usual, Leonidas, always the doubtful one.” she let out a sigh and hung her head low.

“I didn't doubt anything! I just asked a normal question. It's not something to get depressed over! I retorted.

“True! True! I misunderstood!” she got back up and showed us a bright smile.

Why do I feel like my words were for nothing? I grumbled in my mind.

“Leaving aside brother, what sort of training will this be?” Cassandra asked.

“Today, I will tell you about what Blessings are used for!” she declared as she ruffled our heads.

“Ungh! Stop that!” I complained.

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Same room, opposite sex siblings? Clearly a sign of poor Medieval family.


OOOH! My brain is going wild, imagining awesome and OP scenarios involving the 101 gods blessing in the next chapter. Probably won’t happen the way I’m thinking, but oh well. It’s fun to imagine OP hijinks.


Do you mean the 118 gods/blessings?

Sebastián Moya Riquelme
Sebastián Moya Riquelme

101 actually means ”the basics of” something, the bleesings are 118