~ Chapter 106: Healing their dreams (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

With my new slaves acquired, we left Kantor and stopped at about two kilometers away from it. Tamara, Shanteya, and Ayuseya began to set up camp, while Nanya and Zoreya were checking the health status of our new slaves. They all looked worried about their uncertain future, especially the dancer, while the Supreme reacted like an overgrown doll without a mind of its own.

This sight of her was a bit disturbing, however, before I got down to business, I went to recover some of my initial investment.

Six kilometers should be enough... I thought and expanded my Dungeon Territory.

I didn't fear the possibility of encountering other Dungeons. Chances were that if I did, I was going to end up shattering their territories to bits and pieces. Afterwards, I left my body and flew towards Kantor.

Seeing the town at night and from a bird's eye view was something impressive, but the dark-colored theme and countless smoke trails gave me a discomforting feeling about it. Either way, I wasn't here for sightseeing.

I flew towards Marquise Garanteux' mansion and stopped right at the room where the coins for the entrance fee were stored. If I wanted to rob him dry, I had to take all of the coins, but if I wanted to mess around with him, I just had to take a third of it and replace it with something else.

And so I did!

After absorbing the coins, I filled three thirds of it with rocks and dirt then added coins to cover the top. At first glance, it would appear as though the money was safe, but if they were to dig a bit down, they would find the rocks.

There were a few guards patrolling the area, but I didn't need use the door to come in, so I didn't announce my presence. Their hearing wasn't so sharp as to catch me in the act either. They were probably thinking that no one could go past them anyway.

Afterwards, I flew around, searching for the room where the Marquise stored the three million coins I gave him. I put a small tracking spell on one of them. So, following the scent like a bloodhound, I found the said room with ease.

When I flew past the mean-looking guards, I saw an insane amount of coffers filled to the brim with gold coins. The first feeling that rushed through me in front of this much money was of exasperation. I really didn't want to go through each and every single one of those coffers, but I did want to prank the Marquise and give him a very BIG hole in his pockets.

Mass-producing a version of a coffer filled with sand was a possibility as well, but every coffer here looked differently and worse of all, unlike those in the guard room, these ones had a spell cast on them. It was a magic that allowed someone to open the coffer ONLY if they spoke the right words.

“I guess I can't poke fun at the Marquise for having a lax security...” I grumbled as I flew towards the first coffer.

With a burst of Magic Energy, I shattered the spell to bits and unlocked it. The thought of having some of the coins enchanted with special curses or tracking spells also bothered me, so I blasted them with burst of Magic Energy just to be sure. As expected, a glass shattering sound could be heard coming from several of them.

Thus, with this part out of the way, I absorbed all the coins inside, filled three thirds of the chest with sand and then poured shiny gold coins on top. It was a grind and repeat from here on, but once I was done, I had went through ALL the coffers in this room!

“Kukuku! 248 Coffers! I felt like I was going to go mad!” I cried to myself.

Why am I bothering with this and not just absorbing everything in sight? Oh yes, because I want it to look like a robbery done by a pro... It would make the Marquise mad and annoyed! I'm sure he'll go through all of these chests! So yes, I want to annoy him! I want to make him suffer for making me go through all of these chest! Wait a second... that last part doesn't sound right, but this gave me a genius idea! Muhahaha! This puny mortal shall rue the day he decided to mess around with me! Although, technically, he himself did nothing and is just a part of a greater flawed system. Aw spinach! Let's just get over with this before I Colly Tos the entire continent out of sheer annoyance... I told myself with an evil smirk and my patience reaching dangerously insane levels.

The Pirate King's vault and on that entire Pirate Island were countless of empty coffers. I pulled several of them from my inner mind and dropped them in the middle of the room. Using a Summoning Spell, I called out a Stink Slime. This little fellow was a humble level 10 monster, but when it attacked and when it was killed, it released such a pungent stench it made you puke instantly. For those with Godlike Magic Armor, it was just a very unpleasant and annoying odor.

“Pugy! Pugy!” the little slime jiggled in the coffer.

I gave it a bit of food and then ordered it to attack the one who opened the lid. I did this for another 50 or so coffers and then mixed them up real good among all the others inside this vast room.

Once I was done, I flew around the mansion a bit more and nonchalantly added a very simple water sprout trap INSIDE every single toilet. The first one to sit on it was going to end up washed out of the room and down the hall. I also added an ice enchantment on each and every stove and oven in the entire mansion.

The last thing I did was to absorb their entire food, condiments, coal, and firewood supply.

Satisfied, I flew away and returned to my body. There was no need to watch the effect. I could already imagine it, and it was GLORIOUS!

Kukuku! Serves them right! Well... they shouldn't die because of those little pranks, however, their pockets will certainly have trouble recuperating. I thought with a smirk.

It didn't take me too long to return to my body. I pulled back my Dungeon Territory and then stretched my body for a bit. To be honest, I didn't even bother to count my spoils, but I certainly gained more than three million coins from all of those coffers.

“How did it go?” asked Ayuseya as she came over and offered me a cup of freshly brewed tea.

“Thank you.” I said and took the tea “It was pretty easy to steal some of the gold back and play a few pranks on the Marquise, but I doubt they will find anything in the following hours.” I said and then took a sip from the tea “Then again, they could be all too eager to count the coins and right about now they are cursing their luck.” I shrugged.

“Sounds like you had fun. If you ever need to build a dungeon or anything to loosen up a bit, just let us know. We'll wait for you to finish.” she told me with a gentle smile.

I nodded and then took another sip from my tea.

Dungeons had the inner desire to build and create something. It was an urge, a tickle if you could call it that, which never ceased, but it would often calm down simply by building something anywhere.

The way I was calming my desire to build was through everyday use of absorption and construction, but once in a while, I felt the need to expand my territory and build a few levels just for the fun of it.

With the construction of my Magic Academy, I planned on calming down this itch by having several unique dungeons prepared for both my students and random adventurers. They could enjoy exploring them, while I would have fun building them.

Still, until then, I had to reach the location where I planned to build everything and also find more students and teachers to work there. There were a lot of things I had to do, and a lot more I wanted to do and improve.

There was still time for everything, I wasn't in a hurry and I also wanted to enjoy this journey. With my other constructions or just with my Over Supreme abilities, I could easily take all of my slaves and reach that place in less than a day. Supersonic speeds weren't an impossibility for us. Heck, if I wanted to, I could easily travel even at hypersonic speeds, but then... the journey would become just a fleeting moment. Both me and my wives wanted to experience traveling through the country like this. We wanted to meet new people but also see how much we have changed in the past six years by simply interacting with everyone.

As Ayuseya said back there on top of the mountain, with a single attack, she could have wiped the entire capital of Teslov off the face of the planet. Completely getting rid of her past, but killing countless of innocent draconians in the process. Each of us were capable of absurd things, but what mattered the most was not how powerful we were, but how we used our power. In regard to this part, we were all still learning...

Taking another sip of my tea, I looked up at Ayuseya. She was looking back at me with pink colored cheeks and a gentle smile on her lips. Her golden tail was swaying left and right, partially covered by her knee-length battle-skirt. The armor on her chest was of her own design but created by me. If a Supreme punched her, she wouldn't even feel it. All of us had absurd armors at this point, weapons too. Yet, I couldn't see her as an entity capable of ripping mountains in half. Before me stood not a princess, not an Over Supreme, just my wonderful draconian wife who loved to be embraced and kissed by me, who cherished books and had a bit of a sweet tooth, who cared for those weaker than her and often thought more than all of us put together.

“Is something the matter?” she asked me with a puzzled gaze in her eyes.

“No, I was just admiring your beauty.” I replied and then took another sip from my tea.

She blushed strongly and then giggled.

I finished my tea in silence while looking at the camp. Ayuseya went to help Tamara set up the table, while Nanya was explaining the rules to the new slaves. Shanteya was reading a book to the children, but some of the adults were also listening curiously. They had some funny reactions when she was describing something incredible, going: 'Oooh! Ah! WOW! Really? Such a thing!'.

I guess the fact that she's pregnant sparked her motherly instincts... She's trying to be ready for when the babies come, but I can tell that she's worried as to whether or not she will be a good mother for them. I can't lie, I'm worried too if I will be a good father or not. I thought and then let out a sigh, hoping no weird spells were going to be inherited by my children.

When I looked around, I saw Zoreya next to the MCV. She was kneeling in front of her shield and saying a prayer to Melkuth. The god was probably looking down at us as at this very moment.

Letting out a sigh, I looked up at the starry sky and gave those gods a small prayer myself. They helped us as well in their own way, and honestly speaking, I felt as though they were constantly watching over us, making sure we weren't blowing up their planet by accident.

Before we all sat down to eat, I walked over to the new slaves and asked Nanya “How are things going?”

“Ah, Illsy! Well... those who are still here understand the rules, but the others...” she looked at the Supreme, the Cook, the Alchemist, and the Dancer, who was still crying.

“They are a bit damaged...” I said.

When she heard me, the woman of Asian descent clenched her jaw and looked at the ground. I struck a nerve, but at the very least, I understood what had to be fixed.

“ALRIGHT!” I said clapping my hands.

“NYA!” Tamara was startled by the sudden loud noise and tossed the spoon filled with hot soup, which flew through the air and landed on top of my head.

I merely squinted my eyes as the liquid flowed down on my face.

“That's not the proper way to eat soup, Illsy.” Nanya giggled and went to return the spoon.

After quickly washing my hair with a water ball spell, I dried myself with a hot air spell Nanya cast for me. Of course, I didn't suffer any damage from either of them because I constantly maintained a thin Magic Armor around my body, all of us did. The other one, which was bigger and denser wasn't activated at the moment.

With a sigh escaping my lips, I walked up to the Alchemist and snapped my fingers in front of his eyes.

He reacted by blinking twice.

“What do you want?” he asked in a tone that showed neither submission nor care.

“Ferris Rithhold, I heard you lost your lab, is this what's bothering you?” I asked him.

The man looked down and let out a sigh.

“Yes... together with all of my research.” he replied.

“Did you hear what Nanya said earlier?” I asked him.

“Huh? Who?” Ferris replied tilting his head to the left.

“I see... Well, what if I told you I plan on letting you work in an alchemy lab again researching what you want, but at a cost?” I asked him with a smile.

“You would?! What do you want? How much? Ah yes, I'm a slave now... Argh! Erm... What can I do to have you let me research again?! I'll do anything!” he asked in a bit of a desperate tone of voice.

Ferris even clung to me, but I didn't push him away. I placed my arms on his shoulders and showed him a smile.

“You'll teach at my Academy and sell your potions to the adventurers who want to delve into my dungeons!” I told him.

“Academy? Dungeons? Erm... Sure, I can do that. But will this mean that I will have access to an alchemy laboratory and as many herbs as I want?” Ferris asked.

“And more. If you can research other things besides healing potions, it would be wonderful!” I told him.

“Absolutely! Anything you desire!” he declared with a bright smile.

“Good! Now go and eat before you pass out from hunger.” I told him and pointed him at the table.

“Thank you!” the man bowed a few times and then went to the table, sporting a big bright smile on his face.

Now that was easy. I told myself then looked at the cook.

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Thus, with this part out of the way, I absorbed all the coins inside, filled three thirds

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I just had to take a third of it and replace it with something else.
I filled three thirds of it with rocks
filled three thirds of the chest with sand

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Let’s just get over with this before I Colly Tos the entire continent out of sheer annoyance…

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