~ Chapter 106: Healing their dreams (Part 2) ~

The woman was of Asian descent and what I knew of her so far was that she suffered a great deal for her passion and talents. Looking at her missing hands, I could tell how much it hurt her.

“Yung May, right?” I asked her.

She nodded slowly.

“Do you like to cook?” I asked her.

Her expression contorted into one of pain, but she nodded slowly.

“Would you like to teach others how to cook at my academy?” I asked her.

“I can't cook anymore...” Yung replied and lifted her arms up, showing me how they have been mutilated.

Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and flowed down on her cheeks.

“I lost my life... I can't cook...” she said.

Her life? I guess for those who are focused on a specific art like her, their hands are their life. I thought.

“Even so, I wish to ask. If you could... cook again, what would you do?” I asked.

Yung looked down at her missing hands and with tears in her eyes replied “I would cook... I would make delicious meals for anyone I could. I would do anything to be able to hold a knife in my hands again... to be able to hold the pan and prepare a meal... to see the smiles my meals bring to those who eat them.” she said.

“Alright. I understand.” I nodded and closed my eyes for a moment.

She wasn't telling a lie, but I couldn't tell if she had any intention of teaching anyone her skills or she was just a cooking maniac. This troubled me a little.

Maybe I'm not asking the right question? I wondered.

“Hm, there's also the position of a Master Chef, so...” nodding to myself, I opened my eyes and then told her “Alright! Time to have some fun with you!” I smiled and rubbed my hands together.

Yung flinched and took a step back.


A mysterious pan flew through the air and hit me right on the back of my head, sending me flying past Yung and into the bush behind her.

“Ouch!” I retorted rubbing my head. “Who threw this?!” I said and lifted the anvil.

Wait a second! An anvil? I blinked surprised when I looked at the hunk of metal. I could have sworn it was a pan! I thought.

Back at the tables, I saw Nanya glaring at me and holding another one in her hand.

“What are you thinking of doing to the poor woman?” she growled.

“Don't mind them, children. They are just being silly.” Shanteya said, ignoring the entire commotion.

“I didn't do any... thing...” I said and stopped mid-sentence as my brain remembered the past few moments “Ah! Wait! I didn't mean it like that, Nanya! It's not what you think!” I retorted.

“Hmph! It better be! I'm not letting you increase our number to six!” she glared.

“If that happens, Nanya will dry up.” Ayuseya remarked with a soft giggled.

“What did you say?” the demoness now switched her target to the dragoness.

“Oh, nothing! Now come one, help me set up the table.” she avoided the subject and offered Nanya a bunch of plates.

After reabsorbing the anvil inside her own Inner Mind, Nanya tossed me another glare and then took the plates.

Letting out a sigh I absorbed the anvil in my hand and then walked up to the now slightly frightened cook. At the very least she didn't look so lifeless anymore.

“Sigh... Well, what I meant to say, and I apologize for before, was that I am going to have some fun healing you! Now, let me see your arms.” I told her and extended my Dungeon Territory to include her as well.

“What? Heal? But how?” she asked confused.

“Oh, it's simple. I'll just regrow your hands, no biggie.” I replied with a shrug.

“Pardon?” she tilted her head to the left confused.

Ignoring her stupefied reaction, I began to work by applying the same healing technique I did on everyone else. Regrowing a limb wasn't as difficult as it was modifying the genetic information in someone's cells... or turning them young again. In the end, it took me just a few minutes to accomplish this feat. I also healed some of her scars resulted from physical abuse like whipping or beating.

When I was done, the other slaves and Yung May herself were looking in surprise at this astonishing feat. Although she was a bit thinner now because I had to take the matter from somewhere, Yung had two perfectly functional hands.

“Is this... Is this real?” she asked as she flexed her fingers.

The moment she realized it wasn't an illusion, she burst into a cry and hugged me.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she kept on repeating while soaking my clothes in tears.

With a gentle smile on my lips, I patted the woman's back and waited for her to calm down.

When she did, Tamara was next to me and showing Yung a big bright smile.

“Want to cook with me?” she asked her while offering her cooking knife.

“Huh? Is it alright? I mean... I...” she was still overwhelmed by this, but with a cheerful smile, she nodded and replied “YES! I want to cook!”

The bright aura of her smile almost made me blind, but it was good that she recovered so quickly. Having a gloomy slave with no desire to live would do me no good. Besides, it wouldn't be long now before I returned their freedom to them.

Yung followed Tamara to the table, where they began to prepare the last batch of food for everyone. The moment she started cutting a tomato into thin slices, I noticed both the dexterity and precision with which she handled the knife. There was no sign of hesitation in her movements. It was like she never went through the pain of losing her hands, but the tears that kept pouring down her cheeks told me otherwise. She was so happy to be able to cook again, it left us all just staring at her in awe.

Who knew someone could love their job so much? I thought.

I nodded, satisfied with the good deed I did and then walked up to the dancer.

She wasn't crying anymore, just looking at me with a surprised expression on her face. Up until I healed Yung, she had been sitting on the ground, crying and trembling in fear of what was to become of her.

“Lumia Shora, right? Are you alright?” I asked her in a gentle tone of voice as I offered my hand to help her get up.

“I-I... Yes.” she replied with a nod as she wiped off her tears and took my hand.

Standing up, I looked at her from head to toe. She was dressed pretty shabby, in a simple linen toga tied at the waist with a rope, just like all the other slaves at the auction. For those I bought, I planned on giving them all a new pair of clothes, but this was after they ate and took a bath.

But speaking of Lumia, she was quite beautiful, with no extra fat anywhere, an average chest size, and curves formed from all those dancing hours. In the eyes of a greedy noble, she was a beauty to die for, while for others a means of gaining a bit of good luck, she was of the black variant, after all.

“So you are a dancer, correct?” I asked.

Lumia nodded and looked down shyly.

“I would like to see you dance. Is that alright with you?” I asked her.

“I'm sorry, but I don't know that kind of dance...” she replied and tried hard not to look into my eyes.

“That kind?” I blinked surprised.

She nodded.

“Erm... What is she talking about?” I asked as I looked back at my wives.

“Strip dancing.” Nanya replied.

“I see... Wait what?” I blinked surprised and looked back at Lumia.

“Well...” she was trying to say something, but she kept on avoiding my gaze.

“Sigh... Don't worry, with my wives around I wasn't planning on having you do a strip dance for me. If I wanted one, I would have just asked them. And frankly speaking, I'm just glad I was hit by an anvil and not Zoreya's shield a moment ago.” I laughed awkwardly “Ahem! Anyway, just a normal dance will do. You like dancing right?” I asked her.

“Yes... If it's a normal dance, I can do that, but what about music?” she asked.

“Ayuseya? Do you mind playing something for us?” I asked her.

“Sure! Let me get my violin.” she replied with a nod.

Looking back at Lumia, I smiled and patted her on the head. She made a cute face when I did this. It felt like I was petting a cute rabbit.

Not long afterwards, Ayuseya began to play a song. The tune was lively, but it was clear that she had gotten better at it. During those six years spent on the Boss Island, she did practice quite a lot in her free time. We all loved to listen to her play, and we never got tired of it. Then again, it was either her or my croaking attempts at singing. I managed to scare off a T-Rex and cause Tamara to faint, so... that was an undesirable alternative. In my defense, I never learned how to properly control my voice, and I wasn't one with an interest in singing either. I loved to hear it not be the one to do it.

Lumia listened to the song with her eyes closed and then, when the time was right, she began to move her body, swaying left and right. Her movements flowed freely and the more I watched her, the more I got the feeling that she was being guided, no... carried by the melody itself.

A proper Magic Academy should have a music class of some sort... and a dance one... I thought and then looked over at Nanya who was calmly listening to the music and watching Lumia dance.

With a smile on my lips, I got up and approached the demoness.

“Thanks.” I told her and then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” she asked surprised as she looked back at me.

“For this.” I replied and looked at the dancing Lumia. “My Magic Academy was missing the important factor of Entertainment. I never thought about it before, but having a place to relax, listen to music, or simply to have fun after the long hours of school can be quite healing for both the mind and body. I'm going to think seriously about how I should enrich this part of my students and teachers' lives.” I smiled.

“Is that so? I'm glad you see it that way, but I think Lumia has the potential to become a great teacher as well. I've never seen someone dance as beautifully as she does.” Nanya said.

“That's because she knows the secret: love your art.” I said and then went to check up on the last remaining slave.

Nanya didn't say anything else and returned to watching Lumia dance and hearing Ayuseya play with everyone else.

As I stood in front of the sealed Supreme, I could feel a tinge of pity in my heart. Her freedom had been restricted far too much, and the way everyone else behaved with her was unreasonable. So many of those nobles wanted to buy her just because she looked beautiful and she was a virgin. Not even one thought about her dreams and wishes. While I looked at her back there at the auction house, this was what I was thinking about.

What's your dream, Savannah? Why does someone as powerful as you want to teach? I thought and then I spoke the words which turned off the enchantments that kept her in a vegetable like state “As your Master, I now command thee, Savannah Azura to return to your sense. May all enchantments that keep you bound in this state be turned off.”

It was rather convenient that they made the words needed to turn them off as simple as this. In case I ever wanted for her to return to her previous state, basically to turn her off, I just had to say: Enchantments of Mind activate.

With the enchantments turned off, Savannah regained the light in her eyes, and she looked around confused.

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Another hilarious chapter! I especially liked the anvil to the back of the head, and the reference to Zoreya’s shield. Now THAT would have hurt.