~ Chapter 106: Healing their dreams (Part 3) ~

“Do you know where you are?” I asked her.

She nodded.

“Hm? So the enchantments don't turn off your memory, just your ability to react. Is that right?” I asked.

She nodded.

“You may speak if you wish. I grant you the right to express yourself as you wish.” I told her.

“Thank you, master.” she said and then made a polite bow.

“Can you tell me why you were branded with those tattoos?” I asked her and pointed at them.

Meanwhile, several of the other slaves, asked for permission from my wives to dance together with Lumia. It was turning into a real party, and Ayuseya was also having fun playing for them.

“No, I'm afraid I can't... I am bound by the curse in this collar.” Savannah replied and pointed at it.

“I do remember them saying something about that, but tell me, did you ever had any intention of usurping the Emperor?” I asked her.

She shook her head.

“Then I guess the reason for cutting off your power and chaining you up like this wasn't because of something as silly as attempting to take his throne away from him, was it?” I asked.

She looked away, but despite the fact that she wanted to speak, I could feel like she wasn't able to tell me anything specific. The spell inside her collar forbade her from doing so.

“Hm. Can you teach others what you have learned so far?” I asked her.

Looking down, she then shook her head.

This is a surprise. I thought.

“Why?” I asked.

“The spell stops me from saying anything that I learned off in the Imperial Palace, be it simple rumors or knowledge from books. Since I myself have studied and learned everything in the Imperial Library, I can't speak of it. Thus, I can't teach.” she looked down, clenching her fists.

“So they lied about you holding worth through your knowledge.” I said rubbing my chin.

She nodded.

“Let me guess. Normally, I was to find out you are useless in this part. I would get angry, but since you were enslaved by Imperial Decree, I wouldn't be able to blame the one who enslaved you unless I wished to be condemned for treason. Thus, you would end up being the only left on whom I could get angry. In this sense, I would either rape you or use you to please other men. If I was really angry, I was to begin beating you and even mutilate you. Right?” I asked in a calm tone of voice as I explained all those dreadful scenarios.

“Yes...” she replied in a trembling tone of voice.

“Hm... so rape or mutilation is it?” I said and closed my eyes.

Of course, I wasn't going to do any of that. I had five wives who could perfectly satisfy all of my sexual needs, and their jealousy or anger wasn't something I wished to bring down upon myself. My only question floating through my head right now was 'why did the Emperor do this to her?'.

“Jeez! This is troublesome! I can't get any information out of you because of this stupid collar!” I grumbled scratching my head.

“I apologize.” Savannah bowed her head and gulped.

She was afraid. Despite being a powerful Supreme, she was afraid in this weakened state of hers. With her powers bound and her knowledge sealed, she was at the mercy of the one before her. Looking at things from the point of view of someone living in Paramanium Empire, she had no use other than that of being the mother of her master's child or becoming the toy of whoever wanted to take her for a ride.

It was an unpleasant and disgusting state, and I didn't wish for her to be like this.

“Listen Savannah. I'm far more powerful than a Supreme and all of my wives can easily beat one to a pulp.” I told her.

“What?” she blinked surprised.

“At the same time, running away from me will only lead you to becoming a hunted woman in this empire. You understand this, right?” I said.

“Of course, but why are you telling me all of this?” she asked confused.

“In the near future, I'm going to build a Magic Academy. If you could and were given the opportunity, would you consider working there as full-time teacher?” I asked her.

“What? But this collar...” she said looking down.

“Just answer my question, Savannah.” I told her.

“If I could and it were possible, although I don't see how, yes... I would like to become a teacher at a Magic Academy. I love to teach others, especially children... I always wanted to teach, and it has been my dream to be a teacher ever since I was but a small child. My increase in power was only a result of that. My Magic Energy is high and I know a lot of spells, but my strength and speed are bellow the average Godlike.” she told me.

“I understand. In this case, I'm going to put my bet on you and remove this collar from your neck.” I told her with a smile.

“You will what? But how? That's not possible...” she said.

Ignoring her words, I closed my eyes and spread my Magic Energy towards her collar. There were countless enchants on it and magic seals. They were connected to the shackles on her hands and the tattoo on her body. Surprisingly, the tattoo acted like a generator that constantly sucked out Magic Energy from her body, while the shackles and collar prevented her from manifesting her true strength and revealing what she learned.

Just by looking at it, I knew that the one who made it put an incredible amount of time in learning how to control and move Magic Energy in such a way that it did all of this. Just the collar alone must have taken years of enchanting, while the tattoos were definitely not made in one sitting. It made me shudder just by thinking of what Savannah might have gone through while having this thing applied on her body.

Fortunately, despite how complex and how long it took for someone to make it, this thing was only a cheap copy of what my [Make Slave] spell did. Understanding how it worked allowed me to do what those who made it thought to be impossible.

Absorbing the Magic Energy inside the collar would have been troublesome as it recharged from her body. Ripping it off by force would result in her tattoo overcharging and eventually blowing up. So, my only option besides that of turning her into my slave through my spell was to infuse my magic energy inside her tattoo, then I had to control it in such a way that I managed to cut it off from her Magic Energy. Once this was done, I basically stopped supplying Magic Energy to the tattoo while I simultaneously absorbed the one from her collar and shackles.

When there was no more Magic Energy to absorb, the device basically turned off. This was the point where I removed the tattoo from her back. Unfortunately, because it was fused to her skin, I had no other choice but to surgically cut it off, while at the same time use my Magic Energy to help her regenerate the lost tissue. Needless to say that all of this was done under magic induced anesthesia.

Several minutes later, the procedure was over and the removed skin dropped on the ground with a flop.

“W-What just happened?” Savannah asked confused.

“I just removed the tattoo. No worries.” I said and then placed my hands on her golden collar.

With a crack, I ripped in half and tossed it aside. Then I ripped off her shackles as well.

With this, she was completely free.

“Congratulations on having earned your freedom back!” I said with a smile.

“W-What? What?” she was still in a confused state of mind, but while she was like this, I gathered these remains into a pile and then sent shot a fireball at them, burning the skin and melting the metal.

This action caught the attention of everyone here, but I ignored their stares for now and looked back at Savannah.

“As I said. You are now free.” I told her with a soft smile on my lips.

[Random Guard's point of view]

A few hours after the last of the Marquise guests had left, I was called to the Guard Room together with several of my comrades. There, I found the angry Head Butler looking at a coffer filled three thirds with rocks and dirt. Next to him laid the bodies of two of the guards who had been guarding this place.

For a moment, I thought they were killed by thieves, but then I saw the blood-drenched blade in the Head Butler's hands.

Achaaa! He killed the guards again... I thought.

Whenever a thief managed to sneak inside and then flee, the Head Butler had the tendency to beat up to a bloody pulp all the guards he found responsible for letting him slip through. If he was REALLY angry, he would just end up killing them or beating them with his fist until they died.

None of us wanted to meet the fate of these poor bastards, so we always tried to do our jobs as best as we could, but we were still humans... We had our moments of weakness.

“I want you to find WHOEVER did this and bring them to me! NOW!!!” he ordered and pointed at the coffer.


At that moment, we heard the Marquise's scream coming from the mansion. We rushed there as fast as we could, but what I saw was terrible...

“Ugh... it hurts...” cried the fat man as he laid with his pants pulled down at his ankles and looking up at the ceiling.

“MASTER! What happened?! Who did this to you?!” asked the Head Butler before he rushed over to his side.

The guards and I as well were trying to look anywhere else except the bottom half of the Marquise. We didn't want to burst into a laughter, but we could say that the extravagant parties and high class attitude were overcompensating for something.

“Water... splash... toilet... hurt... walls... hit... ouchie...” he said and then fainted.

At the same time, I heard the cry of a maid.

“KYAAA!” and when I looked up, I saw the poor woman being pushed forward by an insane amount of water.

I immediately jumped towards her and shielded her with my body before she hit the walls like the poor Marquise did. The other guards raised a shield around our Master and protected them from the water.

When everything calmed down, I let out a sigh of relief. The maid in my arms looked up at me with a strong blush.

“C-Could y-you p-please... y-your h-hand...” she looked down embarrassed.

I realized then that I was holding her in a rather indecent manner.

“I APOLOGIZE!” I declared and stood up straight.

“Gaku!” unfortunately, I got up too late and the poor woman was dropped like a rock.

She hit her head on the floor and it was lights out for her.

“Oh... oops.” I mumbled when I realized what I had done.

After quickly pulling her skirt down because everything down below the belt was visible, I let her rest next to the wall and then walked towards the other guards.

“What's happening here?” I asked.

“I don't know, you imbecile! But make sure to find out!” the Head Butler screamed at me after pulling up the Master's pants.

At this moment, the merchant hired by the Head Butler to count the coins appeared from the corridor on the right. His face was green and after another step puked where he stood.

“What in the name of all that's sane is going here?!” screamed the Head Butler.

“Stink... Stink Slimes... everywhere... Sand... coins... ugh.” and he fainted as well.

It was then when I knew that I was going to end up slapped by that cute maid I just saved and punched in the face by the Head Butler for not knowing what was going on.

All I could do was sigh and hope no more surprises were going to pop up.

Least did we knew that we would have a very cold and looong weak ahead of us.

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James Hunt

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“What in the name of all that’s sane is going here?!” screamed the Head Butler.

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Thanks for the chapter!
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