~ Chapter 35: The power of a Blessing (Part 1) ~

This was going to be a historical day for me and my little sister!

For the first time in our lives, we would be witnesses to someone using the active power of their Blessing, and with a bit of luck on our side find out how to do it ourselves.

With a smile to show her overwhelming confidence, aunty Eliza took a stance and began to focus on an enemy only she could see. It was the so-called shadow boxing, only here it was better to call it shadow sword fighting.

The Blessing she was planning to use against this invisible enemy was the [Blessing of Combat] offered by the Kreatull, the God of War.

We couldn't wait to witness this moment. Our eyes sparkled in anticipation, but if I were to guess, my little sister was far more excited about this than I was. After all, the one performing this deed was none other than the Emperor Rank adventurer Eliza, her idol.

“Then, I will begin!” aunty declared and closed her eyes.

In that very moment, a powerful red aura enveloped her body and an overwhelming killing intent was set loose upon her surroundings. It frightened me so much that I nearly fell on my bottom. Sister, on the other hand, was clenching her little fists and holding her ground against this sudden wave of power. It was clear which one of us was the strongest in this unusual competition.

And to think there are even more powerful individual than aunty out there. I thought and then gulped.

The red aura around aunty Eliza began to cover her sword, and once it settled, her eyes turned to fiery red. She was quite frightening, and I knew in that very instant that she had all the power she needed in order to finish both of us in a split second.

I gulped again and clenched my fists as well, trying to resist the overwhelming pressure pitied against us.

“Amazing...” sister murmured.

Indeed she was.

“Huuu~! Haaa~!” aunty inhaled and exhaled deeply.

She pulled her sword back a little and then, without hesitation, she stepped forward and slashed the invisible enemy before her. A burst of wind followed and the ground under her feet cracked.

This was just the beginning.

Aunty dashed forward with her sword cutting the air on her right side and her eyes locked onto the invisible shadow enemies only she could see. I had no idea who she was imagining fighting against, but this opponent of hers was striking back. I saw aunty launching furious attacks at it, slashing the air and cutting the ground, then she was dodging, parrying, attacking again and even back somersaulting. She was using everything she taught us but at a level that far surpassed our skills. Each slash and cut through the air was perfect, and I could clearly see the difference in speed and power from when she was training us.

We could barely keep our eyes on her, let alone try to anticipate her next move. For a normal villager, she would have appeared as a blur. At this speed, one would normally think going to make mistakes, stumble, and cut herself, but there was no such thing. Aunty's attacks were perfect and made it look like it was a piece of cake for her. Each slash, cut, and jab was aimed at a weak or vital point. Every move she made and every step she took was powerful and precise.

“I can't match that...” said Cassandra surprised.

“Neither can I...” I confirmed with a nod.

It made me doubt that anyone without a similar Blessing could stand a fair chance in combat against her. If they did, it could only be through some trick of some sort, otherwise, aunty Eliza was unbeatable.

At the very least that was how she appeared before us, but in that moment of awe and shock, the two of us completely forgot the fact that she was only at the Emperor Rank. Above her were the Godlike and Supreme Ranks, but to be fair... who would dare pick a fight with someone ranked as such? If the names were any indication at all, then picking a fight with them was clearly suicidal.

When the battle with the shadow enemies was over, aunty Eliza took a normal stance and sheathed her sword. The aura around her vanished, and the overwhelming pressure we felt until then was gone. As for the two of us, we were still staring at her with big eyes. We had no idea what we should say or ask.

Seeing us in this bewildered state, aunty giggled and patted us on the head.

“Everyone who has a Blessing can sooner or later activate it. The resulting effect depends on its type and how good they are at controlling it. You know what they say, children, the gods gave us blessings, but they aren't the ones who make us use them. That depends solely on us.” she told us in a calm tone of voice, which actually sounded like that of a respected teacher.

“Is it difficult to activate it? Does it need a chant?” I asked as I looked up at her with big curious eyes.

“Blessings don't use chants or feel the same way as magic does. It's kind of hard to put it in words, but once you are able to activate a Blessing, something clicks inside of you and from then on, you can do it as easy as breathing.” she was scratching her head while she explained this to us.

“So you are telling me Blessings use another type of energy?” I asked.

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Honestly the story has promise but I don’t see why you’re ruining your mc so much… why did you have him go ‘kyaa’ to lightning earlier? Why are you making him tremble in fright like a scared little girl here just from killing intent? In like the first chapter you said that he went through many emotions through dying so many times, even madness, and ended up with apathy or something right? Dying is NOTHING new to him so killing intent should’ve had the LEAST effect on him compared to anyone else. Yet you make the kid sister who has… Read more »

Barakiel Avius

Kreatull the god of war xD


Any relation with Melkuth? Lol