~Chapter 37: Back in Briston (Part 1) ~

Our tenth birthday was going to be one of those special events we were supposed to remember for the rest of our lives because it was supposed to mark the very first step we took into our adult lives.

Normally, for me this was the second time I reached the age of ten, but I didn't really remember that much about the birthday I had back on Earth. My childhood memories were all a bit fuzzy, but I had the feeling I could summarize it into one word: normal.

However, in this new life where magic, monsters, and armor-loving little sisters were real, things were going to be a bit different. But if this meant it was going to be exciting or boring, it remained to be seen.

First of all, we started our day by enjoying a light breakfast, for which Luthecia received a few unvoiced complaints from Cassandra. The little girl's piercing glare was enough to let us all know that she would have wanted to eat more, but since we were going to travel by carriage next, eating light was best so as to avoid an upset stomach. There was also the fact that we both got up up quite early for this journey, so maybe that added a bit of fuel to the fire.

After our breakfast, we went and changed into our best city clothes and boarded the carriage waiting for us outside of our mansion.

Once we reached the town, we planned on heading towards the local lord's residence and offer our greetings to him. This, however, was a custom practiced only by those of noble blood, and it was meant to show that we respected the local authority. At the same time, this was a way to teach the children who the boss was around these parts.

If we were commoner children, we would have been taken to the local temple or the Church of the Goddess, where would pay our respects to the priests there and then offer a prayer to her Almightyness Princess Demon Voice S.A.R.G.E.

And so, after we offered our greetings to the noble lord who governed the area, we were free to enjoy the rest of the day as we pleased, be it by going shopping, attending a party, or pretending to be statues and catching rain water with our mouths.

This was the plan at least...

While heading towards Briston, both of us siblings were wondering if it would have been better to spend the day as the commoners did rather than go and meet this uncle we had never met before just because we were of noble blood. We simply couldn't see nor understand the need as to why we should go out of our way to greet him.

I for one was expecting cake or a party... not a meeting with an old man.

“Are we there yet?” Cassandra asked at one point.

“Not yet, dear. Please be patient.” mother told her.

She grumbled something in reply, and I let out a bored sigh.

What was a man with the body of a ten-years old and the mind of an adult supposed to do on this journey? The answer: I practiced the Magic Energy control technique taught to us by aunty Eliza. In these past several years since I began to train, I began to get a very good handle on it, although, my spell casting ability was sort of lacking.

Upon reaching Briston and passing the check of the guards, we drove until we reached the mansion of this local lord. It was a beautiful building located close to the center of the town. A hand sculpted stone arch was at its entrance, but rather than being the personal home of this lord, it was actually a governmental building.

In this world, they called it the Lord's Mansion, but back on Earth it would be called a City Hall. The so-called lord was a noble with the rank of Earl and traveled here from his actual home located to the south of Briston.

Father once showed me a map of the area and pointed at various areas while telling me to which families they belonged to. The Drakarys Estate was located at about 27 OnKaans or kilometers from Briston. Farther to the west was Viscount Tumur's Estate. Right in front of it was Baron Vlamyr's Estate. To the North of Briston was the Osengas Woods. Farther North was the Osengas Estate, which belonged to the Osengas Countess, who was widowed and reaching the end of her life. To the South of Briston, connected to the road that led towards the capital, was the Nassir Estate, which belonged to the Viscount Nassir. Farther to the South was Vemire Woods, where one could find the the Vemire Estate.

Now the full name of this Earl who governed Briston was Earl Rupert Levias of Briston. His estate was thus called the Levias Estate and was located just outside of Briston. We often passed by it while heading towards the town, this time too. Architecturally, it was beautifully designed two story building with large arches and windows. Once you passed the gates, and walked on the stone paved road that led to it, you were met with a row of beautifully arranged flower gardens to the right and left. I was once told by father that there were a lot of live-in servants who took care of it.

Actually, judging by size and appearance, it wouldn't be wrong to call it a Palace.

Anyway, by comparison, the mansion he used as a City Hall could only be considered a rich noble's house. The architecture itself was enough proof of that. Those stone arches, sculptures, and painted windows weren't something an average noble could afford. Rather, was it alright to have spent so much on them?

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