~Chapter 37: Back in Briston (Part 2) ~

As we climbed out of the carriage, I noticed that we weren't the first to have arrived. There were a few more carriages parked in front of the mansion. Well, as the Lord of a town, the Earl was bound to be a busy man.

Could it be that we're not the only noble children celebrating their tenth birthday anniversary? I thought to myself as we approached the big metal gates Nah! What would be the odds of that happening! I shook my head and looked at my little sister.

“Muuu. This would have been a good day to nap...” she mumbled to herself.

Yup, she had no interest in the guests.

“They arrived earlier than expected.” mother said as she furrowed her brow.

“Who did?” I asked and looked up at her.

“You'll find out soon enough, Leo.” she replied with a smile.

Somehow, that smile of hers was a bit forced. It was almost as if this upcoming meeting with these yet unknown guests wasn't going to be to her liking, but at the same time she was obliged to do it.

Maybe I'm just imagining it? I thought and shook my head.

Father knocked on the door once and then we waited.

A middle-aged man wearing a pair of long black pants and a black suit coat answered.

A butler appeared! I shouted in my mind.

This was the first time I saw one who looked so similar to a butler from Earth. The only thing missing was a bit more hair on his head, a well trimmed mustache, and to have an British name that flowed off the tongue perfectly.

“Yes?” he asked, unfortunately, without a British accent.

“The Drakarys Baron Family is here with their youngest children to greet the Lord of Briston.” said father in a calm and dignified tone of voice.

“Of course.” he nodded and opened the door wide to let us in.

Inside, I saw a young maid dusting off an old vase. She wore a rather plain brown dress, and she wasn't as cute as Luthecia was. Actually, I was already aware of the fact that butlers and maids in this worlds were different in each noble household.

“Please wait here, I will go and inform my master of your arrival.” the butler told us before heading upstairs.

“Certainly.” father replied with a nod.

Thus, we waited patiently in front of the entrance.

My first impression of the inside of this place wasn't a very good one, but it wasn't a bad one either. This mansion was unexpectedly... normal? There were no eccentric decorations or extravagant furniture. The maids all looked plain as well, and among them I even saw a woman in her late fifties.

The only things that managed to catch my attention were the handles of the stairs, which were hand carved, and the crystal chandelier above us. There was also a carpet on the wall directly in front of us, but its design wasn't that spectacular. Everything else was quite similar to what I had seen back at our estate.

“From an Earl, I expected more fancy stuff...” I said.

“This is just the greeting area, Leo. Since both commoners and nobles use the same door to come in, the Lord didn't see it as a necessity to decorate it with fancy stuff. Of course, I can't say the same thing about his office, where we will most likely be called. Commoners, in general, are welcomed in a more simple room.” mother explained.

Listening to this made me wonder whether or not discrimination between the two classes was as evident everywhere else as it was here. In a way, I understood the fact that a respectable noble didn't wish to treat nobles and commoners the same way, given how unlike the latter, the first could have a notable military, economical, or political authority.

Mother did warn us more than once that the world of politics was a treacherous one where a parent would not hesitate to marry his young daughter to an old pig if he could gain a bit of favor and authority within his small circle of influence. I also read about such things back on Earth and sort of witnessed them during my summons.

Thus, if I voiced out my belief that treating commoners and nobles in a different way was a bad thing to do, I could end up earning a lot of glares and daggers in the back. It was a delicate matter which couldn't be changed by just an individual, however, it didn't stop me from acting upon it later in my life when I had secured enough power and authority for myself so that I could avoid a possible assassination.

“Earl Rupert Levias of Briston will see you now.” the butler from before announced after he returned and made a small bow in front of us.

“Finally...” father said in a whisper.

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“Somehow, that smile of hers was a bit forced”
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