~ (100 Luck) Chapter 65: War Meeting (Part 2) ~

“Kleo, is something the matter?” I asked of her, seeing how not too long ago I saw her with my wife, acting as a guard.

“This.” she said.

The shadow at her feet expanded in front of her and made a perfectly black disc. From within it, four black hands pulled out four wingless dragons who were scared stiff. They looked as if they had been tormented with pure fear by devils and unspeakable monsters.

“And they are?” I asked pointing at the poor bastards.

“Assassins who thought they could take the Queen's life.” she showed me a calm smile.

When those four met my gaze, three of them fainted and the last one soiled himself.

I had every right to be furious and mad. Although this change in my expressions was instantaneous, with everything that was happening, no one could blame for being a bit on the edge.

Not only are they aiming for important nobles, they have the guts to go after my WIFE?! I screamed in my mind while I bombarded those four with killing intent.

At this point, the door opened again, but this time, it wasn't a messenger, it was Elovius.

“Your Majesty, I... erm... what's happening here?” he asked when he saw the scene.

“Assassins.” Kataryna shrugged.

“Ahem... Yes... that.” I said and tried to regain my cool “Is my wife alright, Kleo?” I asked the necromancer.

“She didn't even know they were there. I took care of them the moment my Black Hounds sensed their desire to take her life. Then, I just summoned the dark fiends of the underworld and sent them loose upon them. I made sure their souls remained intact, but I won't vouch for their sanity.” she spoke in a calm tone of voice while showing me an innocent smile.

When she reaches a Breakthrough, she'll be one scary dragoness... Sooo, I'm going to do my best to be on her good side. I thought.

“Thank you, Kleo. I appreciate it.” I nodded.

“You're welcome, your Majesty. I'll just hand these four over to Elovius for questioning.” she said and then looked at the Prime Minister.

“Is there anything left inside those things that can answer my questions?” he asked pointing at the four.

“Maybe? I don't know.” she shrugged “I'll give you a Darkness stick to poke them around and see if they move.” she giggled.

“Sure...” he blinked surprised then looked at me. “Ahem. Your Majes...” before he could finish his words, the doors opened again.

This time, it was Alkelios who came dragging two dragons beaten until they were all black and blue.

“Let me guess... Assassins?” I asked with a sigh as I shook my head.

“How did you know?” Alkelios asked blinking surprised.

“Because today of all days, countless assassins apparently chose to go after the important nobles in this Kingdom, a bunch of bandits decided it was the 'Siege the Town' day, and all of this at the same time. What I want to know is why are you bringing these assassins before me?” I asked trying hard to control my exasperated tone of voice.

I didn't even want to think about what all of this meant when put together, but I never felt so strong the urgency to prepare my troops for war.

Then, Sir Brekkar also entered the room, bringing with him, six tied up assassins.

“You too?” he asked as he looked around.

They all nodded.

“I believe the reason we brought the assassins here was because the Prime Minister knows how to handle them the best.” Sir Seryanna answered my question in a polite and knightly fashion.

“In other words they have no idea how to do a proper interrogation.” Sir Brekkar said with a snort.

“Neither do you.” I squinted my eyes at the dragon.

“Ahaha! Hey! That time was an accident! I swear!” he defended himself.

“You sent a dragon flying to the other side of the capital and made him lose ALL of his memories because he hit his head!” I retorted.

“Like I said, it was an accident.” he showed a forced smile.

“Yes. Yes.” I waved him off then looked at Elovius “You heard Sir Seryanna. Can you do it?” I asked him.

“Of course.” he nodded and showed me a kind smile.

I was beginning to feel pity for these poor bastards. Maybe this frightening side of his was also the reason why I favored Elovius as a possible next King more than I did Charmeill. That boy was a bit too soft, but the dragoness he picked wasn't that bad. Although, she wasn't what I would call Queen material either. In any case, I could always arrange a political marriage for him, so that he had someone by his side with these skills. Or, I could have Elliessara give a crash course to his chosen dragoness.

“How did you all came about to capturing them? I heard Kleo's story and a part of Sir Seryanna's story. They attacked her on the shore of the Golden Scale River. She fought back and brought the one survivor here, which is the tied up dragoness over there. Going by the order, Kataryna, what about you?” I asked.

“Oh, I was just about to head out with Princess Elleyzabelle when I saw these two idiots entering through the window. I flash froze them and then I was about to shatter them, but the Princess told me it would better to bring them to the Prime Minister, who will know how to get any information he desires out them.” she said in a calm tone of voice.

“Alright, what about you Sir Alkelios?” I asked.

“I was at Viscountess Reyazes' place when three assassins came crashing through the windows and attacked her. I stopped their attacks and then turned one of them into mush. I captured these two, and I sort of flew a bit too low to the ground and accidentally smacked them into trees and rocks because they were being annoying.” he showed me a smile.

“How is that an accident?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Then they smacked themselves into trees and rocks while I had absolutely nothing to do with it?” he asked pointing a finger up.

“Sigh, no need to tell me more. Brekkar, what about you?” I asked shaking my head.

“They attacked me and Iolaus while we were training, so I used Iolaus to beat them up.” he nodded.

“You what?” I blinked surprised.

“I grabbed the boy by the feet and used him as a club!” he showed me a thumbs up.

“Hey! Don't break my future husband! I'm supposed to do that!” Kleo complained, and I let out a sigh.

At the very least, this bunch had no problem in handling the assassins, but the others...

“Elovius, who died today?” I asked.

“The reports I received so far speak of the following successful assassinations: Duchess Marchialle, Duke Galbarian, Marquise Behavialla, Marchioness Veronique, Marchioness Massaria, Earl Hoghiannis, Countess Merialla, Countess Yehevajere, Countess Mafvajra, Viscount Morus, Viscountess Mercuria, Baron Elforan, Baroness Mejeve, and Baroness Helberya. These being the nobles, but mercenaries and craftsmen have been targeted as well. There are many others who are gravely injured or suffered many losses while fighting back against the attackers.” explained Elovius.

“How is it even possible to attack so many dragons at the same time? This level of organization isn't normal.” Alkelios pointed out.

“It's not...” I let out a sigh. “Please, everyone, follow me to the War Room.” I said and got up from my throne.

When he heard this, the first one to react was Brekkar. His smile turned into a serious expression. The only reason why I would invite them there was because there was a chance that we were facing a war-like scenario.

“What of her Majesty, the Queen?” asked Elovius.

“I will inform her of everything that transpired there afterwards.” I told him.

“What of the prisoners?” asked Seryanna as she looked at the trembling assassin from Kleo's shadow.

“Elovius?” I asked as I looked at my son.

“If the Duke and Duchess Draketerus would be kind enough to remove any poison pills and hidden blades from them, I will order them to be taken to the dungeons so that I may begin interrogation as soon as possible.” he suggested.

“Fine. Do it quickly.” I said as I nodded.

“As you wish, your Majesty!” the two of them bowed before me.

While they began working, several guards were called in by Elovius to take the prisoners to their new 'home'.

The whole thing didn't take long, just a couple of minutes, afterwards, I made my way to the War Room. I walked at the front while everyone else followed behind me.

[Brekkar's point of view]

For centuries, the War Room of Albeyater Kingdom has been used only and only when war was imminent. While Seryanna, Kleo, and Alkelios were probably too young to know and understand the meaning behind it, I who have been called here countless times in the past was well aware of what this could lead to.

In essence, all War Room summons ended either with a sortie order or a written peace decree. In order for either of the two to be given, a few conditions had to be met.

First of all, the King and Prime Minister had to be present. The Queen didn't need to attend, but she would later give her final approval of any decision they agreed upon here. If she declined, she was going to participate in the next meeting.

Besides the two, a General had to be present at this meeting together with at least two other Breakthrough-ers who were loyal to the crown.

Presently, all of these conditions were met at a bare minimum, and the King could give out the order for gathering the troops and setting a strategy in motion. After this first meeting, he would appoint various other military commanders to different posts. He would call the Merchant Guild to discuss the necessary supplies that could be bought, and he would even go so far as to call upon the Adventurers within the Albeyater Kingdom to participate in this battle to defend their land. The Minister of Finance and the Ministers of Naval and Aerial affairs would also be called for a meeting.

However, all of these would be based on the initial discussion that took place in the War Room. A second meeting here would take place only in the absurd event where we had been pushed back and a talk about surrendering was necessary. Of course, in case of an all-out war against multiple enemy forces, this room was used almost daily by his Majesty and the Generals who followed him.

In other words, being called to the War Room meant that his Majesty, the King, had enough reasons to believe that the Kingdom of Albeyater was in danger of being invaded by a military force.

When I entered the room together with everyone else, memories of times long past awoken within me. The ridiculously huge table in the middle with a sculpted map of the entire Dragon Continent's geographical formations on it. In the far left corner was a big bookcase filled to the brim with various maps drawn for specific areas and with certain purposes in mind. To the far right corner of the room were two bookcases containing scrolls with Treaties and Decrees given by their Majesties ever since they got on the throne. To my left as I entered the room was another bookcase, but this time it was filled with small metal statues meant to depict various troops and battalions. They were the chess pieces used on the big chess board called the Dragon Continent.

Even though this wasn't the first time I entered this room, I still stood there in wonder of how meticulous that map was designed. It was said it took the artist 17 months to make it, most of which was time flying about the entire continent together with several Breakthrough-ers from different countries to act as protection. The artist made seven copies of this map and gave one to the most influential dragonesses at that time, one of which was of course Queen Elliessara.

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