~ Chapter 109: Keltaru's story (Part 2) ~

[Back to the main story, Keltaru's point of view]

“What? It's really you? Then...” I tried to get up, but I felt like the world was spinning around me.

Soleya caught me, and I let out a groan.

“Sorry kid. I sometimes forget my own strength. Just be glad I didn't send you flying across the town! Nyahaha!” she laughed.

“Keltaru, please stand still for a moment while I heal you.” someone from my right said.

It was her Highness, Ayuseya.

“Princess... then it's true?” I tried to stand up straight again, but she didn't let me.

“Yes. I'm alive.” she showed me a smile and then a warm light was cast around me.

This... This is healing magic, but how is it possible? She's supposed to be unable to cast even the most simplest of spells. I thought as I remembered how much she struggled even with gathering a little bit of Magic Energy, let alone enough to cast a spell.

“You Highness, that...” Soleya said as she noticed the same thing as me.

“Please, just call me Ayuseya right now. I'm no longer a Princess nor part of the Pleyades Royal Family.” she told me.

It was a bit hard for me to understand what she meant by that, or rather it was something I found hard to accept as true. Who could possibly give up their Royal family name? Although it was possible in theory, but this was true only if she married into another Royal Family.

“He looks skinny.” suddenly, someone approached us with a tray filled with fried potatoes and cooked chicken legs.

That's probably her Highness' food. I thought.

The man then placed the tray down on a table which... popped out of thin air?

Huh?! Was that table there before? I wondered.

Maybe teacher Nanya struck me harder than I thought?

“He hasn't eaten that well in a while. This food will be good for them. Is Zoreya healing Neya right now?” Princess... Mistress Ayuseya asked.

“Yeah, she's over there. Savannah is teaching the kids a bit of geography. Hm?” the man saw something that caught his attention.

Now that I took a better look at him, he was a well built man with emerald-green eyes and jade-green hair. Although he wore a hooded white robe with a gray border, he didn't give the feeling of a wizard.

When I followed his gaze, I saw a human looking towards us. Given the way he stood with his back straight and waiting for us to engage in a conversation with him, I had a feeling he was a butler. A noble would introduce himself at once, but a servant would usually wait for the other party to approach him, more so when speaking with a stranger. If we were at his master's home, however, he would have asked us immediately what we were doing there and if we had an appointment with his master.

These were things I knew because I had spent a lot of my time around nobles and their servants. I myself was born in the Dowesyl Viscount family of the Mondravia Kingdom on Sorone Continent.

“What's wrong, buddy? Are you lost?” the man with jade-green hair asked him in a casual tone of voice as he approached him.

“Good evening, gentleman, my name is Tobias Reluar. I am a butler in the service of Marquess Gaharian.” he introduced himself.

“Good evening, mister Tobias. I never heard of this Marquess fellow, so can you state your business with us? I'm kind of busy.” the rude fellow tilted his head as if those words meant nothing to him.

This could easily be seen as disrespect towards his master! Doesn't this man know the basics of interacting with nobles? I thought in a panic, but when I looked at Mistress Ayuseya, I saw that she was ignoring the scene completely and focusing on my healing.

Teacher Nanya was yawning.

What's wrong with them? I wondered.

“Ahem! Marquess Gahariam is one of the four great nobles who govern over this beautiful city of Polis.” he said in proud tone of voice.

“Mhm. Can you skip to the 'my business with you' part?” the man with jade-green hair said waving him off.

“How rude! But looking at how a country bumpkin like yourself doesn't know of how great my master is, I would advise you to watch your manner and language! In this town speaking ill of the four great nobles can lead to undesired circumstances.” he smirked.

He's threatening him... He's basically saying that we hold no power here. I hope this man understands in what sort of danger he could be tossing us in. I thought.

“I'm done. How are you feeling, Keltaru?” Mistress Ayuseya said as she showed me a smile.

In the time I was paying attention to the two of them, I had been healed of the damage teacher Nanya may have given me. It would be no lie to say that I didn't feel a thing, but such a thing could happen only in the case of an advanced healing spell.

Since when can Mistress Ayuseya use something like this? I wondered.

Getting up on my feet, I moved my body a bit to confirm my current status. There was no pain anywhere, and I didn't feel weak anymore.

“This... This is amazing...” I said as I looked at my hands.

“As I was saying, I have come because of the draconian woman over there.” Tobias said as he pointed at Mistress Ayuseya.

His words caught our attention.

“Me? What did I do?” Mistress tilted her head to the left and knitted her brow in confusion.

“Yeah, what did she do?” the man with jade-green hair asked.

“What she did is of no importance. My master is a most generous man and has already forgotten about it. However, he has ordered me that to deliver a message to the one who holds the chains of those non-humans.” he declared.

In other words, she's guilty of something, yet at the same time not guilty. So, Mistress Ayuseya did something legally which offended the Marquess in some way... Hm, could it be that something happened during the auction? I wondered as I listened in on their conversations.

However, something told me that his choice of words was a bit insulting towards everyone here. It would be the same as saying non-el'doraw or non-draconian. In certain circles, this formula was used in a derogatory form, but it was wildly avoided when in public.

“Aha... Non-humans, you say?” the man with jade-green hair said in an absentminded tone of voice, but the air around me was giving me the creeps.

“Yes. My master wishes to inform you, politely, that such manner of conduct should not be approved in any way or manner while within the walls of this glorious city of ours. If they continue to behave like savages again, their owner will be the one to suffer nex...” before he could finish his words, the man with jade-green hair grabbed him by neck and lifted him off the ground.

He moved so fast, I couldn't even see when he got close to him!

“You know, I'm going to inform you and your master, politely, that these non-humans you speak of are my wives.” he told him with a piercing gaze, but his hand grip was so tight it was cutting off the man's air “So, if you dare insult them in any way or manner, I'm going to make sure you won't have a glorious city to speak off. Got it?” he then tossed him away.

Tobias gasped as he fell on the ground, rolling two times before coming to a stop. Everyone around us was already watching the scene with their breath taken, but most of them looked with fear at the butler and not at the man with jade-green hair.

“Y-You! Do you have any idea with whom you're messing with?!” the butler yelled in an angry tone of voice as he pointed at the man with jade-green hair.

“I don't know, but here's what I think. I'm not afraid of your boss or anyone in this town of weaklings for that matter. I'm here to do business if I can, then I'll be on my way. However, just like it happened before, everyone who gets in my way or messes around with me or my family will have Lady Death knocking on their door.” he replied in a calm tone of voice.

“Do you real wish for me to take these words of threat to my master?” the butler asked while glaring at him.

“Why not? You seem quite keen on threatening us to begin with. It shouldn't be a problem if we answer a threat with another threat, right? Besides, if you didn't use such a disrespectful tone towards my wives, maybe I wouldn't have gotten so annoyed. Now, if you don't have anything else, please leave or better off go die in a ditch somewhere.” he told in cold tone of voice while looking down at him as if he was nothing more than a bug.

“You! You'll pay for this!” the butler declared as he got up and left.

“As if I have never heard that before.” the man with jade-green hair let out a sigh and then shook his head.

Once the man named Tobias left, all those who watched the scene from the sidelines returned to minding their own business. This sort of behavior wasn't anything strange or new. It was clear to me as it was probably to everyone who understood even an ounce of politics that what this strange fellow did was to make enemies with a noble who held the title of Marquess.

In this society, noble titles were easy to understand. There was the Royal Family, with the King and Queen at the top, then their children as well as the children of the previous King and Queen held the titles of Prince and Princess. The one bellow them was the Duke families, who were usually second and third degree relatives of the Royal Family. After them were the Marquess and Marchioness titles. Earl and Countess were next, then Viscount and Viscountess, and lastly Baron and Baroness, but there were also many other titles in-between. Some countries even had Archduke, ArchMarquess, Grand Earl and other titles like that, or completely different arrangement, such as having the Duke rank exchanged for the Viscount.

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you’re quite consistent with using ‘bellow’ instead of ‘below’…


most simplest > most simple / simplest

or better off > or better yet, go die in a ditch somewhere

*sigh* I wonder when I became such a cynic. It wasn’t just from reading this book. I’ve come to expect this kind of behavior from people. Being a Noble doesn’t mean you’re any less of a fool.

Unless Illsy gains a reputation that spreads across the world, stupid, self important people who think they can walk all over someone will keep showing up. However, it’s a refreshing break to see them get their asses handed to them for a change. >:D