~ Chapter 110: Looming threat ahead (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

The city of Polis had a lot of wares I didn't see in Port Rico. There was even a music shop here which sold flouts and acoustic guitars. Because there was a chance that Lumia was going to be the dance teacher, and Ayuseya was most likely going to give violin lessons, I had to stock up on musical instruments and eventually learn how to make them. To my surprise, Savannah was also quite skillful at the guitar, but there was no one among us who touched a piano.

At the music shop, I bought every single instrument I could find as well as all the books on music displayed here. The merchant's jaw simply dropped when he heard my order, and his brain went into idle mode. His wife took over for him and finished the transaction, but I still had to explain that I didn't mean to buy the property, just the goods.

While walking around the city after I left the music shop, I visited a bookstore and bought almost half of the stock they had. The other part was filled with all sort of human supremacy ideas. I politely told the shop owner that he should avoid those sort of books or else foreign customers would most likely avoid his place.

“What?! But these are grand masterpieces in regard to the human superiority ideology! They explain clearly and through factual examples how WE are far more advanced and better than the others species!” he retorted the moment I suggested to stop selling them.

“Erm... How exactly is a human more superior than an elf, an el'doraw, or a draconian when it comes to life expectancy and raw brute strength or magic power without training?” I replied in a calm tone of voice while raising an eyebrow.

“That is... Erm... I think it was written somewhere! There has to be an example that shows humans to be superior to them!” he declared.

“Oh, and compare the reports from populations of equal numbers.” I added with a smile.

“What do you mean?” he asked while taking his nose out of a book.

“Simple. Don't compare two elves from a group of one hundred with one hundred humans from a group of ten thousand. Those are not exactly equal values and numbers may work only in a state of war not when comparing individuals from both side.” I told him.

“I... I never thought about that.” he knitted his brow as he looked into my eyes.

“Just as it is with books, my friend. It's all about quality, not quantity. I'm not saying that humans might not be better than other species in some things, I just don't believe you should take wrong or misunderstood facts as correct ones just because they put mankind in a better light.” I smiled.

With this last exchange of opinions, I left the library before the conversation turned into a never-ending debate. I also didn't want to get into politics, moral ideologies, and the cultural aspects of each civilization from each species.

I visited a tailor's shop as well and bought all the fabric rolls she had, all the sewing kits she had on display, and several sets of clothing meant for both children and adults. For some reason, she was so tankful I made this purchase, she started crying.

“Why are you so happy?” I asked her out of curiosity.

Although I knew that as a merchant she would be glad to have a customer like me, I didn't think it would be something to make her shed tears of delight.

“With the money the kind gentleman gave me, I can finally pay my debt in full and focus on making better clothes for my customers! It's a dream come true! I'm certain the Goddess of Justice Nazra has sent you my way!” she replied with a clear sense of happiness and joy in her gaze and tone of voice.

I don't think she has anything to do with this, most likely... I thought and just let her believe what she wanted.

If this made her give more offerings to the gods, then it was a win-win situation.

Thus, I left the shop and continued my journey throughout this wonderful city of Polis which was actually the remodeled remains of an ancient kingdom.

When you thought about it, it did hold a bit of a charm to it. The detailed work of the elfin architecture could still be spotted here and there, especially on the building of rich nobles or well established commoners. But that was about all I could compliment this place about, everything else was a big NO for me.

I wasn't too happy about all the discrimination and hate that was happening in this entire empire. Not to mention the annoying human supremacy that kept sprouting all around me. Just as I told that guy at the library, if he wanted to claim that the human species was the greatest and best out of all of them, then it had to be number one in everything, no matter if it was literature or war. The same could be said about a kingdom or an empire. You couldn't declare it to be the greatest without actually proving this.

Just having the ability to intimidate others didn't make a species or a country 'the greatest', it just made them a bully...

Right now, if these moronic humans didn't get the tip, they would certainly end up fighting a war they would never win because even the gods themselves were against such an egoistical and narcissistic way of think.

Well, technically it was perfectly OK to claim this from a factual point of view, but then you would have had to have proof of this. Currently, there were not 'the greatest' just 'the best in a certain domain... for now'.

Looking around at all of these stuck up humans who walked around with their slaves like they did some sort of dog of a rare breed made me sick. It wasn't something morally acceptable. It wasn't right, however, I could clearly see how nobles and rich commoners with such beliefs could pose a problem at my academy.

Walking around through this city and traveling through this problematic empire served me multiple purposes, more than I initially anticipated. Of course, I could impose my beliefs with force. Who was going to stop me if I openly declared war against them according to Melkuth's laws?

No one...

But then, who would follow me if I won?

Not that many...

Therefore, I had to make the beliefs of this ENTIRE empire crumble from within. In other words, I had to prove and make them believe in something else, something that will bring them more benefits for their individual selves. After all, a human was like a Dungeon. He would first need to satisfy his own needs and maybe then, if he had the time and will, care about others.

“Greetings, gentleman! Welcome to Mister Bullion's House of Slaves!” said the doorman to a rather fashionable looking place.

It looked like a unicorn puked on it...

“Yeah... I never seen so many jumbled up colors since...” I shut up and simply remembered the 'level that doesn't exist' in a certain game.

“Isn't it wonderful, mister? The master definitely has one of the finest tastes in fashion in this ENTIRE Empire!” he claimed and then laughed.

Then we entered... and it looked like a herd of unicorns puked all over the place then got drunk and turned into weird furniture.

I was 100% certain I was never going to find anything like this anywhere else in the world. Actually, I was going to make sure not to visit any place like this.

And not long afterwards, I met the owner of this place, who... looked surprisingly normal and wore a rather expensive looking elegant white suit. Somehow things didn't add up, and I thought he was just another client, but he introduced himself as the fashionable Mister Bullion.

To put it bluntly, the guy had a good sense for fashion, but somehow he considered 'house decorating' as 'house fashion'. Basically, he was claiming he was 'dressing up' the house in better 'clothes'. So yes, as long as someone kept this man away from architecture, things had a chance not to turn into a unicorn puke explosion or worse.

This wasn't the only slave shop I stopped by. There were more in this city. Kantor was indeed the city with the most slave merchants and slaves, but this didn't mean that I managed to visit all the shops there. I chose quality over quantity. This time, I decided for a variable in between. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find all the slaves I wanted in just one shop, and there was one from which I didn't buy even a single one. As a result, I ended up traveling quite a bit and gathering a bit of a line behind me.

At the end of the day, I found myself to be quite satisfied with my purchases, and the lucky few who I managed to save would soon have a chance at a new life once we reached Port Rico. Meanwhile, I had to reunite with my wives.

“Yo! I'm back!” I said as I raised my hand.

The MCV was parked on the side of the road leading to the South gate. Tamara got back from her shopping spree as well. I was surprised we didn't bump into each other, but if she wanted to find me, that cat had more ways than I could count and bluntly opening each and every door in this city in a short span of time was one of them.

“Welcome back, Illsy, and what in the name of a bald Melkuth is THAT?!” Nanya asked pointing at the small group of people behind me.

“Oh, them? They are the new slaves I bought!” I replied with a smile.

“Hm? They are... 16 of them, right?” Ayuseya asked after she did a quick count.

“You bought that many? Are you perhaps rich?” Keltaru commented.

“What's wrong?” I asked tilting my head and looking back at the slaves who wore rags for clothing and looked like they didn't know what to hope for the next day.

Some of them were carrying the sickly and those who couldn't stand because of their hunger.

“Illsy, is there anyone among them who needs immediate medical attention?” Zoreya asked as she looked at them worried.

“Immediate no, but they could use some food.” I pointed out.

“Let's go outside, and I can make them a bunch of soup that's good for the body, nya~! Meanwhile!” Tamara said and then jumped in my arms and kissed me.

“Mmph?!” I was surprised and fell on my back.

What got into her? I thought, seeing how this kiss was a bit more rough and aggressive than her usual ones that called for pampering and petting.

“Puha~!” she let herself breath while she flattened her ears on her head and showed me a feverish gaze. “And nyaow this!” she said and then BIT my right hand.

“YOUCH!” I cried out.

“Oh my! She's marking him?” Shanteya pointed out.

“What the? Mark? What for?” I asked while rubbing my hand, but just when I thought about using my regeneration to erase it, Tamara took my hand into hers and then glared at me... or rather behind me?

Looking back, I noticed the three female nekatar slaves, which I had TOTALLY bought for 100% legit reasons and no 'mofu mofu' intentions, had their ears perked up and were paying attention to the two of us.

“This one is mine! You hear? My mate! Hiss~!” Tamara declared.

The three gulped and flattened their ears on their heads. With a quiet nod, they submitted to my wife's declaration.

“Was this really necessary? I'm already your husband. I can't be taken that easily from you.” I showed my worried nekatar wife a soft smile and patted her head.

“Yes, but husband is Illsy... Strong mates attract more females.” she glared at me.

“Huh? I think I can handle myself now with five wives?” I told her raising an eyebrow.

Tamara blinked surprised then let out a giggle.

She patted my head and showed me a gentle smile.

“Good mate. Good mate.” she said and then looking back at Shanteya and the others, she said “You heard that, sister-wives? Husband thinks he can defend himself from female charm attacks. Isn't he cute?”

“Huh?” I blinked.

“Indeed, the pantie-snatching pervert is definitely an easy target for women.” Ayuseya nodded.

“I agree. All evidence point to him being a pervert. Mhm!” Nanya nodded while making a thinking pose.

“If he dares, I'll use him as a nail and my shield as a hammer!” declared Zoreya.

“That's scary!” I complained.

“Although, would a random woman really DARE to try and make a move on OUR husband?” Shanteya asked and then a really dangerous and scary aura emanated from all of my wives as they looked at each other.

For a moment, everyone around them took a step back. Even those who were at quite the distance away from us were looking around restlessly as if they were being watched by the hungry eyes of some unstoppable beast.

“Erm...” I lifted a finger up, but Tamara lowered my hand down without looking at me.

Scary... I thought.

A moment later, they all nodded as if the eye-only conversation came to an end.

“Illsy, we apologize, it was wrong to accuse you. If a female will try to get too close to you with romantic interests in mind, we'll make sure she'll change her mind... one way or another.” Shanteya said with a gentle smile but that scary aura was still surrounding her.

“OK?” I said, although, I was quite certain I was never going to cheat on them or bring in another wife because I had no reason to.

“Calm down now, girls, you're going to scare the new slaves!” Ayuseya told them with a smile as she made her own aura return to normal.

The others nodded and did the same thing.

I had some rather overprotective wives... or cranky at the idea of me messing around with other women. That was a good thing to keep in mind if I didn't want to end up experiencing what it was like to turn into a nail.

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