~ Chapter 110: Looming threat ahead (Part 2) ~

[Ayuseya's point of view]

Illsyore was so cute when he thought that we were being overprotective of him. We weren't really the type to keep him on a tight leash like that, but we did enjoy teasing him. If he ever told us he wanted to increase the number of his wives, we wouldn't really be bothered that much about it because we trusted him not to get tricked by a gold digger or someone suspicious. The new wife would still need to be approved by us though, just as it happened with Zoreya and Tamara. Although, we firmly believed there was a very low chance for this to happen.

What we did with our little standoff there was simply to intimidate a few individuals who went by undetected by our silly husband.

Women, no matter their species, they knew that one of their best chances to survive as a slave and even hope to have the slimmest chances at earning their freedom back was to become their Master's lover. There were several among those bought by our dear husband who seemed to aim for this.

On the fortunate side of things, they were going to be given their freedom once we reached Port Rico, but not by becoming Illsy's lover. Actually, this possibility was out the window for them with us circling around him, especially Nanya who has been teased a bit too much by us.

Speaking of which, her aura was the most menacing out of all of us. With a single gaze and whip of her tail in the air, she made it all the more clear that Illsy was off limits to them.

This wasn't some sort of special treatment we gave just to the new slaves, everyone was well informed of this by us. We didn't want any misunderstandings to arise during our journey together.

“Ayuseya's right. Relax a bit. Sure, there are a few here who would aim at the oldest trick in the book, but ladies, this male isn't going to bite.” Nanya said with a smirk as she walked up to Illsy and pulled his hands around her. “He's ours already...” she then gave him a long kiss.

When their lips parted, she giggled and moved out of his embrace, while Illsy let out a sigh.

“I have no idea what's got into you all, but you don't need to feel so threatened. I'm not going to cheat on you, you know?” he showed us a soft smile.

“Nya~ We're not worried about you, my mate!” Tamara said as her tail waved in the air.

“AHEM!” someone coughed and caught our attention.

It was the butler from before, but now he was being accompanied by several men who looked like guards and that noble against whom I won in the auction, Marquess Gaharian. Looking at him now, he didn't look like the typical slob who was fat enough to be confused with a giant ball of lard. He was well kept and dressed up elegantly.

“What's the meaning of this?” Illsy asked as he made a sign for the slaves to move towards the cars.

Nanya raised her eyebrow and whipped her tail in the air.

“I warned you this would happen, you peasant. My master, Marquess Gaharian has come to claim what is rightfully his!” declared the butler, whose name was Tobias Reluar if I remembered right.

“Indeed! I have been cheated by that woman over there! That... That non-human! She stole my slaves!” declared the Marquess.

“Illsy, don't kill him.” I told him in whisper because I felt Magic Energy focusing in his right arm.

“Hm? Why shouldn't I?” he asked.

“I know how you are feeling, but you shouldn't take an offensive stance for now. This would be better for accommodating the new slaves as well. Besides, I'm not feeling in the least bit offended by his choice of words, if anything, it just proves to show his lack of intellect.” I told him and gently placed my hand on his shoulder.

Letting out a sigh, Illsy scratched the back of his head and then nodded.

“Thank you.” he said.

“You're welcome, my dear.” I showed him a soft smile and then looked at the Marquess “And what proof do you have for your claims?” I asked him.

“Proof? Isn't my lord's words enough?” the butler asked.

“Nope. I also want some proof. So? Show us the original documents which state the names, date, and price of purchase for the so-called stolen slaves. And I want to see the original copy not some fake.” Illsyore declared in a loud tone of voice as he crossed his arms at his chest.

“YOU DARE?!” the butler shouted and pointed at him.

The guards looked ready to take out their swords and jump on us, but Illsy merely raised an eyebrow at them.

“So you are declaring that this Marquess is above the laws given by the Emperor?” he asked calmly.

Hearing this, murmurs around the street began to spread and the guards themselves stopped in their tracks.

“What sort of nonsense are you accusing me of?!” the Marquess shouted in retaliation.

“Just as I said, are you declaring that your word is above the laws decreed by his Majesty? If so, then I guess both the guards and the other nobles in this town must be aware of this. No, his Majesty himself must be aware of this as well. After all, the laws that declare how one's slave is identified and purchased were written by the imperial hand, right?” he asked with a smirk.

“Well... Yes, true... But I never said I was against his Majesty's laws! I'm actually an avid supporter of his Majesty!” the Marquess declared and punched his chest.

Hm? It appears that my lessons with Illsy was time well spent. I thought as I analyzed from the sidelines this conversation.

His old self from six years ago would have found himself stuck midway through his declaration because of his uncertainty towards the laws. Even if the Emperor didn't directly write the laws, they were to be taken as if he actually did, and his citizens had to follow them as such. This was the correct way of looking at the laws in a monarchy, and Illsy did well to remember this.

Now, the fact that he trapped him with a possible Lese Majeste accusation was something far more terrible for the Marquess than the simple theft accusation he was tossing our way. Logically speaking, if he didn't want to end up with the death penalty, he only had to accept Illsy's proposal of showing the said contracts. But there was no way for him to have them, leading to his accusation being a fake one and because he made this statement in public, it would naturally lead to a heavy blow to his reputation and probably several nasty rumors surrounding him emerging here and there.

Basically, it was either execution for Lese Majeste or a public shaming. The Marquess dug his own whole with this one.

“Erm... The original contracts... are... erm... gone...” he said in a cold sweat.

“Then you have no way to prove your claim over my slaves, which are already bounded to me through magic, and I also have each and every one of their contracts with me. Look.” Illsy said as he took out the contracts from his Inner Mind and showed them to him.

“That there! It's an illusion right?!” the butler declared pointing at him.

“Huh? What? This? No, they are from my storage crystal. Why would I use an illusion?” he asked tilting his head to the left.

“I'm not listening, you are lying!” the Marquess accused.

“Why would a Supreme need to lie about something as pathetic as this?” Illsy asked knitting his brows.

Hearing that magical word 'Supreme', the guards and the nobles froze in their spot.

“S-Supreme?” the Marquess repeated it.

“Yes. That's why I don't need to lie about something as silly as these contracts, right?” he smiled.

In the Paramanium Empire just like everywhere else on the three continents Thorya, Allasn, and Sorone, the Supreme was a special entity within the country which was more or less above the laws. Their combat potential was undisputed and the guards here were all at most Master Rank. Even if they had a million lives, they still wouldn't be able to fight against a Supreme who could make an entire army of Emperor Ranks kneel.

As I had come to know, some of their stories were a bit exaggerated, and their strength highly depended on their skills, but actually fighting off an army of Emperor Ranks wasn't so far fetched. If it was Dankyun and his seemingly endless supply of crystals, maybe it would be a close win. However, if it was me or Illsy, then even an army of Godlikes wouldn't be much of a problem for us. I wouldn't put my hand in fire against an army of Supremes though, some were indeed far more powerful than they appeared, while the previous Ranks had specific limits.

“I apologize for intervening in this conversation, but I could not stand by to watch any longer.” someone said as he approached us from the alley on our left.

The man was wearing a cloak which covered his head, and he was accompanied by two others who wore a similar cloak.

“Who are you?! And how dare you...” the Marquess asked in anger but stopped mid-sentence.

“Is that any way to greet your brother and the head of the Gaharian family?” the mysterious man asked as he pulled back his cloak, revealing a handsome man, but he indeed resembled the Marquess.

“Brother Julius?!” he asked surprised.

“Who other, my dear brother Cornelius?” the man asked with a charming smile.

The other two pulled back their hoods, revealing a beautiful woman and a handsome man. They were most likely his bodyguards.

“Why are you here?” Cornelius asked.

“To stop you from making a mockery of our family, brother. Now then, Mister Illsyore was it?” he asked as he turned to look at us.

“Yes?” Illsy replied raising an eyebrow.

“I apologize for my brother's foolish accusations. Our mother dropped him on the head when he was a baby.” he said with a short bow of his head and a clear intent of mocking his brother.

“Brother! No matter what, how could you say something as ridiculous as that?!” Cornelius shouted in anger.

“Indeed. Mother dropped him multiple times... He was too fat and had the tendency to bounce back in her arms.” Julius was absolutely savage with him.

“Kuh! I'll remember this brother! Tobias! We're leaving!” with an angry step, he turned around and left.

The guards bowed to Julius and then followed his brother.

“Now then, Mister Illsyore, you are free to leave Polis. As compensation for the discomfort my brother had caused, I have made sure that the guards at the gates won't perceive any tax for you.” he said and then smiled.

“That's kind of you.” Illsy nodded.

“Yes. Now then, please excuse me, I have an idiotic brother to take care of.” he said and then left after Cornelius.

“A good day.” Illsy said and then looking back at me, he shrugged.

With this, the incident regarding the Marquess was settled, and for the first time without shedding a single drop of blood.

Julius Gaharian may have just saved his brother's life with this interruption. I thought as I looked towards the noble who was getting farther and farther away.

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“dug his own whole with this one.” close but “hole” not “whole”

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lol the brother was savage me like


The Marquess dug his own whole with this one.
The Marquess dug his own hole with this one.

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Thanks for the chapter.
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He might be used to his wives behavior but he still cares for the people he can help. So if he doesn’t understand why they are scared he will at least ask and not just assume it’s necessary. (that’s just how I interpreted his character tho)
Anyway, I like your work, thanks for continuing.

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Lupus MAL

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They are actually just spellings from two different regions. Marchioness or marquise is the feminine.


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