~ Chapter 66: A Hero's Skills (Part 2) ~

And to think his Majesty, King Feryumstark, managed to defeat me despite these outrageous values. Well, it was true that I wasn't using my full strength... I didn't want to kill everyone there. The King was most likely wasn't using his full strength either. If I were to guess, then both of us stopped at values around 8000 points and then let it all to skill and experience. A department in which I was heavily lacking when compared to him.

Even so, my stats had some insane values when compared to the first time I arrived in this world, but something rather interesting happened with the [Magic Excellence] stat once it reached 100%. Its total reached 136.92%, so technically, my attacks weren't only insanely strong now, but I also got a free attack. If I for example cast a [Fireball], it was going to be free of charge on my Magic Energy pool, but the Magic Energy in the air around me would diminish a bit. In other words, I was using the Magic Energy found naturally in the environment, which was awesome!

If I cast two [Fireball] attacks one after another, the first was free of charge, while the second one was at a cost of 36.92% of the original cost, but the basic raw damage they had was about the same. The countdown would then reset, and I could once again cast an attack at no cost at all.

In other words, when I first came to Drakaria, I could have just used this nifty little trick to spare myself of some Magic Energy, but the infernal cost for the [Itsy Bitsy Boom!] was 10000 points! I could have easily ended up sucking the area dry of all of its Magic Energy and his Majesty, the King, could have seen this as a 'change of plans'. Or he could have thought that I had truly decided to betray the dragons and thus attack me to defend his Kingdom.

There was something else I noticed about this. If I did suck the area dry of Magic Energy, my own pool would not regenerate that fast or at all, which led me to believe that the amount consumed from the environment was far greater than the internal one. Well, it did restore over time, but I couldn't go for it if I was in the middle of a battle. Using it as some sort of anti-mage skill was also not possible UNLESS we were both trapped in the same room.

Thus, it could only be used in a fast moving battle... or on a battlefield like this one where I was certain not to stay in the same area for too long.

Now the funny part was that even the stats of my friends were rather absurd. They were the type which were usually gained only after decades of training, however, because of my [Dragon Tamer]'s effect, such a process was accelerated to an absurd level. According to Brekkar, it was like doing max performance training 10 times faster.

From my point of view, it was a rather broken effect, but just as Kataryna once told me, it didn't matter the amount of stats as much as how good one was at using them. As evidence of this claim was the relatively low level when compared to their stats. In this war, it was going to be crucial for them to be able to use as much of their points as possible.

But, to be fair, it wasn't only that... My second advancement had the uncanny option of adding 10 stat points wherever I desired after every time they leveled up in my presence. Seryanna being the longest with me and level up the fastest ended up having a LOT of points. To be exact, they had together over 4000 points. However, individually, there were various values, but I did my best to distribute those points in a way that would benefit their combat style the most.

These points were something akin to a reward for being my friends, but how exactly they worked in the natural way of things, I had no idea.

The abilities of a Hero were completely broken and ridiculous in some situations. My [Dragon Tamer] made no sense in several regards, or maybe... I was just too stupid to understand the complex process behind it. If I didn't know the laws it was based on, I had no idea how exactly it worked and could only observe its effects.

Speaking of which, when I upgraded [Dragon Tamer] to [Level 5], my Level was reset to 1, and I could gain more stat points and skill points as a result.

If I didn't spend ANY skill points after this level up, I would have had at this point about 1388 points, out of which 42 were from before. This meant I could gain another 138 skills and make 277 improvements. At this point, I honestly didn't bother keeping up with those numbers. They were just too ridiculous! Who would bother going through a list of 138+ skills?!

Well, going from the very start, my Hero skills were the following:

[Hero]: This is a passive skill which grants the user the ability to gain 10 Stat Points and 1 Skill point for each level up, allowing the upgrade and physical advancement of the individual without needing to actually train for it.

This one couldn't be leveled up and it offered me an insane boost when compared to the regular inhabitants of this world, that was if I knew how to use it wisely.

Then there was the:

[Dragon Tamer] [Level 5]: This is a passive, buff type skill. When a Hero develops any sort of friendly or intimate relationship with someone of a Dragon origin, this skill will allow the creation of a special bond between the two of them. The bond is indestructible by any other skill unless the Hero wills it. The Hero has his species permanently changed from Human to Half-Human Half-Draconian. The Variant of Draconian is chosen depending on one's personality and skills. This change makes the Hero immune to any other FORCED species or variant changes. The Hero gains respective variant's special traits as well as all Draconian species traits and retains his Human species traits. The Hero gains 30% of the Dragon's Stats, and the Dragon will gain the ability to level up 10X faster wherever the Hero might be. The Dragon will gain the equivalent of 10% of the overall buffed stats of the Hero when they are within 100 meters of them.

Advancement I]: The Hero can sense the direction in which he can find his [Selected] Dragon friend. Number of Dragons that can be sensed at the same time: 5. Current targets: Seryanna; Kataryna; Thraherkleyoseya; Brekkar; Elliessara.

[Advancement II]: All Dragons gain 10 stat points upon level up and every 10 levels gained in the presence of the Hero allows the Dragons to gain a random improvement in any of their skills. The Hero can choose where to add the stat points at any given time. If the bond is broken before applying them, they will be added automatically to the stat with the highest value. [Apply Stat Points]

[Advancement III]: The Hero may choose to share a part of his own gained XP with up to 3 selected Dragon Friends. Current selected Dragons: Seryanna; Kataryna; Kleo.

[Advancement IV]: Allows one Dragon friend to know the Hero's current location and general direction. Current Selected Dragon: Seryanna. [Send Location].

Needless to say that I used the third Advancement quite early on, but apparently it was highly dependent on my distance from them. The farther away from them I was, the less XP they received, and it was also level dependent as well. The higher the level, the lower the amount of XP.

However, just by looking at Seryanna's stats, I could tell just how hard she had been training while I was in the Seculiar Forest. Iolaus as well made an exceptional progress under Brekkar. Even Kataryna advanced several levels. Leaving aside whatever bonus XP Seryanna, Kataryna, and Kleo received from me, their efforts were visible through the numbers in their status windows.

Now this skill had cost 25 points to upgrade to level 5, and another 16 for those other two advancements. If I were to presume that I never spent a single skill point after becoming a Half-Draconian, I would have had now 1347 points.

[Kitty Eyes] [Level 5]: Changes the Hero's irises to those of a feline when this ability is used. Can see anything in a 10 km radius around the Hero. Cost: 50 Magic Energy points for initial cast and another 100 Magic Energy points per kilometer traveled with out of body perception.

[Advancement I]: The Hero's perception can pass through walls up to 1 meter thick.

[Advancement II]: The Hero can cast [X-Ray] to see through any surface with a thickness of a maximum of 10 centimeters. Cannot be used on Living Beings.

[Advancement III]: The Hero can share his sight with another selected individual. [Select Individual]

This spell was leveled up quite early on in my journey because I needed it to spot any potential prey or troublesome enemy which I wanted to avoid. This one costed a lot, it was 10 points for Level 3, 15 for Level 4, and 30 for Level 5. The first advancement was only 2 skill points, but the second one was 8 and the last one was 16. Bringing me to a total of 81 skill points. My total thus dropped to 1266.

[Identificus Processus Juridicus]: This skill allows the Hero to Appraise anything. Cost: 10 Magic Energy points.

[I R Roboticus!]: Allows the Hero to mine anything. Allows the Hero to gather any type of herb. Allows the Hero to harvest any material. Passive.

I didn't try to upgrade and improve either of these two because they were already at their maximum value. They were skills which made an Appraisal skill and a Specialized Gathering skill worthless since they worked with Godlike materials as well.

Speaking of which, I noticed that normally, my [Bartender] skill required me to have the correct types and amounts of ingredients before intuitively offering me the formula, however, [Identificus Processus Juridicus] made this thing obsolete or rather it worked as an extension of it, making my job A WHOLE LOT easier when compounding new potions I never tried before. All I had to do was identify the an ingredient with [Identificus Processus Juridicus] and then look at the [Bartender] comment.

As for this skill, I did upgrade it to [Level 4] back at Brekkar's mansion, but I added the last level and all of this skill's advancements in the Seculiar Forest, and it became something like this:

[Bartender] [Level 5]: Allows the Hero to create all existing types of potions up to Godlike Rank. Requires Alchemy Laboratory. For Godlike Potions this skill requires a Divine Alchemy Laboratory. Requires the correct Amounts and Types of ingredients before intuitively offering the formula of the potion. Requires a Storage type Item or Skill. Cost: Depends on Potion.

[Advancement I]: Once a formula for a potion was identified, the Hero an gather all the ingredients without the need of a specialized gathering skill.

[Advancement II]: Difficulty in processing the formulas for each potion reduced by 50%

[Advancement III]: All the positive effects of potions on the Hero are up to 50% more powerful. All the negative effects of potions on the Hero are 50% weaker.

[Advancement IV]: Spawn the Divine Alchemy Laboratory.

The [Level 5] was worth 25 points, while the advancements went from 2 to 4 to 8 and lastly to 16 points. Making this a 55 points upgrade, which brought my total down to 1211.

[Speedy Rooster]: Summons Gragh'jaggar, the armored giant chicken mount of level=Hero, stats Hero-100 points except Luck. Can carry up to 5 persons. Cost: 250 Magic Energy points.

[Advancement I]: Gragh'jaggar now has a comfortable 5 seat saddle with shock dampener enchant and a coffee cup holder unit for the driver.

This was the only Advancement I could add to this skill and that cup holder was totally worth the 20 points I spent for it! Total went down to 1191.

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and be sure to check out my other stories too!

There was a lot of number crunching to do in this chapter, so bare with me. :S

Seeing how things have been a bit hard for me lately, I will try and focus around posting only at the end of the week, during a Friday or Saturday(ish). I'm going to try the weekly chapter dump version of the schedule to see if this fits me better.

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1000? Lvls for Seryanna in 9 months? Multiply that by 5 and that would be 45 months required to get to lvl 1000? Either her training was just as intense more or less as our main character who needed 100 luck to actually accomplish this feat or… I smell plot hole! xD But oh wait. Maybe there might not be one as there is a share xp thing for dragon tamer and he might of gotten it super early on. But another problem was Seryanna was far away from him the entire time so the xp is significantly less. Conclusion:… Read more »


If I cast two [Fireball] attacks one after another, the first was free of charge, while the second one was at a cost of 36.92% of the original cost,

Maybe I misunderstood but I think the second fireball should cost 63.08% of the original or 36.92% less than the original cost?

Avod Rashod
Avod Rashod

I never really cared for chapters that were filled with stat info, but since it was released with others it isn’t so bad. I wonder if anyone else would prefer something akin to a spoiler expanding note for the stats of characters, a small pop up window link, or a new tab link.

It isn’t really needed since most novels I have read use the method you are using, but for me it pulls me out of the story. I would prefer to look at them afterwards or in a new window if I am too engrossed in the story.


Cup holder! lololololol! It better be a sealed travel mug!

I noticed, the previous chapter stated the buff range was 10 meters, and this chapter stated it was 100 meters.