~ Chapter 66: A Hero's Skills (Part 3) ~

[Lightning Chicken!] [Level 2]: Summons a giant Lightning Phoenix of min level=999, max level=Hero. Cost: 237 Magic Energy points. 1 hour initial duration, afterwards it costs 100 Magic Energy points per hour.

[Advancement I]: The Lightning Phoenix can now remain summoned for as long as he or she wants, but the initial summon cost is now 2337 Magic Points.

Of course, I couldn't forget about Jophiel Thunderash. I upgraded this ability to max as well, and she was a great helper during my time in the Seculiar Forest. Although, I would have preferred if she took some other form than she did... But well, it all came down to fighting efficiency and Magic Energy consumption. With my increased pool and this upgrade to this skill, her time together with me was longer, and she could unleash her full potential.

As for the cost, it was 100 Points to Level Up and another 30 points for the Advancement. With this, the total went down to 1041

[The Spartan Hamster] [Level 5]: A passive ability which grants a defensive aura to the individual. 40% of any sort of physical damage is dampened. 40% of any sort of Magic Attack is absorbed and turned into the equivalent value of Magic Energy.

[Advancement I]: Adds an active ability which temporarily raises All Defenses to 80% at the cost of 100 Magic Energy points per minute. Chant: I am the Spartan Hamster!

After [Lightning Chicken!], this was the second skill I upgraded to max. It was cheaper, and its effects saved my tail more times than I could count, especially that beautiful advancement of it.

It cost me a total of 40 points.

Now I was left with 1001, but all all those 300+ points were well spent.

[The Effect of Tzuika] [Level 5]: Grants expert magic ability to the individual. Currently in control of: 6 elements. The amount of spells usable with this ability are 1 for each element at the same time. Available Spells: [Fireball], [Firewall], [Fireblast], [Flamethrower], [Flame Tower], [Earth Spike], [Earthquake], [Earth Arrow], [Earth Spike Tsunami], [Meteorite], [Water Ball], [Water Wall], [Water Gun], [Water Jet], [Tsunami], [Breeze], [Air Barrier], [Air Scythe], [Air Push], [Air Scythe Tornado], [Shadow Ball], [Shadow Wall], [Shadow Arrow], [Darkness Swallow], [Light Negate], [Light Ball], [Light Barrier], [Light Arrow], [Rapid Fire Light Arrows], and [Illuminate].

[Advancement I]: Increases the affinity with one selected Element. Currently: Fire.

[Advancement II]: Increases the affinity with one selected Element. Currently: Darkness.

[Advancement III]: Increases the affinity with one selected Element. Currently: Light.

[Advancement IV]: Allows the user to learn any spells of the controlled Elements. (These Spells are not listed under Available Spells)

This one was one of my most used skills and also the one which allowed me to gain the affinity towards several elements. The Fire was for attack, Darkness was for going stealth, and Light was to heal myself. But this was also because these elements represented my primary ones, so adding a bit more power to them didn't seem like such a bad idea. Because they didn't compliment each other that well, it also made it quite hard for anyone to counter me.

The total amount of points I spent on this skill was: 70 points.

Points remaining: 931

[Super Chihuahua Style] [Level 5]: Grants Master Skill with any and all bladed weapons, one-handed or two-handed. Grants the following Combat Skills: [Dash], [Ten Strikes Attack], [Side-Step], [Block], [Parry], [Dodge], [Double Jump], [One Hundred Strikes Attack], [Blade Dance Counter], [Taunt], [One Thousand Strikes Attack], [Air Jump], [Side Dash], [Afterimage], [Unlimited Strikes Attack], [Mirror Attack], [Slow Time], and [Weakness Perception].

[Advancement I]: Allows the Hero to continue training and developing his Combat Skills with bladed weapons.

[Advancement II]: Allows instinctual use of each skill. This Advancement turns [Super Chihuahua Style] into a Passive type skill with Magic Energy and Stamina consumption elements.

This was another skill I upgraded to the max as soon as I could. It's combat skills were what I was looking for, but because of my insane strength and speed, I often ended up breaking my sword, which left me frustrated and annoyed. Good thing I brought a lot of spares...

The total for this was 16+20 for the levels and 4+8 for the Advancements, meaning 48 points.

Total remaining was 883 points.

[The Shiny Artisan] [Level 5]: Grants the Hero the ability to craft any type of jewelry up to Godlike Rank. Depending on the desired item to be made, it may require a Jewelry Crafting Workshop. Requires a Forge. Requires an Anvil. Requires a Smith's Hammer. Godlike items require a Divine Jewelry Crafting Workshop. Cost: Depends on the Item.

[Advancement I]: Allows the Hero to identify any Jewel and unprocessed Metal Ore.

[Advancement II]: Polished Jewels can now be granted the ability to store Magic Energy or Spells.

[Advancement III]: Magic Energy production cost of all items is reduced.

[Advancement IV]: Spawn the Divine Jewelry Crafting Workshop.

[Pony Power!] [Level 5]: Grants the Hero the ability to enchant and imbue with magic any item up to Godlike Rank. Enchants require an undamaged item or a test object for a temporary one. The Hero must have a clear understanding of the desired enchant if it is to properly work (this does not apply to Godlike Rank Enchants). Imbue of an item can be done only during the process of making the item and require the Hero to shout out the skill's name. The strength of each Enchant depends on the amount of Magic Energy poured during the enchanting or imbue process.

[Advancement I]: Allows the creation and testing of new enchants based on the already know ones.

[Advancement II]: Allows the Hero to Enchant damaged items.

[Advancement III]: Enchants applied by the Hero may be focused on the core of the item so that outside damage does no affect them as much.

[Advancement IV]: Godlike Enchant List is now unlocked. [Godlike Enchant List]

[Rock Hard!] [Level 5]: Grants the Hero the ability to create any armor or weapon up to Godlike Rank. Smiting requires a Forge, an Anvil, and Smith's Tools. Leather Crafting requires a Tanning Rack and Leather Crafting Tools. Godlike Rank items require a Divine Forge, a Divine Anvil, and Divine Tools. Cost: Depends on the Item.

[Advancement I]: 50% less chance of breaking an item while crafting it.

[Advancement II]: Can now imbue items with Magic Energy to increase their durability.

[Advancement III]: Spawn the Divine Smith's Tools.

[Advancement IV]: Spawn the Divine Forge, the Divine Anvil, and the Divine Leather Crafting Tools.

All of these three skills were acquired at the same time, and they were absolutely crucial for my survival in Seculiar Forest, but I didn't upgrade them to the max until I was 100% sure I could spare the points and I wasn't going to need them for anything else. Their cost was also mostly the same, meaning 30 points for buying them and 2+4+8+16+32=62 to upgrade them. Each Advancement was worth 2, 4, 8, and 16 respectively.

This meant that each skill cost me 122 points to buy and upgrade to the max and all three of them in total were 366 points. It was an insane value, but thanks to them, I could now craft Godlike items, which was totally worth it!

My total points went down like this to 517 points.

[Black Hole]: Grants the Hero access to a unique magic Item Vault with a total volume of 25 km3. Upon death, the items within the Item Vault are randomly scattered across the land surface of the planet. Immune to any sort of Steal Magic. Cast Cost: 50 Magic Energy Points.

[Advancement I]: Can allow temporary and limited access to a specified selection of items to one other individual. Current Selected Individual: Seryanna Draketerus.

This one was an all round important spell, I couldn't just skip on. I spent 50 points to buy it and 10 points to upgrade it. As for its use, it was obvious. I acquired it long before I maxed out any of the previous crafting skills.

This brought my total to 457.

[Shadow Play]: Grants the Hero complete mastery over the Darkness and Light Elements. All negative effects from both elements are reduced by 30% and all the positive effects are increased by 30%. Unlocked Skills of the Darkness Element: [Summon Fiends]; [Shadow Hunter]; [Darkness Cloak]; [Dark Meteorite]; [Shadow Blades]; [Curse]; [Defile]; [Darkness Corruption]; [Shadow Spike Hell]; [Darkness Blade]; [Silence Barrier]; [Shadow Barrier]; [Darkness Shield]; [Darkness Mammoth]; [Shadow Whip]; [Soul Eater]; [Rupture]; [Negate all Light]; and [Sinister Laugh]. Unlocked Skills of the Light Element: [Purify]; [Heal]; [Area Heal]; [Restoration]; [Illuminate]; [Light Sphere]; [Light Bug]; [Summon Light Spirits]; [Calm Mind]; [Blind]; [Exorcise]; [Light Beam]; [Light Blade]; [Light Scythe]; [Tornado of Light Blades]; [Light Explosion]; [Light Burn]; [Light Barrier]; [Illusion]; [Light Shield]; [Light Giant]; and [Let there be Light!].

[Advancement I]: Allows the Hero to easily learn spells pertaining to either the Darkness Element or the Light Element.

This ridiculously broken spell was what I would call an unexpected win. It was the jackpot in the box for me which allows me to turn the specialties of my previous skill to: Fire, Light, and Darkness. As for the massive amount of spells it unlocked guaranteed my survival in the Seculiar Forest until I reached my Breakthrough and I didn't need to worry that much about anything.

To buy it costed me 100 points, while the advancement was 1 points. Yup, insane skill cost with a joke cost for an advancement. It was the only one too...

Thus, my total points reached the value of 356.

[Fatty McFat]: Grants the Hero the ability to infuse with Magic Energy any Spell before it was released.

This ability was worth only 10 points to buy, and I couldn't upgrade it any further, but it didn't feel like it needed to either. As for what it did, this thing was basically an insane buff for any of my spells.

If I infused my Dragon [Roar] with this skill, I could make it reach over an insane area. However, the most dangerous use of it was to infuse the [Itsy Bitsy Boom!] skill, which could double or even triple in power like this. Erasing a mountain all of a sudden didn't sound like an impossibility. But to be honest, I was way too afraid to use it. Its destructive power was too insane, and I wasn't a madman to do it either. The normal version, OK, but not this amped up buffed version!

With this, my total reached 346.

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