~ Chapter 66: A Hero's Skills (Part 4) ~

[Grandma Fu] [Level 6 – Practitioner]: Passive ability that grants the Hero the knowledge needed to perform a special hand to hand martial art that can be used ONLY by species with a tail. This skill can be leveled up by using it in combat or by practicing.

Because I got a half-beast form as a dragon meant that I had to learn a way to do combat like this, right? One night, while remembering some martial arts movie scenes from Earth, I got the idea of searching through the skills for something that could be used by my other form. That was how I stumbled onto [Grandma Fu]. Needless to say that I did practice it quite a lot and used it as often as I could, that was why it was now at [Level 6].

Regarding its ranks, from Level 1 to Level 5 was the Apprentice. Then followed the Practitioner until level 10, and I had the feeling that from Level 11 to 15 was going to be the Master Rank. I couldn't wait to reach that one. As for how the skill work, it was all 100% instinctual. It was like I already knew what to do and how to do it.

This one cost me 60 points, bringing my total down to 286.

[The Pope] [Level 5]: Grants the Hero the ability to Project Elemental Beams from his palms. Unlocked Elements: Water; Fire; Air; Light; and Darkness. Damage has been doubled for each element. The Hero can now use the beams to move himself through different elements. Cost: 50 Magic Energy points for the initial cast and 10 Magic Energy Points to maintain the Beams for 1 second.

[Advancement]: The Hero suffers no damage as a result of projecting the beams.

Now this skill... this one was... how should I say... a surprise? The buy price was only of 20 points, while the upgrade to [Level 5] was 1+5+10+15+20=51, and the advancement was only 4 points.

On the bright side of things, I turned into a living flashlight or a walking laser cannon. I could also use the Air elemental one to propel myself through the sky to fly and the Water one to swim faster through water. Unfortunately, it wasn't an endless cast.

This brought my total points to 211 points.

[Dictionary of Turnips]: Passive ability that grants the Hero the ability to learn new languages 10 times faster than he normally could. The Hero is now able to differentiate between languages with ease.

This was a skill I acquired one night because I began to worry about what I will do when I will meet other humans and won't be able to communicate with them properly. It didn't really solve the problem, but with a bit of hard work, I would be able to understand them and avoid any possible translation misunderstandings.

At that time I didn't consider the fact that learning another country's language was also a sign of respect from me who now held the title of a Duke in Albeyater Kingdom.

As for the cost, this one came quite cheap. It was only 10 points.

So my total was 201 points now.

[Senilicus Perveticus]: Passive ability that allows the Hero to improve his sex skill and offer more pleasure to his partner. This skill is not gender or sapient species restricted.

This... Well... I do believe that as a man I had every right to look through that long-ass skill list for over two hours until I found it. Luck and perseverance were the key to acquiring it. As for the cost of it... 50 skill points.

My total dropped down to 151 skill points now.

[Constipated Grandpa]: Passive ability that grants the Hero the blade dance dual sword mastery. By shouting: “HYOH!” and taking a combat stance, the Hero can use the following active skills: [10 meters long Cutter]; [Shadow Swords]; [Blade Tornado]; [Unlimited Shadows]; [Enraged Blade Storm]; [100 meters long Cutter]; [Steel Cutter]; [Meditate]; [Inner Warrior]; [Reflect Projectile]; [Mirror Play]; [10 meters long Impale]; [100 meters long Impale]; [Moonlight Slayer]; [Elemental Sword]; and [King Grandpa Blade Runner];

With my creation of Heaven and Hell, I had to obtain a skill which could benefit the most from this skill. Even more surprising was the fact that Chaos also benefited partially from it. If I held onto a handle of a sword, this skill was activated, and I could use some of its abilities with my two-handed blade. This was a small bug or glitch I discovered by chance. Either way, with Chaos it was incredibly powerful, but with Heaven and Hell, it was insane.

If I were to describe my fighting style, then two swords meant that I was going full out melee combat, while a two-handed sword meant that I was aiming for slower but far more devastating attacks. It also meant that I combined magic with sword fighting.

As such, this one was a good investment as well. 80 Skill Points it cost me.

My total dropped to 71 points now.

[Moonlight Eraser]: Grants the Hero the ability to spawn a pencil, a piece of paper, and an erase with the word 'Moonlight' written on it. The items disappear after an hour. Cost: 10 Magic Energy Points and 10 Point for a time extension of another hour.

This was the most absolute useless ability in my list. No, it was the most useless ability EVER! However, this was true only for combat. For someone who had lost their voice, this could be a very beneficial skill since it could allow them to write their thoughts on a piece of paper that vanished in one hour... I, however, found other uses for it. My crafting skills benefited the most from it by drawing doodles and ideas and practicing my hand. The other use was... as toilet paper.

Either way, it cost me 5 points to buy it, so... I was still debating if it was a loss or not.

And now I had 66 points left.

[Sparkling Unicorn]: Grants the Hero the ability to create an Area Attack around him in the form of a sphere that extends outwards. To activate this ability, the Hero must shout the skill's name. Cost: 160 Magic Energy Points initial cost. The spell can be increased by another five levels, each level costs 100 Magic Energy Points and increases both the range and overall damage of the attack.

[Butt Kissing Champion!]: Grants the Hero the ability to quickly increase his charm towards another individual. This skill offers a 10% Charm increase to the Hero as a passive. This skill can target specific individuals. Upon activation, the Hero's charm towards the affected target drops to a max negative. To activate this skill, the Hero must shout the skill's name. To deactivate this skill, the Hero must say: “It's a joke!” or a something similar. Cost: 50 Magic Energy Points.

These last two skills were at the peak of embarrassment. While the first one was usable in certain situation and had quite a devastating effect, the later was only usable in a party in which the members couldn't run away from you. It was the type of skill you could use only and only if everyone already pretty much hated you. If I were to use [Butt Kissing Champion!] in a formal political meeting, chances were I was going to end up running out of there with people throwing swords after me.

I actually asked Feryumstark's advice about it, and when I described it, he begged me never to use it in a political meeting. If the opposing party were to ever reach a negative value in regard to charm, it was quite possible the meeting itself wouldn't last long enough even to reach a neutral value. There were many times in history when political meeting were put off just because the King or Queen didn't like the face of the ambassador.

At the very least it gave me a passive ability as well, which was better than nothing. They both cost me 25 points, adding them up to a total of 16 points left.

[Itsy Bitsy BOOM!] [Max Level]: Creates a CONTAINABLE Thermonuclear explosion with the equivalent of 100 Megatons TNT using the fission of a Magic Energy Core boosted by the fusion of a Deuterium and Tritium gases. [WARNING! This skill will cause nuclear fallout on a 25 km area around Point 0 of the Blast.][CONTAINMENT is achieved through the usage of 3 specialized barrier domes. The first one will contain the Fireball, which can reach a maximum of 16 km in radius from the Point 0 of the Blast. The second one will contain the heat and a part of the shockwave, spanning at 20 km in radius from the Point 0 of the Blast. The third and final dome barrier spans at 25 km in radius around the Point 0 of the Blast and has the purpose of stopping any Radiation that may spread farther than this.][WARNING! DO NOT use INDOORS!!! Like seriously! It's a pain to stick continents back together, so do this God-like a favor and don't pop this thing inside a cave or a dungeon!][Cost: 10000 Magic Energy Points]

Of course, I couldn't upgrade this skill at all. It was one of those maxed out skills from the very start.

Looking over my entire list, I had gained quite a lot of abilities. My power was far greater now when compared to how I was when I first arrived on this planet. I also had control over four elements as a dragon: Authority, Fire, Light, and Darkness. The first one was rather weird, and I didn't get a full understanding of it yet, however, what I found out so far was that it had an effect of sorts on those around me. It made them recognize me as a force to be reckoned with and even a leader to follow.

If Draejan also had control over this Element, then this explained why he could amass such an army in such a short time. It also explained why everyone followed him.

Either way, looking over this whole battlefield, and more specifically at my group of friends, I had a feeling our side was well prepared for the upcoming battle. We were fewer than them, but we were far stronger. I alone was not someone they should take lightly, and even if by chance they tried to, I would make them regret it.

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ability to Projects Elemental Beams > Project


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thanks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter.
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Avod Rashod

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