~ Chapter 111: Separation (Part 1) ~

[Ayuseya's point of view]

After we left Polis, we stopped at about one kilometer away from the city and began to heal, feed, wash, and clothe the newly bought slaves just like we once did for everyone else who traveled with us.

In this world, it was normal for peasants to see nobles as their superiors and understand that their lives meant nothing when compared to theirs. Of course, murder and torture were acts punishable by law in many kingdoms, but the severity of it varied from one to another. As for slaves, very few acknowledged their right to live because the idea of a 'meat shield' to be used in dungeons was quite common and approved off by many adventurers. Tamara was once a victim of such a horrible mentality.

As such, while peasants could at most end up being abused by the nobles, their rights as free citizens were still recognized. On the other hand, slaves could only hope they wouldn't end up in the position where they would be used just to fend off some starved monster.

Most of the slaves bought by Illsy fell into this category. Injured or ill, they were more likely to be bought for the purpose of being cast off in a dungeon or used in a dangerous magic experiment. They were all aware of this, so when they saw themselves being healed and treated to a delicious warm meal, they didn't know how to better express their joy and happiness. Most of them just cried.

Savannah was in charge of explaining the rules and benefits of following Illsy on his journey as well as the fact that they would all be given their freedom and right to choose what to do with it once we reached Port Ilia. The slaves couldn't believe their ears when they heard her and even after explaining that it wasn't a trick, they still had doubts about it.

Each of their individual history had marked them with wounds and scars which couldn't be healed so easily. Many of them had trust issues and even among those who had traveled with us since the beginning, there were some who didn't believe they were going to be released by Illsy, but at the very least, they knew he wasn't a bad master to them.

I was certain that with time and by witnessing Illsy's good and caring side, their wounds would be healed, however, if all of them wished to stay with us after we reached the Ilia Port City still remained to be seen.

During this break, I also had Illsy build several toilets for them because while we were in the city, we didn't have anywhere to go, and we were forced to hold it in. One thing was for the men to do it and another for the women. Unfortunately, because they were slaves with functioning collars around their necks, they didn't complain or raised the question to us.

When Illsy found out, he panicked and quickly built the toilets for them, cutting down several trees and leveling a square area next to the road. Afterwards, he ordered them to let us know every time they needed to go to the toilet.

We were lucky none of them had a leak.

While the slaves took turns using the toilet, I checked the map together with Nanya. It was the one the old cartographer Cairen Talcaea made. It was quite large and had all the roads and known settlements on it. Just by looking at it made me realize what sort of patience and skill he must have had to make it. The details on it were extraordinary. Even if this wasn't the first time I saw it, I still couldn't help but feel impressed about it.

For maps such as these, nobles and especially merchants all over the world wouldn't shy away from paying ridiculous amounts of coins to buy them and if given the chance, they would even resort to murder or kidnapping as well in order to acquire them. This just proved to show what great skills he had.

While thinking about this, I called out to my husband.

“Illsy? Do you have a moment?”

“Yes. What is it?” he asked as he walked over to me.

“Do you remember Cairen Talcaea?” I asked him.

“Yes. He's the one who made this map.” he replied pointing at it.

“Well, I believe it would be for the best if you contacted him once you have built the Magic Academy and invited him to live there.” I suggested.

“Why?” he asked tilting his head to the left.

“I think I told you this before, but a skill such as his is quite rare. There are many nobles and merchants who would use any means necessary in order to get their hands on him or his maps. With us, his safety would be guaranteed and if he wants to, he can even make maps of your dungeons which can then be sold to adventurers.” I explained to him.

“Or by our students to help them around.” Illsy said with a nod. “Alright! I'll send him a letter or maybe I'll get someone to bring him over once I establish the academy. Until then, we still have to deal with the political mess the sudden appearance of my Magic Academy will bring!” he laughed.

“While it is indeed a delicate matter, it isn't something our family can't handle.” I nodded and smiled.

“If there's a fool who wants to cause trouble for us, I'll punch him into the afterlife!” Nanya growled while holding two ends of the big map.

“I will scratch them with my claws, nya~!” said Tamara who was making a big pot of stew not that far away from us.

“I'm sure you will! By the way, when will the food be ready?” Illsy asked.

“Mmm, in half an hour maybe?” she replied tilting her head.

“Maybe?” Illsy raised an eyebrow at her uncertain reply.

“The meat I bought from the market is wild boar, and it takes a bit longer to prepare.” her ears twitched and then looked at me “Ayuseya? Where is Nasat on the map?” she asked.

“Nasat? Let me see.” I replied and then checked the map. “It's to the South-West of here, why?” I asked as I looked back at her.

“The merchants told me its the best place where I can buy good spices.” she replied.

“Isn't it on our way to Ilia?” Illsyore asked.

“Yes, it is.” I replied.

“Hm, let me look at the map.” he said as he moved between me and Nanya. “If we go South from here in a beeline, we pass through this small village here and then we reach Ilia. These four towns and cities: Polis, Nasat, Ilia, and Argos make a diamond shape.” he pointed out.

“I want to go to Nasat.” Tamara said.

“Mistress Ayuseya?” Keltaru called out to me from behind.

Turning around, I saw him standing there, trying to peek at the map.

“What is it?” I asked with a small smile on my lips.

“Two days ago, while the merchant who sold us was thinking about who to put up for auction, I happened to overhear him talking about Marcelle Ollera being recently acquired by one of the slave merchants there in Argos. If wish to buy her as well, I believe that is where you will find her.” he told me.

“Marcelle, the maid? Hm...” I closed my eyes and thought about how to proceed, but seeing how Tamara wanted to reach Nasat and Illsy Ilia, the only logical solution would be to split up here and join up in the port city, or have Illsy follow one of our groups.

“What do you want to do?” Illsy asked me after I opened my eyes.

“I want to free Keltaru and all of my enslaved maids, so I will go to Argos to complete the procedures there, and I will also free Marcelle.” I declared.

He looked into my eyes for a moment and then back at Keltaru. Whatever my husband decided now, I was determined to follow his lead, but if it was something ridiculous, I was ready to scold him.

“Alright! I've decided!” he said.

“What did you decide?” Nanya asked raising an eyebrow.

“You and Tamara will go to Nasat to buy spices and whatever useful goods you can find!” he said with a smile.

“Huh?! Why me?” Nanya complained.

“Because you can use a human disguise to ease up the trades Tamara will do and also because you could spot any useful slaves you can buy. The furball won't be interested in the slave market.” he pointed out.

“Huh?! Even so! Why not Ayuseya or Shanteya?!” she complained.

“Because you will be running there to reach it faster, and I can't have Shanteya run with you in her current condition. Well, she technically can, but I don't want her to because I'm worried, you understand, right?” he told her.

“What? Run? All the way to Nasat?” Keltaru spoke in a low volume while narrowing his eyes at her.

“Well... yes but...” Nanya said, but seeing her sullen expression, I knew she wanted to stay with Illsy.

“Also Shanteya will be going with Ayuseya to Argos.” he said then.

“What?” I blinked surprised and then looking at Keltaru. Is that why? I thought and then let out a sigh “Alright, I will make sure to protect her.” I told Illsy.

“Please do!” Illsy told me with a smile.

“Wait? Does that mean you'll be left with Zoreya?!” Nanya realized.

“Yes, why?” Illsy asked tilting his head to the left.

“But that's not fair! I want to sleep with you!” she complained.

“Nya~ But did you forget that you lost your turn to sleep with him for this whole week?” Tamara pointed out with a mischievous smile on her lips.

Nanya paled when she heard her.

It seems like she had forgotten. Well, I doubt this little tease will last more than a week. I thought.

Letting out a sigh, Nanya passed me the corners of the precious map, then she walked up to a nearby tree and took a deep breath.

“RAAARGH!” the demoness let out a fierce roar and uprooted the tree with her brutish strength. “I'm... NEVER GAMBLING AGAIN ON MY CHANCES TO GET LAID!” she roared and threw it as far as she could.

The tree flew through the air like an arrow and landed somewhere far far away, hopefully not on some poor chump's head.

“Erm... I know you all want to tease Nanya because she pranked you in the past, but don't you think this is overdoing it and becoming sort of mean? I mean, just look at her...” Illsy told me in a whisper as he subtly pointed towards the demoness who was breathing hard and had a rage expression on her face.

“I don't think it's wise to tell her now that it was all a joke.” I showed him a wry smile.

“Erm... with this I agree... But do tell the others, no more jokes on this. Her demoness nature requires her to embrace me as often as she can to assert her possession of me towards other women. Besides, I miss sleeping with her too...” he told me and patted my shoulder.

Maybe we took this joke a tiny bit too far? I wondered.

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“I was certain that with time and by witnessing Illsy’s good and caring side, their wounds would be healed”
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