~ Chapter 112: Shanteya and Keltaru (Part 1) ~

[Shanteya's point of view]

I didn't think that Illsy would suggest to separate in this manner. It didn't make any sense to me because we could have just as simply drove to Nasat and bought the goods Tamara was looking for and then head to Argos to free Keltaru, Soleya and Neya. We could have also continued to Ilia and freed them there...

This separation didn't make any sense even from the point of saving time. We weren't in a hurry and it wasn't like someone or something was chasing after us. If Illsy felt like it, at Ilia Port, he could turn a left and head to Dravis Port. It was all the same for us.

No, the reason for separating us like this had to be Keltaru and myself...

Although I noticed it, I never thought about asking if we were indeed family. I had long since lost any hope of ever meeting my parents again. Besides, what was I going to tell them?

Before I met Illsy I was trained as an assassin and used by men of all shapes and sizes. I was not a whore because I wasn't getting paid by them. That was the rule inside the Phantom Rage Guild: women had to allow any man to have their way with them. It was part of our training... After all, most women killed their targets in bed.

When it came to being embraced by those men or by my targets, none of them could make me take pleasure in the act we did. Everyone behaved like a wild animal. Most of them finished too fast and were terribly unskilled.

Ayuseya, Nanya, Tamara, and Zoreya were lucky they never got the chance to see how other men embraced a woman. This was something I told them as well and described in painful detail how unskilled my former partners were no matter if they were assassins or nobles who fell madly in love with me just to be killed the next day.

Illsy... Illsy wasn't like them. When he took me in his arms, I felt like a flower that was gently caressed by the summer breeze. When he kissed me, he pulled me in, he let me savor the taste and the feeling of simply melting in his arms. When he looked into my eyes, I saw my reflection in them not that of another woman, not a desire of bare lust, or a sense of domination; I saw love and the fiery desire to cherish me. When he whispered in my ear, I felt him touch my heart and soul.

Every moment with him was passionate, hot, emotional, and fulfilling. It wasn't about me bringing pleasure to him, but it was about pleasing each other equally.

In his arms, I felt treasured, loved, and appreciated... I felt how I believed every woman should feel in the arms of their lover, and this opinion of mine was shared with my sister-wives as well.

That was why, if I were to meet my parents now, I would just tell them that I had been saved by Illsy and only share with them my adventures together with him and my new family rather than remember the past of the Broken Doll.

“Mistress Ayuseya, I simply don't understand... How strong is that man Illsyore? Is it true that he is your husband? I apologize, but... I simply don't understand.” Keltaru shook his head as he said these words.

The boy must be really confused. Didn't we already tell him that he was our husband? I thought while keeping my eyes on the road.

Driving the MCV wasn't that hard. I just needed to pay attention to the holes and bumps in the road. The one riding next to me was of course Ayuseya, and the three were sitting in the back.

Looking at her, the draconian looked back at me, and we both blinked surprised.

Ayuseya giggled and then replied “Yes. He is the only man I love and cherish. The one husband for who I wouldn't hesitate to bring down even the entirety of Paramanium and Teslov.” she turned back and showed him a soft smile, but those last words of hers were as cold as ice.

There was confidence in her eyes, but it wasn't that of a foolish woman in love, but of an Over Supreme who was aware of her own limitations and the full might of her enemy.

“You would even betray Teslov for him?” Keltaru asked with a gulp.

“It's not a matter about betraying because I never was seen by that Kingdom as anything else than a disposable tool with the purpose of making babies. If it wasn't for Illsyore, I would have died a long time ago, and I would have never known what happiness is. Teslov offered me the chance to be a sacrifice for a family that never loved me, and Illsy offered me freedom, happiness, power, and a family that loved me.” she said with a smile and gently touched my hand.

I replied with a soft smile.

Keltaru was at a loss of words, but Neya was the one to ask “How can you be sure he didn't trick you?”

Ayuseya looked back at her and then replied “Why would he?”

“You are princess, are you not? That would bring him lots of riches and lands... and influence... and military power?” she tried to come up with some valid reason, but this woman wasn't an idiot, she understood the fragile position Ayuseya was in.

“There's nothing Teslov can give him that he doesn't have already. Besides, I have lived together with this man ever since we last saw each other at the Fellyore Academy. I can tell you for certain that he was never interested in me for my status or riches, only for me as a woman.” she told her in a calm tone of voice.

Indeed, to say that the Godlike Dungeon Lord Illsyore who could 'eat' entire islands was in need of a few coffers of gold was a bit ridiculous, however, this gave me an idea.

“Have you three met Savannah?” I asked them.

“Yes, of course.” Keltaru replied.

“She's a very smart human woman, and I saw how much she cherishes teaching others.” Neya nodded.

“And despite being born in Paramanium she doesn't discriminate between species.” Soleya said.

“Well, she was a slave Illsy bought from Kantor.” I told them.

“She was a slave?!” Keltaru was the most surprised.

“Not just an ordinary slave though. Her collar was enchanted differently than yours, and she was even branded with a tattoo that made her unable to use her knowledge or power. She was a slave more suited for brothels than as a school teacher.” Ayuseya explained.

“But I didn't see any collar or tattoo on her?” Soleya pointed out.

“That's because my husband removed them before we reached Polis. If she wants to leave our group she is free to do so any time. Now, do you know how much she was bought for?” she asked.

“No... Erm... probably a few thousands gold coins.” Keltaru replied.

“At least 20000.” said Neya.

“I would think 15000?” said Soleya.

“She was auctioned off to Illsy at the price of three million gold coins.” I said.


They didn't say a word, but we could read the shock on their faces. Unlike my foolish husband who didn't see the difference between one gold coin and 10000, they knew it all too well. Their own prices as slaves didn't even reach that high, and the fact that they too had passed through the hands of many masters before they were bought by Ayuseya left them with a deep sense of meaning for money.

Hearing the fact that Illsy spent three million gold coins on only one slave and then freed her was enough to shatter their common sense and even the belief that he was a bad individual.

“T-Three million... such amount of money could buy him a city and he... he just used it for a stranger?” said Neya who couldn't understand how could anyone do something like this.

“That's why I said that Teslov can't give Illsy anything that he doesn't already have. If they give him money, he has enough to buy a kingdom. If they give him land, he will just make his own island. If they give him protection, he is far more powerful than all the forces on the three continents combined, but we would also join him in battle, so it would end up as a complete massacre for our enemies.” Ayuseya stated with a giggle at the end of her words.

“Isn't that just an exaggeration? And what was up with teacher Nanya? Why did she look like that?” Soleya asked as she held her hands on her head, trying hard to make sense of all of it.

I guess it's not a matter of understanding how this is possible, but rather accepting it as a possibility. When they lived among people telling them that Supremes were the absolute top, it was almost impossible for them to accept that something could be even more powerful. These three simply have trouble accepting the reality of Illsy... That is all there is to it... I thought and let out a small sigh as I kept an eye on them and one on the road.

Given my current state of pregnancy, I could have asked for Ayuseya to drive the MCV, but I wanted to drive it as well. The baby wasn't in any danger as long as I didn't stay at the wheel for too long or drove at a high speed through a very very bumpy terrain. In an hour or so, I was going to switch with Ayuseya.

“That's Nanya's true form. The one you saw at the Fellyore Magic Academy was nothing more than a sealed form.” I explained to her.

But haven't we already talked about this? I wondered.

“So what is she exactly?” asked Soleya.

“A half-dungeon half-demon.” I replied.

“A w-wha-wha... A what?!” Soleya blinked fast and pulled her head back.

“Fufufu! It's natural to be a little shocked when you hear this.” said Ayuseya.

“Then... when you said that Illsyore was a Dungeon Lord, you were saying the truth? I mean I saw him do some strange things, so I can believe he is one but... how?” Keltaru asked.

“Well, he simply transformed his Crystal Body, which was at Fellyore Academy, into the one you saw yourselves. He has that sort of power. Besides, he's not just a simple Dungeon Lord, he's a Godlike Dungeon Lord that was named by God of War Melkuth himself.” said Ayuseya, and I was getting the feeling she was enjoying the fact that she kept shattering their common sense to pieces.


They didn't faint like the others did when they found out, but the three of them didn't say another word. They kept silent while trying to wrap their heads around what we had just revealed to them. For us, this was all non-important information. We weren't revealing a secret or some sort of hidden information. Once Illsy made his academy, this sort of thing would become common knowledge there.

Then, one hour later, I stopped the car and let Ayuseya drive. She had to pull her seat back in order to fit in, but she was able to do it in the end. Instead of taking a seat in the front, I went in the back and sat in the chair opposite to Keltaru.

There was something I wanted to talk to him about and if I didn't do it now, I feared I might never get the chance to do so again.

About fifteen minutes in after Ayuseya took the wheel, I decided to go ahead and ask.

“Keltaru. Your family name is Dowesyl, am I correct?” I asked.

“Huh? Yes.” he nodded and looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Can you tell me about it?” I ask him.

“I can, but may I ask why is this important to you?” he tilted his head to the left confused.

“Have you heard what my full name is?” I asked him.

“No.” he shook his head.

I took a deep breath and then looking into in his eyes, I said “Shanteya Dowesyl Deus. But before marrying Illsyore, I was known only as Shanteya Dowesyl.”

“What?” he made big eyes when he heard me.

“What little I remember of my family was from when I was ten. I know they were a Viscount family in the Mondravia Kingdom on Sorone, and that my father's name was Nofram and mother's was...” before I could say, Keltaru spoke.

“Elle'machere... They are the current Viscount and Viscountess, but I heard their daughter, my aunt, was killed when she was ten years old.” he said surprised.

“Is that how the story was told to you?” I asked and looked down at the floor.

Political matters were all complicated, but it was certainly true that the assassins might have made it look as though I had been killed by them in order to avoid my family sending rescue squads after me.

“My parents are Lorelay Dowesyl, who is Shanteya's younger sister, and Zevrad Dowesyl, who comes from a long line of Marquess. They are the current heirs of the Dowesyl household.” he explained.

“When I first met you, I sort of suspected that you were my younger brother, but I see... mother had managed to give birth to my younger sister. Lorelay... that's the name of the flower I used to love to make flower bouquets out of and give to mother on her birthday.” I said with a soft smile as I remembered those innocent times.

“Mother said her name was given because her now deceased sister loved those flowers... Grandmother even planted a whole garden of them in her memory, but... if you really are my aunt... if that's true then...” Keltaru said as he was being overwhelmed by emotions and tried hard not to let it show.

“Then?” I asked with a small smile.

“Where have you been all these years? Why didn't you contact your family... Why?” he asked clenching his fists and glaring at me.

Letting out a sigh, I closed my eyes and then shook my head.

“I couldn't.” I told him.

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“The baby wasn’t in any danger”

Shouldn’t It be “babies”? Illsyore will have twins everytime after all, the hybrid mother-race/dungeon, and then their twin dungeon polyhedron