~ Chapter 68: Legendary! (Part 1) ~

[Alkelios' point of view]

“That's a lot of them...” said Kataryna.

Draejan's army was advancing with roaring dragons soaring through the skies and soldiers numbering in the hundreds of thousands marching towards us in their half-beast forms. Their were all roaring for victory, making me feel a pressure on my shoulders and soul.

We can't win this... I was led to think, but I refused to let this false thought take hold of me.

My wife had me by my side, and in her eyes I saw the burning will to fight and push back this invading force. Next to her was Kleo, and although Iolaus was holding her hand, I could see the determination and desire in them to fight together and not let the enemy separate them.

On my right was Kataryna, and her tail was still. She was looking at the tsunami of fire-breathing enemies with serious eyes and planning on how to take them out. To say that this was nothing for her would have meant to overestimate her abilities. I knew of her past, but back then she faced a smaller number of foes, and she was lucky she didn't suffer from the [Berserker's Burst] like Brekkar did.

There was a lot tension in the air around. There were a lot of whispers of worry, and even I felt the looming possibility of defeat.

“I really don't like this...” I said.

Looking back, I saw the Queen surrounded by her three Breakthrough-er guards: Reyades Undrakan, Leone Sylvaran, and Malavan Verona. Her Majesty was sitting on a chair while hiding her face behind the silver fan she carried. Only her eyes gazed upon the battlefield.

This white-scaled dragoness was the top figure in the Albeyater Kingdom. Her voice and will governed over everyone, including the King. Normally, I would have thought that letting her stay out here in the open was a very poor choice of strategy, but through this risky action of hers, the Queen not only showed bravery but also her will to stand by her people. This brought courage to the dragons and dragonesses who stood in front of me, the simple soldiers brought here by the orders of the nobles they were under on.

Honestly, I felt like the only reason they didn't flee despite seeing the overwhelming wave approaching us was only because of Queen Elliessara Seyendraugher. How could they turn tail and run when she was here to watch over them?

They wouldn't allow themselves to run away, but still... it was scary to look at this mass of dragons who were running towards us only with the intent to kill us.

All of us felt more or less overwhelmed and worried.

One thing was the theory, the planning, the simulation of a battle you did in your mind, and another was to stand there on the battlefield, staring in your enemy's eyes and wondering how and when you have to pull the trigger.

“Dragons and dragonesses of Albeyater Kingdom!” the Queen called out “It is time to fight to defend your land, families, and your freedom! It is time to show those wretched fools that simple numbers are no match for our will and strength!” she folded her fan and lifted it up. The gaze in her eyes was one of absolute determination and resolution. “Children of Albeyater! March forward and bring home victory!” she shouted and lowered her fan, pointing it at the enemy wave.

“FOR ALBEYATER! FOR ALBEYATER!” the soldiers shouted at the same time, raising their swords and shields up.

“You heard the Queen! Let's show those bastard dragons that they can't mess around with us! Follow me to battle and glory! Follow me to victory!” Feryumstark shouted and then let out a roar.

This unique roar was powerful and felt like a rush of energy. It was a skill limited only to those few dragons from the Authority element. It boosted the morale and gave courage to those who lacked it.

“FOR ALBEYATER! FOR ALBEYATER!” the soldiers shouted again.

“MOVE OUT!” the four Breakthrough-ers tasked with leading the army of 26000 gave out the order.

All the soldiers advanced, ready to collide with the enemy forces.

Seeing so many dragons and dragonesses move out to fight a number far higher than theirs gave me a strange feeling. Maybe it was because of Feryumstark's Authority roar, but I felt, deep down, in this soul I carried, that this battle was going to be... legendary.

It was going to be something worthy to be mentioned in history books and retold by bards all around the world as the most breathtaking battle that ever took place.

And those stories... were more than likely going to be about me and my friends here. They were going to be about those who turned the tide of this battle.

Then, as I watched the two forces approaching each other, I felt like my breath had stopped.

The shouts came from both sides.

The roars were spread all over the place.

There were no humanoid dragons, only half-beasts and full-beasts. Staying in their weaker forms would have been foolish. All of us except for the Queen were turned to half-beasts forms, clenching the hilts of our swords, ready to jump into the fight, ready to slash and show them all what we were made off.

“It started...” said Kataryna when the first swords clashed together and the two waves met.

Blood was spilled in that moment from both side. Yet, the enemy who outnumbered us still pushed forward.

I gulped.

“It's time.” I said.

“Everyone, let us show them our fangs!” Seryanna said and she changed to her full-beast form together with everyone else.

They did not need to worry about my armors and weapons, they were meant to take the form of a protective layer around their more sensitive parts, while the weapons turned into a claw armor.

I was the only one who would not be able to change, but for me, this half-beast form was enough.

I unsheathed Heaven and Hell right when everyone's transformation stopped.

Seryanna was a beautiful dragoness with rose-red scales and short spikes flowing down her spine. Her wings spread far and wide, showing that she was more than able to tame the winds, and her armor covered her chest, her stomach, her spine, and her neck. The weapon I gave her had turned into bright-red claw armor on the pointing finger of her right hand.

Kataryna was a dragoness covered in silver-scales, but with shorter spikes than Seryanna. The gaze in her eyes and the way she presented herself gave her an elegant, almost royal feel, but just like in the case of my wife, her blue and white armor covered her stomach, her chest, her spine, and her neck. The sword I gave her took the shape of a blue armor claw around the pointing finger of her right hand.

Kleo's beast form was the first one I got the 'pleasure' of getting a 'close encounter' with and it was the same: big, majestic, scary, and completely covered in black shiny scales. Next to her was Iolaus who was looking like a surprisingly thin and scrawny dragon when compared to Kleo, but his neck and tail were longer and his wings were a bit smaller too. He was the only one who was covered completely by my armor because his was the full-plate max protection type.

“Is everyone ready?” I asked.

Seryanna puffed a cloud of smoke. Kataryna nodded. Kleo showed a sinister smile, and I could swear I saw something moving in her shadow. Iolaus snapped his tail and nodded.

“Then...” I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes.

The sound of swords clashing and dragons fighting... Who knew I would get to see such a ridiculous scene, no... participate in this ridiculous battle? Ah, but... I'm one of them now, ain't I? I thought and opened my eyes.

From the bottom of my lungs, I let out the most powerful roar I could muster.


It was far more powerful than the King's because I amplified it with [Fatty McFat] skill, which allowed it to spread all the way to the end of this battlefield. All those near me would feel its full effect. My roar would also affect those I thought of as allies and those I thought of as enemies in different ways.

One of the reason I flew all the way up into the sky earlier was in order to mark them all as enemies and accept those on this side of the camp as allies.

My roar would boost the strength and morale of my allies and drop those of the enemy. However, I also added [Intimidation] to it, which under this amplified effect would make the strong ones stagger and the weak ones even freeze in spot for a few moments.

When it was over, I could see my friends smiling and taking flight. I followed them close behind, while I took a peak down below. My allies were fighting with an energy and determination they didn't show before. Thanks to my roar, the tables had turned completely... Actually, if I were to be specific, the morale of our troops was affected first by the Queen's speech, then by the King's roar, and I joined last as a booster.

“That was one hell of a roar, Alkelios!” Kataryna complimented me.

“I feel like I can take on the entire army now!” Seryanna claimed.

“Please don't... Leave some for us.” I said to her.

While we flew, I took a hop and rode on her back. It was probably the most badass image I could think off... A half-dragon who wielded two crazy powerful longswords of completely opposite elements: Darkness and Light, while wearing a powerful sleek-looking armor of black and metallic silver colors and flying through the sky while riding a powerful red dragoness and surrounded by three others.

We flew above our army like this and then clashed into the hoard of enemy flying dragons.

“LEAVE NONE STANDING!” roared Seryanna.

Kataryna let out a breath of ice which froze three dragons and Kleo shattered them with black spears. Iolaus let out a blinding flash of light at one of the dragons and then smashed into him, sending him crashing into his allied troops below. Creating a spear of light, he then tossed it at the dragon and skewered him.

I jumped off Seryanna and flew up towards a massive red dragon with dark-red scales. It opened its mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and formed a barrage of fireballs which he shot at me. I dodged them all and made Hell eat all those who would have hit my friends. The dragon then prepared to roar, but I flew past his neck and with Heaven, I made a clean cut into his flesh. The massive head was separated from his body and fell to the ground.

Using [Air Jump], I pushed myself back and avoided the massive halberd aimed at me. With [Slow Time], everything moved around me much slower than it normally did, about ten times slower. I identified my target and as soon as I canceled this skill, I used [Tornado of Light Blades] on him, which was one of my most powerful attacks from [Shadow Play]. The attack created a swirling tornado of light and swords of light which engulfed the brown-scaled dragon. His screams of agony ended quickly and only pieces of chopped up meat rained down from the sky.

Looking down, I saw Seryanna jumping on one of the white-scale dragons and forcefully opened his mouth with both of her clawed hands before letting out an unstoppable breath of fire. The dragon wailed in pain before he perished carbonized from inside out. She let go of his lifeless body and then used a [Fire Sword] to cut a nearby dragon in half. Grabbing the remains with the head, she tossed it at a group of dragons on the ground who were pushing back our allies.

“I'm gonna' kill y-” a dragon shouted at me and tried to attack me in my moment of distraction, but a huge [Ice Spike] flew from below and skewered the dragon, killing him instantly.

It was Kataryna. She showed me a smirk and then released a breath of ice on the enemies below, thousands were frozen in place, letting our allies kill them with ease.

I nodded back and then looked at several dragons flying at me.

It was my turn to use that skill...

“HYOH!” I shouted and took a fighting stance.

The next moment, I targeted one of the incoming dragon's chest and used [100 meters long Impale]. When I released the skill, I pushed Heaven forward in a perfect martial arts strike which sent an invisible strike through the air and cut my foe's heart in half. Of course, if he was skilled, he would have seen the clouds between us parting and avoided the strike or make it not hit a vital spot. Fortunately, he wasn't.

With Heaven in my left hand and Hell in my right hand, I activated [Mirror Play], which caused three illusions of me to appear around me. Each of them advanced in a different direction, while the real me attacked the target at the back, a silver-scale dragon. He tried to defend himself with his claws, but Hell wouldn't be stopped by something like this. The dragon fell to my blade and his remains crashed down on top of his allies found on the ground.

The next one was a green-scale dragon, whose wings were detached with Heaven and his heart pierced with Hell. From him, I jumped to the white-scale one, who just noticed that the one he was fighting against was nothing but an illusion. When he turned around, I scissored his neck with my swords and let his lifeless body fall on the ground.

The final one was a blue-scale dragon. When he saw himself in front of me, he trembled and then tried to flee. I lifted my hand up and thought about taking him down, but I stopped.

True, this is a battlefield... This is war... But killing someone who already lost his will to fight and only tries to flee is a cowardly act. No... it's inhuman. Or... indragon? I thought and then shook my head and let out a sigh.

I would fight those who attacked me and kill those who crossed blades with me, but I didn't want to take the role of the hunter for those who turned tail and flee. If I did that, I feared my heart would break and I would end up walking on a path I shouldn't...

When I'm older, I don't want to be the type of father who has to explain to his children why he killed in cold blood an enemy who fled. I thought.

I just didn't want to be one of those guys...


“Huh?” I blinked surprised when I heard that sound.

Looking back, I saw a full-beast dragon with brown-scales who was holding a big greatsword in his hands, but it was broken at the middle.

I titled my head to the left, and he showed me a wry smile.

Did he hit me with that? I thought.

I didn't feel a thing...

Dropping the remains of the sword, he began to cast two lighting spells, but I aimed my hand at him and cast [Shadow Arrow] amplified with [Fatty McFat]. The projectile went straight through him, stopping him from casting.

Looking down at the hole in his chest, he began to lose strength in his wings and fall down on the ground.

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My wife had me by my side
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