~ Chapter 68: Legendary! (Part 2) ~

“Alkelios!” shouted Kataryna as she flew over.

“I'm here!” I replied.

“There are two Breakthrough-ers incoming!” she warned me as she flew to my side and then looked in their directions.

One of them had blue scales and wielded two giant swords, while the other had light-green scales and was already charging up some sort of magic.

“What's with these dragons and big weapons?!” I complained.

“Full-beast soldiers are the heavy units, while those on the ground are the light units.” Kataryna explained before jumping to engage the green-scaled one.

“In the name of Novarak, I'll have you die here!” he shouted.

“And you, little one, will die by my blades!” said the blue-scaled one.

I blocked with Hell and Heaven the attack, but the power was quite something, and since I never had that many aerial battles, I didn't know how to compensate for the force. Thus, I was shot into the ground. How I didn't fall when that dragon smacked me with his greatsword earlier was a mystery!

“Hahaha! What a weakling!” he said as he looked down at me.

I landed in the middle of the enemy troops, but thanks to the shockwave released upon my impact, they were dispersed a bit. There was some space between me and them, so I just got back up on my feet and released an [Earth Spike Tsunami] around me. The screams of the dying dragons were soon heard, and using this moment, I used [Weakness Perception] on the enemy above me.

The skill told me where I should attack. I wasn't shown something like an overlay over the dragon with areas marked as red or green, but rather I instinctively knew that hitting one place might inflict more damage.

Experienced warriors had no need for this skill, their instincts were already formed in regard to this, but I couldn't be so foolish as to believe that after spending not even 2 years in this world, I already knew how spot the weak spots in my enemies.

With a serious look on my face, I jumped off and flew up straight towards the dragon I was fighting against. Our swords clashed again. A small shockwave was released and sparks flew in all directions.

“That's some sturdy blades you have there!” he smirked.

“You're the mercenary, aren't you?” I asked.

“Yeah, so what of it?” he asked with a smirk as he tried to push me back, but using [Air Jump] and my own wings for stability, I didn't let him.

“How much is Draejan paying you?” I asked.

“Oh! A business dragon! Sorry kid, but this old scale doesn't go by who pays more but who hires first! I have a reputation to live up to, you know?” he showed me a grin.

“Can't blame me for trying, but may I ask what you were hired to do?” I jumped back from him.

“Well, it's simple. I was told to kill all the Breakthrough-ers that stand in my way, the King, the Queen, and any other dragon or dragoness who stands in my way. Something like that?” he laughed.

“That's quite an expensive sounding contract, but if you turn tail here, I won't kill you. How about it?” I asked.

“No deal kid. Turning tail from a battle would be just an insult to me! So please... just die?” he lifted his hand up and cast [Water Spear] spells like a machine gun.

I avoided two of them and the others used my [Wind Barrier], [Shadow Barrier], and [Light Barrier] to stop them. Using fire would have been the most efficient, but it would have created steam, which would have blocked my view, giving my enemy a free shot at killing me.

As for the spears that I dodged, they struck the soldiers bellow, Albeyater's soldiers. The results were two craters, each with an eight meters diameter. There were several killed and lots of wounded. The spears were designed to detonate upon impact as well. The only way they wouldn't was if blocked by a magic barrier. Of course, one could also detonate them before impact, but this was not the case.

Seeing that his attack wasn't doing anything to me, he stopped and charged me with his two swords again, but this time, he used [Mirror Play], causing three other illusions to form. I clicked my tongue, but instead of engaging them all, I used [Enraged Blade Storm], which caused me to get a bit angry and raise the temperature around me, but at the same time my swords moved at speeds which made them extremely hard to see even for those like me. After all, all of my sword skills used my Strength, Speed, and Dexterity stats as well.

“Wh-What's this?” the dragon stopped in his tracks as he looked at me with big eyes.

[Negate all Light]” I chanted and made it so that only my allies weren't affected by it.

When I cast this spell, which was amplified by [Fatty McFat], half of this battlefield turned completely black. The enemy would see the world around them as if they had gone blind, while the allies would see the world around them as if someone turned off the light but forgot to tell the light not to shine or reflect off the bodies of objects.

If this wasn't made by magic, I would think it would be absolutely impossible to replicate in real life. On a computer maybe, but definitely not in real life. The laws of physic simply didn't work that way.

“What did you do?!” the blue-scaled dragon shouted.

“Cookies!” I replied.

“Huh?” he made a stupid sound, but the next thing I would hear from him would be a groan.

My blades slashed at his body, cutting his armor and flesh, letting his blood spill.

“T-This... is cheating...” he groaned as he tried to attack me, but I was already gone by the time he struck there.

I was smaller than him, but I was faster, and I could see. Before he focused his senses, I planned on injuring him enough to either kill him or force him to give up.

As for his remark, no, this wasn't cheating, it was using your own skills to fight a foe with all you had.

“THERE!” he shouted and then slashed at me.

I parried and brushed the sword to my right. I slipped through the gap and pierced Heaven in his neck.

This was a split second attack, an unpredictable moment.

“M-My... loss...” he said, and I pulled the sword back.

The attack sectioned his jugular but not his windpipe. Without immediate healing, he would die, and considering all the injuries I gave them until now, this big dragon was most likely not going to see the day of tomorrow.

Looking at his body plummet to the ground, I let out a sigh and closed my eyes for a moment. I wasn't praying to him, I was just... a bit disappointed. I was hoping for more from him, but maybe Kataryna and Feryumstark were in a different league than him?

“I guess I should summon her as well...” I thought and looked up.

The darkness around me was a good cover to keep everyone from seeing what I was doing, so before it expired, I raised my hand up and called out to Jophiel Thunderash, the Lightning Phoenix.

[Lightning Chicken!]” I shouted as I cast the spell.

Normally, I would have seen a bright blinding light followed by a wave of heat, but this time, thanks to [Negate all Light], I only felt the latter. What I saw instead was a fire portal opening before me, and Jophiel stepped out of it.

“How are you doing, master? And who turned off the sun?” she asked with a bright smile on her face.

Unlike before when she looked like a bird, this time, she was a winged little girl with bright red hair flowing down her shoulders. She looked adorable, but clearly not human. Her wings were covered in beautiful feathers with gold lines at the end. Their wingspan was twice if not triple the size of her whole body, and they radiated in a strange, mesmerizing aura. The dress she was wearing was rose-red and decorated with gold markings. Her irises were gold in color, but they were surrounded by a bright red ring.

“Jophiel, good to see you. How was the Tournament of the Sacred Flame?” I asked her.

“Can't you see?” she made twirl in the air and then showed me a bright smile “I won!”

Is the dress the proof? Last time she was wearing a blue one. I thought and then said “Good for you. So does this mean you aren't apprentice anymore?”

“Yes! Thanks to master, I'm now a full-fledged Phoenix! This means I will be allowed to travel to other worlds and even spend more time with master!” she said with a giggle as she flew over and sat on top of my head.

“I see you still use my head as a perch.” I let out a sigh.

“Your noggin has to be good for something, doesn't it?” she giggled.

“Anyway, I summoned you now because I'm in a war.” I told her.

“A war you say? Those guys are the allies and those are the enemies?” she asked pointing at Albeyater and then at Draejan's forces.

“Yes, how can you tell?” she asked.

“Master already marked them as such, didn't he? The buffs that work for your other spells work for me too, just never use [Fatty McFat] to summon me... NEVER AGAIN use that one!” she shook her head and patted my forehead with her tiny hand, but the strike was akin to a Breakthrough-er's slap.

“Ouch! Ouch!” I complained. “I'm sorry! I'm not going to use it again! I promise!” I told her.

“Sigh! Good! I spend two hours in that hideous form because of you!” she leaned over and glared at me right in the eyes.

The incident she was talking about happened in the Seculiar forest not long after I acquired [Fatty McFat], but when I used it in combination with [Lightning Chicken!], I summoned a VERY VERY fat Jophiel.

For two hours she couldn't move and just literally rolled around the room while complaining and calling me names. Meanwhile, I tried my best not to laugh.

The blackout caused by [Negate all Light] reached the end of its timer, and everything returned to normal.

“Jophiel! Go!” I shouted.

“As you wish, master!” the little girl replied with a bird squeak at the end as she plunged towards the clashing armies.

When she was at about ten meters away from the ground, she spread her beautiful wings and flew towards Draejan's soldiers, who were getting pushed back now despite their superior numbers.

The Phoenix who was of the same level as me unleashed her might and let loose a wave of inextinguishable fire. The screams of pain and horror reached out to the sky, while she ignored them and charged up in her tiny hands a spell of lightning and one of light. Targeting two different group, she let loose her spells.

To her right, the dragon soldiers who waited for their turn to kill an Albeyater soldiers were zapped by forked lightning which jumped around from one to another. Magic was what created that powerful intensity and also the 'wire' through which it had to travel, otherwise, I was sure it would have stopped at the first soldier. They didn't know what hit them. The powerful electricity toasted their brains and stopped their hearts. The nauseating scent of cooked meat could be felt spreading from their dead bodies.

On her right, the dragon soldiers were pierced through their chests by powerful light spears. Each one struck its target right in the heart with pinpoint accuracy. It was a like a move executed by an expert marksman, but then again, Jophiel had the same level as I did now, and she was far from showing her true might.

After she killed the soldiers in her immediate vicinity, she flew up and then dove towards another mass of dragons. From her hands, she unleashed several fireballs of one meter diameter at them. With the last one cast, she pulled up and flew towards the sky again, repeating the dive maneuver again.

In other words, she was bombarding them because those fireballs of hers weren't some simple New Years firecrackers. When one of those things hit a target, it alongside everything around it would be blown to bits, leaving only the burning ground behind.

The screams and shouts of the dragons reached the skies as they tried to flee from the Phoenix who looked no different than a winged child.

With her help, I was certain the number of our enemies would go down fast.

Meanwhile, I didn't forget about Kataryna. She was toying around with the dragon from Novarak.

The green-scale Breakthrough-er was trying his best to attack her with wind magic, fire magic, water magic, and darkness magic combos, but she was able to skillfully dodge all of them. It was also clear that he was doing far better in Wind Magic than the others because that one was the strongest.

Now, this didn't mean that this guy was weak. Those attacks of his ripped to shreds an unfortunate dragon who was flying to intercept our allies. He didn't even scream. It was an instant kill. As for the fire magic attack, that one landed on top of a group of our soldiers, and they were all burnt to bits.

She's hanging in there... What about Seryanna? I wondered as I took my eyes off Kataryna's battle for a second and looked down at my wife, who was staring down a dark-brown scaled dragon. They were both in their half-beast forms, which meant that she was forced to revert to this size to battle him.

The reason why she was in this situation was because not long after I finished my battle with that mercenary dragon, I saw her avoiding some long range Earth Spears attacks. The caster was the guy below.

When I cast down the darkness on the battlefield, Seryanna killed off every dragon enemy around her and then carved her way through bone and flesh all the way to him. Now, it was time for their one on one battle.

To my left, Iolaus and Kleo were rampaging on the battlefield together, barely staying within my 100 meters field. They were hunting down the commanders as ordered while taking out as many enemies as they could.

A bit farther to the right from where Seryanna was, the King was also in the middle of a battle with another dragon, while Brekkar covered his back from the enemy troops.

Everywhere I looked, the battle raged on, and we were steadily winning.

I don't think they can do anything to stop us now. I thought as I saw all of them being onn the verge of winning their individual battles.

Then, right as I looked ahead, I saw a dragon who wore a black and gold armor flying straight at me. There was rage in his eyes, and he was releasing a lot of killing intent aimed at me.

At first, I didn't recognize him, but as he got closer, I realized who he was...

“ALKELIOS!!!” shouted the dragon.

“Draejan...” I replied in a calm tone of voice as I prepared myself for our final... confrontation.

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