~ Chapter 42: Real intentions (Part 1) ~

[Alexandre Damascus' point of view]

One of the reasons why I came all the way to this little town in the middle of nowhere was because I heard there were some promising children here. If their Blessings were rare, I planned on stealing them. After all, why bother to hunt for adults who could properly use them when children were far more vulnerable and easy to catch?

To this end, I used one of my many Blessings, which gave me the ability to charm and to some extent mentally control those around me. I needed a proper disguise to let me get close to my prey, so I killed the original Alexandre Damascus and took his armor and weapon. Even if he was a Royal Knight, he was still a weakling when compared to me. He didn't even carry a useful Blessing, so to me he was nothing more than a disposable tool.

Right now, his body was probably already found in the ditch I left him at the capital, but Robert here never suspected during our long journey that I might be a fake. My Blessing made sure to erase any doubt from his heart, and it wasn't that hard to pretend to be a Royal Knight. It wasn't the first time I did it either.

Still, it would be a lie to declare that I went through all of this trouble just to get my hands on the Blessings of some brats all the way out here. No, my real target was the Gallyater Royal Magic Academy. I wanted to infiltrate that place and take the Blessings of ALL the children there. Of course, I had it all planned out, and this little bit I was doing now was part of it. After all, I needed the recommendation of a teacher there in order to apply as a substitute teacher. Once I got in, all I had to do was mark my targets in a suitable order and then get on with my feast!

Children were easy to fool... to catch... and to kill.

And so, I met the child of this town's Lord. I was this close to killing him on the spot, but I abstained. Someone else would end up killing him sooner or later if he continued to behave like such a fool. The real world was filled with butt kissers, and you were either one who had a shiny butt or one who did the kissing. This guy was definitely the latter but acted like the leader of the first. This sort of disrespectful behavior would only lead him to his downfall. As for his Blessings, he bragged about them immediately, and they were nothing special, the common [Blessing of Combat] and the [Blessing of Guidance], which was useful only for a teacher.

Robert gave the boy a few manner lessons, but this man was an idiot who actually cared about properly raising children. I didn't bother to say anything, I just tapped the hilt of my sword to show that I was pissed about the kid's behavior.

After that brat, we met the children of the Drakarys Baron family. At first glance, they both looked far better than the other kid, and they had a strange aura around them like they were meant for greatness or something. Usually, this sort of prey meant useful combat Blessings, but until then, I had to listen to Robert talk about manners and the future of Earl Rupert Levias of Briston's son.

Then came the talk about the two children of the Baron family. The little girl had three Blessings! She was a prodigy! I literally hit the jackpot with this one!

When I laid my eyes on the little girl, I knew I wanted to rip her apart and make her Blessings as mine. With my strength and current abilities it would have been a cinch, so I used the same Blessing which allowed me to pretend to be a Royal Knight in order to influence the minds of the teacher and urge him to depart as soon as possible. I also added a little extra to make the children and their parents consent to his proposal.

It was a set thing. The little girl would depart with us and then she would meet an unfortunate accident and die somewhere along the way. A monster would attack us or maybe some unknown black-hooded assassin. Yes, that lie always worked!

Ah~ I can already see myself tasting her fresh plucked out heart and draining the energy from it! I thought.

With my Blessing's influence, I urged the teacher to bring up the talk about requesting for us to depart for the capital as soon as possible. I also made sure his parents would give their approval to this, but that wasn't supposed to be too hard, after all, what baron family wouldn't want their child to study in such a prestigious institution? Unfortunately, instead of bringing up this subject, Robert had to start talking about the little boy first.

He was a useless kid with only one Blessing, and hearing Robert claim that even one mattered felt more of a lie than all of mine put together. This world was dominated by those who had at least two of them not one.

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