~Chapter 42: Real intentions (Part 2) ~

Still, even if he had one Blessing, if it was a good combat oriented one, I wanted to get my hands on it. If I planned everything right, the child would meet a horrific end, and his parents would suffer greatly because of the loss of both of their children. There was no need to feel bad about this, after all, between me and this brat, I was the obvious better user of whatever Blessing he had.

Yeah, maybe I could grab him on the way out of town... Maybe make it look like he got lost in the woods? He's a stupid child, so the adults would believe this. Hm, yeah, that sounds good! I thought while smiling on the inside.

It was the perfect plan and my own Blessings were going to be the key and reason for it to work so perfectly. Nothing could resist my mind control and influence! It was an ultimate and extremely rare Blessing which I stole from a priest five years ago.

Yeah, everything will go just as I had planned... while I thought this, the boy raised his voice and said something foolish.

“No! I won't let you take away my little sister with you! At least not today or in the next two days!”

“Why, may I ask?” I kept my calm, although, this strange behavior of his wasn't part of my plan.

According to how I used my Blessing, he was supposed to push his sister forward not stop her.

I don't understand... why did he say this? I wondered while still believing that I was in full control.

This boy glared at me and then retorted that I was the reason, that he didn't like me. It wasn't the teacher, the journey, the academy, or anything else his little mind could have found to blame and point a finger at, he bluntly said that he didn't like ME!

“What?” I let the word slip as my mind tried to make sense of all of this.

“I said it once, and I will say it again! I don't like YOU, Sir Alexandre Damascus!” he declared boldly while glaring at me.

Everyone in the room was at a loss of words, but stranger though, the little sister nodded and agreed with him.

This should be impossible! Why?! I asked myself as I clearly saw that the two siblings were not in the least bit under the control of my Blessing.

I would even be so bold as to claim they were able to somehow resist and fight against my influence, but such a thing should be impossible unless they had a Blessing designed specifically to counteract mine.

“If Leonidas says so... then I will agree with him. I'm sorry, Sir Damascus.” said the father.

Like a miracle, they all snapped out of my spell's control and began to take his side.

But he's just a brat! I should be seen as a Royal Knight, one of the strongest fighters in this kingdom! If I can't protect her, then who could?! Why are they taking his side? It doesn't make any sense?! I screamed in my mind as I tightened my grip around the hilt of my sword.

I was furious, but letting my rage get out of control would defeat my end purpose here in the first place. My ultimate goal was to reach the Gallyater Royal Magic Academy to harvest all the Blessings from all the students there. I couldn't give myself away just because of this annoying brat, but if I were to return to the capital without the teacher, I wouldn't have the chance to persuade him to write me the recommendation.

This brat is going to ruin my plan! I shouted in my mind.

There was the option of going for another teacher, but this one was the easiest to influence, the weak link in the staff. Anyone else would be extremely hard to approach, not to mention convince to write me that letter. As for other posts I could aim for, there were none to suit my needs because only the teachers had access to the students' files and Blessing information.

“Is that so?” I replied with a smile after I managed to calm down my anger. I released the hilt “Then, shall we prepare a different escort for the young lady?” I asked.

“The earliest would arrive in one week.” Robert said as he was rubbing his chin.

Perfect! I thought.

“In that case, let us do so. It appears that for some reason, I... frighten them.” I showed them a smile.

One week was more than enough time from me to find a moment to kidnap the girl, steal her Blessing, then leave a trail of bread crumbs that lead to the nearby forest. With one wind spell, I could rip her body apart and make it seem as if she was attacked and then brutally killed by someone or something else. Of course, I would be the one to catch the supposed killer, an assassin sent by a rival family or an envious noble like the Earl. After, his child's chance to enter was refused while that of his vassal, the Barons, was accepted.

I had multiple choices if I wanted to put the blame on someone: Tumur, Vlamyr, Nassir, Vemire, the Earl, and there was also the rich Countess Osengas. If I spun the story in just the right way it was going to be fine. By the time they discovered even one hint of my wrong doings, I would already be far away feasting on the hearts of the children in the Academy.

Yes! This is also a good plan! I thought to myself.

Meanwhile, I could just as well find out why my mind control Blessing didn't work on these two brats. Did they carry around a special amulet against it? Was it one of the little girl's Blessings? I had to find out and make sure it never happened again! Or at the very least thread more carefully when using my Blessing in the future...

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