~ Chapter 69: Their battles (Part 1) ~

[Kleo's point of view]

When the Alkelios' dragon roar spread through the entire battlefield, I felt a surge of energy rushing through me. Any fear and doubt I had about this upcoming battle vanished completely.

Iolaus took my hand and showed a reassuring smile.

In this war, we could fight together only thanks to our friend, Alkelios. He brought us together when we thought we were sworn enemies. He helped us grow and showed us that even opposing elements could love each other.

A dragon with black scales and one with white scales flew over the battlefield.

Two lovers engaged who wished to carve out a future for each other... That was who we were.

Iolaus was my vanguard, and I cast my spells from a far, taking down the dragons who dared stand in our way. Thanks to my grandfather's training, my fiance was now far more powerful than he was before. With one slash of his sword, he cleaved a dragon in half, while my shadow spears stabbed those who tried to attack him at this moment.

When one attacked, the other defended. The two of us fought with perfect harmony bashing dragons with shields of light and piercing them with spears of darkness.

Our battles though were nothing when compared to our friends. They ruled over the battlefield like defiant gods, smashing to pieces all those who stood in their way. The cries of agony of their victims were all that remained of them as they got lost in the echoes of clashing swords and roars.

But just when we thought we were gaining the upper hand, I heard a shout that pierced the heavens.


It was that despicable dragon Draejan rushing towards us with a wave of countless dragons. The ground turned dark from the shadows of the flying ones, while the earth shook from the stampede of those below.

I gulped when I saw the amount of dragons, yet I could still see those few who were designated as commanders.

“Sister...” I said as I turned my gaze towards Seryanna, but she just finished her fight against a dragon with dark-brown scales and two axes in each hand.

I looked up at Kataryna and saw her struggling against two dragons of blue and white scales. My grandfather was with the King, facing off against a red-scaled dragon. An explosion caught my attention and when I turned back, I saw the Queen's guards repelling a sneak attack.

There's nowhere to turn for help... I thought as I looked ahead at the mass of dragons approaching us with the desire to kill us all. Can we win this? I thought and felt my body trembling.

While I was starting to panic, Iolaus flew in front of me and showed me his smile. A dragon in beast form didn't have the best of smiles, but he at least tried.

“I'm here, my love. We'll get through this.” he told me and then licked the tip of my snout.

It was a little dragon kiss.

I showed him a smile and nodded.

“Let's go!” I said with a smile.

There was nowhere to run and no turning back. This was my battle as well even if I felt a bit disconnected from all the dragons below me. I was a black scale, not the most loved of the dragons, however, the Queen didn't show me any hate, neither did the King and most of the dragons at the palace. They knew I was there as a special guard and because their Majesties had faith in me, so did the others.

Maybe the hate towards black scales would never go away, but at the very least, I had to stop the hate against me... I had to prove them all that I had a place at the side of my friends!

[Darkness...” I began to chant.

[Light...” Iolaus began to chant.

...Tornado]!” we both shouted at the same time as we held hands and released the magic energy in the form of the spell.

We flew towards the wave of dragons while rotating in the air. From my body, shadows created by darkness magic began to spread, melding together with the light emanated by Iolaus' body. Our magic energy danced together. Light and darkness began to mix like water and oil, without losing their own essence and shine.

As we got closer to our enemies, the magic energy around us began to spread, taking the shape of a vortex with us at the center. It was a tornado of light and darkness which edges were sharper than the blade of any sword.

“Kill them!” shouted the enemy, but when we crashed into them, their voice was silenced.

The blades of light together with those of darkness slashed through their armor and flesh. Their bodies fell down onto the troops below us, but we didn't stop. We carved our way through their blood and meat as we aimed for the commanders who led this heard of dragons.

“Gah! NO!” the first one of them died as he was ripped apart by the light and darkness tornado.

It was incredibly hard to cast a defense against this attack because it was made up of two opposite elements. One could guard against darkness, but then light would cut them.

Once we felt our magic depleting, we pulled out of the mass of dragons and stopped the spell at a safe distance from our enemies.

“It's not over yet...” Iolaus told me through heavy breaths.

He was tired, and so was I, but I still had enough magic energy within me to bring those fools to their knees!

“Fiends of darkness...” I began to chant, calling upon my familiars who lived within the shadows.

[Seryanna's point of view]

Once I separated from Alkelios, I jumped into the battle against several flying dragons. My strength far surpassed theirs, and their attacks didn't even scratch my armor.

The more I fought, the more I felt my blood boiling and my whole body filling with a burning energy.

I want to fight! I thought as I plunged towards a dragon below me.

He screamed and struggled, but as we plunged towards the ground, I bit his wings and ripped them out. My claws then slashed at his back and pierced his flesh upon impact. He was dead, and my hands were stained with blood.

There were several dragons in half-beast form in front of me, trembling and looking at me with eyes filled with fear.

I took a deep breath, and I unleashed a torrent of flames upon them. They screamed in pain as they died one after another. A dragon tried to attack me from behind, but his sword broke in half upon contact with my armor. I grabbed him with both hands and then ripped him half.

“M-Monster!” one dragon shouted as he tried to get away from me, but I tossed the remains of the dead dragon at him, causing him to tumble down.

With one leap, I landed on him and crushed him under my claws.

I let out a roar and then spread my wings to fly up in the sky.

An earth spike flew at me, but it bounced off my armor. When I turned my head to see who dared to attack me, I saw a dragon in half-beast form wielding two axes. He was smirking. In the next moment, I saw several earth spikes forming from the ground. They were all aimed at me.

“DIE!” he shouted.

I let myself drop to the ground and dodge the incoming attack. One of the spikes hit a dragon who was trying to attack me from behind. It went straight through his chest, leaving a hole there.

That's not a normal [Earth Spike]. I thought.

My enemy was most likely someone close to a Breakthrough or an actual Breakthrough-er.

I smirked.

When I was in bed with Alkelios last night, he told me how my stats looked like. Although my level wasn't that far from being considered a Breakthrough-er, my abilities were most likely on par with one. Even grandfather pointed out this little detail.

Still, I can't go around and assume that I can face off against one... I thought.

It was a bit hard to fight in my current form. It wasn't the one I was most used to, so I closed my eyes and returned to my half-beast form. Bright red scales covered my body, and while I still retained a reptilian aspect, I was nowhere near as big as before. My height now was of a 3.4 meters tall, with 20 centimeters smaller than my husband.

With Drachenkrieg now in my hand, I was ready to fight. This two-handed sword was just perfect for me. Not as long as Kataryna's, but just right for me to wield it with one hand and a shield if I chose to.

“Kill her!” the dragon who attacked me ordered and more than 50 dragons charged at me.

I smirked, and fire spread from my sword, licking my armor and covering my whole body in its flames.

“What the...” one dragon said as he stopped before attacking me.

His friend wasn't so smart. I dodged and then slashed him with my sword, cutting him in half. The fire on my body spread to his, but this time, it burned him to cinders.

While continuing the motion of my sword, I turned and then used the momentum to decapitate another dragon. I spread my arm and grabbed another one by the throat, crushing it and turning his screams into drowning gurgles.

An earth spike came flying towards me, but I dodged it at a hair's length. Stepping to the side, I cut in half another dragon. Drachenkrieg was a beautiful sword with a merciless blade. It cut with ease through anything like it was butter.

It was then when Alkelios' magic fell upon the region and light was stolen from my enemy's eyes.

I laughed.

“Now then...” I said as I pointed my hand at the my enemies and used the chantless [Inferno Storm].

Flames rose around me, reaching up to the sky, spiraling around me like hungry demons. With my targets set, I unleashed the attack upon them and countless swords of fire washed down upon my enemy. It was like a flood of blades made out of fire. They burned, they cut, the rend, and shred their weapons, armors, and flesh right off their bones.




Their screams, all varied, yet all sung the same song of pain and horror.

I did not enjoy this hell which I created, but this was not the end, for among them there were those who wielded fire and managed to protect themselves from my flames. So I took Drachenkrieg and lifted it up to the level of my eyes. My tail swayed behind me, and my eyes locked onto my targets. My wings were folded on my back, and the scent of burning flesh surrounded me.

“Here I come...” I whispered as I lunged towards the first victim.

My sword cut him in half, but before his remains fell on the ground, I jumped towards the next one and opened his chest with one slash. I turned and extended my hand, keeping the blade parallel to the ground. The sharp edge met the neck of another dragon and then his head was separated from his body.

I continued to run through the burning flames of my previous attack and cut down all the red-scaled dragons who survived it. Then, when I reached their leader, the unharmed brown-scaled dragon, I took Drachenkrieg and stabbed it in the ground at just a few meters away from him.

“Unleash!” I shouted as I poured magic energy within my sword.

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