~ Chapter 69: Their battles (Part 2) ~

“What the?!” the dragon asked in surprise, but those may have been his last words.

From the ground around me, geysers of fire erupted towards the sky, burning away everything in sight. A wave of heat and burning flames surrounded me and then extended forward.

Every time I used a fire magic, I could feel it whispering to me, telling me that it wasn't going to harm me, but it was going to burn everything else around me. Uncontrolled, it could spread as much as it desired, and through my magic, the fire within me could do just that, extend its flames to the far reaches.

Fire? It could be controlled, it could be tamed, it could ordered to do what one desired to, however, the best part of it was when it was left unchained. I trusted my flames, and in return, they didn't burn me...

Maybe this was what being a Superior Draconian of the High Flame meant... I had a special relationship with my element, one of trust and friendship...

“ARGH!” the brown-scaled dragon groaned.

I lifted my head up and saw a big stone cocoon.

I see... He hid inside there. I thought, and so I twisted the handle of Drachenkrieg.

If my flames could smile, they would probably look like madmen. When I told them to focus on the cocoon in front of me, all the flames around me swept through and slammed into its hard shell.


This was the sound of my fire pounding at the armor of the dragon in front of me, yet that armor of his was quite good. It could sustain so much heat and survive such explosive force...

No wonder he's a Breakthrough-er... A normal dragon would have died before he could have even put up this shield. I thought.

Well, I did have a bit of help from my husband as well thanks to this darkness which surrounded us.

I pulled Drachenkrieg out of the ground and then dashed towards cocoon, through those infernal flames. They didn't burn me, they caressed me... they embraced me and helped me gain the strength I needed to cut down that shell.

“HA!” I shouted and slashed with Drachenkrieg at it.

The blade cut through, leaving a hole through which my flames could slip in and cook that lizard inside, but then I felt something. It was the instinct I trained in the Seculiar Forest, the one which kept me alive when I was surrounded by all those spiders.

I jumped back.

At that exact moment, the cocoon turned into a spiky ball. In my previous spot were needle-like protrusion coming out of the ball.

“Don't think you won!” shouted the dragon from inside as he jumped out wielding a big axe in each hand.

He was aiming for me, and I could see the fury and rage in his eyes. His armor was burned, and his body was lit up by my flames, but he still moved... Even in that state, he could still attack me.

No wonder Earth Element dragons were thought to be the sturdiest out of all of us.

“Even so... It was a mistake to attack me like this...” I said in a calm tone of voice.

I let the attack hit me.

The blades clashed with my armor and I was tossed back several meters, yet...

“As expected...” I said and showed a gentle smile on my lips.

I was unharmed and looking up, I saw Alkelios summoning Jophiel.

My beloved husband sure gifted me with one crazy armor... I thought and then got up.

The dragon who attacked me was breathing hard and could barely stand up. He was covered with an armor of earth, an attempt to stop my flames from burning him.

“Futile.” I said as I took a stance with Drachenkrieg in my hands.

Flames covered my blade, and I dashed at him. Although he couldn't see me now, he could still hear me and maybe feel my approach thanks to the ground I was stepping on.

It was now when light was starting to return as well. The dragon turned his head at the last moment to look at me.

I wonder how I look to him? I thought as I slashed.

He tried to defend himself with his axes, but Drachenkrieg's blade cut through them like butter.

The brown-scaled dragon was cut in half, and I finally calmed down the flames around me.

As his body fell to the ground, I looked around and saw the scorching ground around me. When it was dark, I couldn't estimate how much I had burned down, but now... I could see it clearly.

All around me, on a fifty, maybe sixty meters radius, the ground was burnt until it turned black, and everywhere I looked, I could see the remains of all the poor souls who fell prey to my flames.


I heard the voice of the idiot dragon who once tried to claim my heart and body.

Alkelios, please end the life of that miserable fool who tried to take me as his wife... Kill him, for I belong only to you, my love. I thought and smiled softly.

[Kataryna's point of view]

Novarak's Breakthrough-er didn't even introduce himself. Just like many other dragons from Draejan's side, they saw no honor in battle nor cared for confrontations between strong enemies. In their eyes, we were all weak, but the amount of bodies from their side seemed to disapprove of this fact.

Although Alkelios wasn't keeping an eye on the whole battle, I did.

Berros Mandrakea was the farthest from us, and he was keeping the enemy dragons at bay with his mighty spear while skewering the unsuspecting ones with his earth magic. In one blow, tens of dragons fell, but he wasn't striking seriously. This battle was one of attrition. The less magic we used while defeating our enemy the better. Unfortunately, not all of us were used to this or were in a situation where they could afford to fight with less power. Such was the case of Kleo and Seryanna's battles.

The two made the best use of their elemental magic and countless dragons fell to their might.

I would have said the same thing for Mendeles Unvar, who summoned around one hundred water elemental warriors and had them engage the enemy. As long as he supplied them with magic, they were almost impossible to defeat unless one managed to evaporate, freeze, or completely scatter the water they were made out of.

This dragon, although he looked the youngest out of all of us, was having fun while slaughtering hundreds of foes. His water blades were also something dreadful as they sliced through any armor and weapon that stood in their way.

Meanwhile, that dragoness, Novias Oshika, was turning the enemies into blundering fools with her overexposed armor. Her enchantress spells mind controlled those who fell in her trap and made them turn their weapons against their allies.

Instead of Albeyater fighting against enemy soldiers, the enemy was fighting with each other.

Those strong enough to resist her influence were also cut down with wind spells or by the Albeyater soldiers.

Lastly, the one who stood at the opposite end of the battlefield from Berros Mandrakea was Moros Onias. He wielded dual elements like I did, only his were Ice and Earth.

With enchanted swords and casting fast and precise magic, this dragon was killing enemy dragons left and right. His skill with the sword was certainly far better than the others, but his spells lacked in strength.

Even so, I heard that his achievements on the battlefields and against various foes earned him great fame, enough for a small town to change its name after him.

These four Breakthrough-ers while leading the Albeyater army were like meat grinding machines. Any dragon who dared to cross blades with them would end up losing their life, but it wasn't like the enemy was just sitting around waiting to be slaughtered by them. There were those who went around the Breakthrough-ers and clashed with the soldiers from Albeyater, however, the latter's might was higher.

After Alkelios' roar, they were all filled with energy and used it to take down their enemies. Our commanders and captains who had their weapons and armors changed were also holding their ground against multiple foes. It was like watching an army of veterans clashing against one of beginners.

At this point, I felt like the number of 364000 soldiers was nothing but a joke, but we had yet to kill off even half of them. This battle was going to take a lot longer, especially if Draejan played his cards right. Then again... his first mistake was sending this Novarak dragon after me.

He was weak. Not only did he make the foolish mistake of attacking me in his full-beast form, but his attacks were sluggish and didn't even connect. Only his spells were a bit stronger than average, but even if I fought him naked, I could still take on several of those attacks without a problem. With Alkelios' armor, it felt like I was toying around with a child.

In a battle between Breakthrough-ers it was normal for one to take the form in which they fought the best, which was either the full-beast one like the one who engaged Alkelios in battle, or a half-beast form like Seryanna's foe.

In my case, it was my half-beast form, and I was suspecting it was the same for this dragon in front of me, but for some reason, he didn't change. If he had, maybe he didn't look so pathetic.

Oh well, it's not like all dragons are taught to fight with their head. Some of us reach their Breakthrough without even understanding what happened. I thought and then flew towards my foe just as Alkelios' darkness was cast around me.

I stopped midair and watched as the blinded dragon began to shoot his magic like crazy all around him.

“I don't know what trick you used, but I'll kill you!” he shouted in anger.

Are all Novarak dragons such fools? I wondered and titled my head to the left.

I didn't even need to dodge right now, but I did come to the conclusion that he might not be the only Breakthrough-er who was aiming for us. Using this moment of darkness, I changed from my full-beast form to my half-beast form.

The blue and white armor given to me by Alkelios was a perfect fit on my body's curves, and I didn't feel my movements restrained at all. I could freely fly and attack like I was barely wearing anything on me. It was a bit flashy in looks, but definitely the best armor I had the pleasure of wearing.

As for my sword, the Ledyanoy Potseluy was beautiful two-handed sword, bigger than Seryanna's and of a completely different element. With a blade that showed no mercy to my foes, and handle that made it feel as though I had gripped it from birth, this weapon surpassed even those deemed to be national treasures.

To be honest, I felt like even if I was standing alone against all these 364000 dragons, I could still come out victorious. Although, if I had to fight Breakthrough-ers while at it, my chances of winning were a bit low. Even so, they were still there, which meant that with the backup of so many other dragons and Breakthrough-ers, it was impossible for us to lose.

Looking up at Alkelios, I saw him summoning Jophiel.

I think if he was to fight alone against this entire army, he would still win, but unlike me, I doubt his mind would come out unscratched. After all... you can't say that killing a dragon on the battlefield isn't killing but justice or some other nonsense. As long as their warm blood flowed on the edge of your sword, you will remember their last breath for the rest of your life, or until you learn to accept it as it is and move on. I thought.

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