~ Chapter 69: Their battles (Part 3) ~

“Where are you?!” the Novarak dragon shouted.

“I'm here.” I replied in a calm tone of voice as I flew towards him.

The darkness around me faded, and I attacked. With Ledyanoy Potseluy, I slashed at his side and cut through his armor while leaving an ice burn mark behind. He screamed in pain and released a wave of heat from his body, a fire shell most dragons of the fire element used to create an attack that spread all around them, but against Ledyanoy Potseluy, it was useless.

I jumped forward, moving over his back and cut the muscles on his back with one slash. Because he was such a big and slow target, it was easy for me, who was in half-beast form, to make my way around and cut him.

Still, I was only toying with him now.

He tried to attack me by launching a series of spells at me, all of different elements. I guess this was his forte, magic, but used like this, it was rather idiotic. He ended up killing even dragons from his own side.

Let's finish this. I thought as I flew under him and then stabbed Ledyanoy Potseluy into his chest.

The sharp blade cut through his armor, scales, flesh, and bone until it reached his insides. There, the ice spread around, freezing his inner organs, however, I didn't plan on letting him go just with that.

With a smile on my lips, I released an electric shock through my sword.

“GRAAAH!” he screamed before his organs ceased to function.

Half of them were now frozen solid, while the rest had been fried by my lightning. I twisted the handle of the blade, and I heard the crack of his bones and the shattering of ice.

He's dead... I thought and then pulled out Ledyanoy Potseluy.

I flew from under him and let his giant body fall on top of the enemy soldiers below.

“ALKELIOS!!!” I heard Draejan's shout.

I guess he's not as smart as he thought or did anger finally got to the best of him? I wondered.

Even the greatest generals were known to make mistakes when they let their emotions get to the best of them. In this case, Draejan let his hate for Alkelios cloud his mind.

While I was thinking about joining him in battle, I was attacked from a long range by a water spear and a wind scythe. I dodged them in the nick of them and the I turned to see who dared to attack me.

Two dragons stood in front of me, one who wore a beautifully decorated black armor and another who wore a plate mail armor painted brown and white. These two were definitely Breakthrough-ers.

“I am called Johanas Lovarad! I hail from Ozur as a mercenary hired to fight in this battle. I state that this is a paid contract and as such my home country's king has no say in this matter!” the dragon wearing the brown and white armor declared.

His scale color was brown, but it was possible that he was a dual element like me.

A dragon with a bit of honor or did he say this just to make sure he didn't bring trouble to the nation of Ozur? I wondered.

“And I am Vanaziarum Baldagash! I hail from Embryger at the orders of the one I recognized as my lord!” the one in the fancy black armor declared.

His scale color was dark-green or blue? It was an unusual color that made it hard for me to guess his element, but it was quite common for serious dragons with a strategy in mind to hide their color behind a layer of paint.

“I am Kataryna Greorg. I am a simple knight from Albeyater who joined this battle because of a friend.” I said with a smile as I slashed Ledyanoy Potseluy through the air.

“You will die here!” Vanaziarum Baldagash declared.

“And we will enjoy killing you!” Johanas Lovarad declared.

“Oh! What shall I do? I'm so afraid~” I said with a giggle.

It was time for another battle, but this time, I had to be a bit more serious with my enemies. They were both Breakthrough-ers who were stronger than the Novarak anonymous dragon.

[Feryumstark's point of view]

It was a bit embarrassing to admit, but Alkelios' roar was far more powerful than mine. To reach all across this battlefield wasn't something any dragon of the Authority element could do, however, this in itself became a problem.

True, Alkelios was only a half-dragon now, and he wielded four different elements. He also possessed the best crafting skills in this entire kingdom, and he was also a Breakthrough-er. All of these factors made him a tasty target for all the noble dragonesses.

My kingdom did not forbid polygamy or polyandry, but their intent wasn't one of love, it was one of greed. With him as a husband, they could reach the strings where they couldn't until now.

Well... this is a problem, but I'll have to solve it later. In the meanwhile, I'll just order that all marriage proposals be sent to me instead. This way I can put a stop on them before they become a bother to him and Seryanna. I thought as I looked at the battlefield in front of me.

With the two armies clashing against each other, it was no time for me to idle around and think about such matters. I branded my sword and rushed at the front with Brekkar by my side.

“Just like the good ol' days!” said the old dragon.

“Yes, my friend!” I replied before we engaged the enemy.

The fools who rushed at me thinking they could defeat me fell under my blade, and their blood stained the ground. Brekkar showed no mercy either. All of his moves were precise and struck with unmatched strength, shattering his foes' armors and weapons.

It was like witnessing the old Breakthrough-er again, but I knew that part of his strength came from that dark-red armor Alkelios made for him. Witnessing it in combat, I felt a bit envious of him, but once everything calmed down, I was going to ask that dragon to make an armor and a weapon for me as well.

As we fought, darkness descended upon us, blinding our enemies but not us.

Who could have done this? I wondered, and at first I thought it was Brekkar's youngest niece, Kleo. She's couldn't have been the one, she's casting another spell now... I thought when I saw the whirlwind of light and darkness as it cleaved through the mass of flying dragons. My eyes then fell on Alkelios, who fought against an enemy dragon, a Breakthrough-er most likely. So he did it... I thought.


“FOR ALBEYATER!” came their shouts in reply, and with them the cries of our slain foes.

I too did not fell short to my friend Brekkar and let my sword taste dragon blood with each attack I made. There was no need for me to use my magic, these foes of mine were unworthy of it. My fists, my claws, and sword were enough for these bastards.

Then as the darkness around us faded and light returned to our enemy's eyes, I found myself standing in front of a big dragon with blue scales. He wore a thick blue armor plate and showed me a grin all the way to his horns. In this half-beast form of his, he was wielding a halberd almost two times bigger than him. No doubt it was a weapon meant to be used against more than just one enemy or while in full-beast form.

“I am called Garravian The Great! My master is the Embryger Empire, and I have come here to claim the head of one Brekkar Draketerus and one Feryumstark Seyendraugher! Be happy, for the great ME shall kill you both!” he declared and then laughed out loud.

“Another fool who wishes to kill me... Sigh.” I said and shook my head.

“Your Majesty, he's strong.” Brekkar told me as he knitted his brows at him.

“For you, maybe. But you have yet to recover, my friend. Keep my back safe, and I will deal with this whelp!” I declared as I took a step forward.

“As you wish, your Majesty!” Brekkar declared and made a bow.

With him keeping the flies at bay, I could unleash a bit of my true power. I wasn't able to do so against Alkelios, but with this dragon, maybe I could?

“Here I come!” I announced as I rushed towards him at a speed greater than the eye could see. I didn't aim with my sword but with my fist, and it connected before Garravian knew what hit him.

My punch cracked his armor and sent him flying back, but he landed on his feet and coughed.

That was a punch stronger than the one I used against Alkelios. I'm glad he didn't die in one hit! I thought and showed him a smile.

“Wh-What's with this strength?” the blue-scaled dragon complained.

“What? You think that was strong?” I blinked surprised.

Did I overestimate this fellow? I wondered.

Clenching my fist, I rushed up to him again. He saw me and tried to guard his face with his right hand, but I side-stepped to the left and punched him in the jaw. The blow was powerful enough to send his helmet flying off his head and him with it.

I looked at the dragon who was trying to get up and wondered why he would come pick a fight with me when he was so weak?

“ALKELIOS!!!” Draejan voice was heard from above.

When I raised my head up to see the little coward who started this entire mess, Garravian took this as a moment of distraction and tried to kill me with his sword. I dodged with minimum movement and then kicked him in the side. The dragon went flying across the battlefield towards Brekkar.

Noticing him incoming from the corner of his eyes, the old dragon brandished his sword and slashed at him. The cut was perfect and the body of Garravian was split in half.

“Ah! That was my prey!” I complained.

“Huh? I thought it was flying garbage. My apologies, your Majesty!” the dragon bowed to me and while doing so decapitated an enemy who tried to attack him from behind.

“For this, you'll spar with me later!” I declared pointing at him.

“WHAT? Please spare me, your Majesty!” the old scale complained.

“No excuses! It should be an honor to get beaten by me!” I shouted back.

“Who would be honored by that!” he complained and cast a fireball to his left, turning another enemy soldier into charcoal.

I let out a sigh and looked up at Alkelios.

The boy will win, certainly, but... is it just me or were these Breakthrough-ers we faced rather weak? No... I thought and then shook my head It's not them who are weak, it's just that we are far more powerful than our enemy thought. After all, even I don't think I could win if Alkelios and his friends were to attack me all at once! Well, if Elliessara did, then she could make me give up with a kiss! I laughed and then looked back at the horde of dragons coming at us.

“No time to idle around!” I said and then let out another roar to boost the confidence of my troops.

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