~ Chapter 115: Opportunity (Part 1) ~

[Zertan's point of view]

It's been so many years since Fellyore became nothing more than a distant memory, yet in all this time, I did all I could to survive and find a home for myself and my wife. With her being a dryad, it wasn't easy to get people to accept it, I had to hide her true nature even from my own family when I arrived in Paramanium.

Thinking back, I hoped I could earn their acceptance in some way, but every time I told them a story which contained a couple of lovers who were of different species, the look in their eyes was one filled with disgust. They called those people traitors to their own kind, and if they were human, a disgraces to mankind.

It made it hard for me to wrap my head around how they ended up like this, but my wife only had to look around their town and speak to their neighbors to understand that it was the fault human supremacy indoctrination.

In my opinion, it was a foolish belief.

What good was there to have mankind become the enemy of all the others species? It was nonsense, pure and absolute nonsense.

While thinking about this, I was escorted by Illsyore back to his camp where the rest of his companions were waiting for us. This Godlike Dungeon Lord was the last person I was expecting to meet on this side of the world, especially since it was well known how much the humans in Paramanium loved to destroy newly born Dungeons. This was also why they never destroyed their spawning circles.

When talking with him, I noticed that he had a rather carefree attitude and didn't release a drop of killing intent. He was the same back when he was still in the form of a Dungeon Core who maintained Fellyore Academy. This being said, Illsyore had always been one of the strangest members of his kind.

For me, this strange and friendly behavior of his was the most intriguing thing about him. The fact that he surpassed a number 3000 on the Dungeon Detection Stone or that he had five wives already wasn't that much of a shocker. The world was filled with unknown secrets, and maybe he just stumbled onto one of them which allowed him to jump to that number.

“Zertan, you said that you were on this continent on family business?” he asked me as we approached the northern gates of Ilia Port City.

Illsyore took out three silver coins and prepared to offer them to the guards as tax.

“Yes. My younger brother got married, and the Adventurers Guild sent me his invitation. Initially, I didn't want to go, but El'zavara convinced me in the end. She thought that maybe, because they were our family, they would come to accept her.” I then let out a sigh and looked down at the ground in front of me.

“It didn't turn out too well, did it?” he asked.

“No.” I shook my head.

“They were nice... if you were human, but when Zertan told them stories of couples like us whom we met back on Sorone and Allasn, they didn't know how to spit out more curses towards them.” El'zavara spoke in a sad tone of voice.

“I'm sorry...” I said as I gently took her hand and looked into her charming eyes.

“They didn't discover her, did they?” he asked me, showing a concerned look on his face.

“No, I made sure they didn't.” I shook my head. “Besides, even if they did, I planned to leave as quickly as we could and if they dared stand in my way, I was going to beat them up without mercy. No matter how much of their blood flows through my veins, I wasn't going to let it be the price for my love towards my wife!” I declared proudly.

“I completely understand you, Zertan!” he smiled and gave me a pat on the back “I wouldn't trade my wives for anything in the world!” he laughed.

While passing through the gates, we remained quiet so as to not attract unwanted attention, however, something was wrong.

The moment one of the guards saw us, he quickly left. My gut instinct was telling me that something was up.

Not longer afterwards, El'zavara whispered “The plants are restless...”

As a dryad, her connection with the plants was one of the subtle, they spoke to her, and she could speak back. No words were necessary in their conversation for with a single touch of a leaf or a rustle of the foliage, it was enough to send her an entire novel worth of words.

Thanks to this keen connection of hers with Mother Nature, I was able to reach unbelievable heights in the realm of herbology and alchemy, yet it always worried me when she said those words.

Every time the plants were restless, they were trying to tell her that there was something dangerous heading our way. It was strange that Illsyore wasn't seen as a danger towards us by them. Earlier today, the plants only told her that a very powerful entity was approaching this port, that was it.

“Are we in danger?” I asked.

“I don't know, the plants are telling me that some humans in the city have started to release their killing intent... It's not directed at us.” she replied.

“Then at whom?” I asked.

She didn't answer, but her gaze, which landed on Illsyore's back, told me that he was the one who was targeted.

I waited until after we left the gates and were far enough from the soldiers.

“Illsyore, is there someone targeting you?” I asked cautiously.

“Hm?” he blinked surprised and looked back at me. “No one as far as I am aware of, why?” he asked tilting his head to the left.

“Well...” I stopped and looked towards my wife. She nodded once and then I let out a sigh “El'zavara just received a piece of disturbing information.”

“Disturbing? How so?” he narrowed his eyes and changed his expression to a serious one.

“There are multiple individuals within the city's walls who are emitting powerful killing intent aimed at you.” I told him.

“Killing intent? Hm...” he rubbed his chin and then lifted his hand up and shouted “500 meters range Colly Tos!”

In that moment five pair of panties appeared above him. One of them was white with a bit of lace, one had blue stripes and a hole at the back, one was red with a very sexy design, and two of them were black and could have only been bought with the express purpose of enticing the mind of a man.

El'zavara stepped in front of me and glared at me the moment she saw me staring too much.

I showed her a wry smile.

“Well... they are all here.” Illsyore said to himself as if he was determining the result of a complex equation.

“ILLSY!!!” a powerful shout was heard from somewhere within the forest and a deadly wave of killing intent washed over the area.

The moment that dreadful feeling reached us, the birds flew away, the rabbits hid in their burrows and the Dayuks fled with their tail between their legs, yelping like little pups. Whatever Illsyore did, he awakened a monster.

Then... out of nowhere... an anvil came flying and struck the Dungeon right in the back of his head, making him do several loops in the air before falling face first on the ground. It was such an unbelievable scene that I even forgot to worry about his safety. Actually, I didn't even hear the crack of his Magic Armor or his noggin for that matter.

“Where are you, you no good husband of mine?!” shouted a woman as she stomped towards us.

She was a beautiful woman with long black hair, dark eyes, and a pointy tail. Her clawed hands and spiked armor coupled with the oppressing pressure she let out immediately made me understand that she wasn't a woman to be messed around with.

When our eyes met, I gulped and stepped in front of El'zavara. It was an instinctive reaction, although I knew that if I were to get hit by a single punch of hers, I would be meeting Tuberculus on the other side.

Honestly, I didn't want the face of that old pervert to be the first thing I would see there.

“Huh? Who are you?” the woman asked as she made a frown.

“Erm... Eh... Zertan... no last name... and the one behind me is my wife...” I stuttered while trying hard not to let it be seen that my legs were shaking.

Although I was Godlike Rank Adventurer, I was nowhere near as brave as others in this profession. Most of my battles took place among potions and piles of research notes. El'zavara, however, was a woman who could easily take down an entire pack of rabid Dayuks.

“Zertan?” she blinked surprised and then the powerful killing intent vanished.

“Huh?” I opened my mouth like an idiot, not understanding what exactly happened just then.

“Ugh... I'm alive... Thank you.” Illsyore made his presence announced.

The woman narrowed her eyes at him and then lifted her arm up and fifty anvils fell on top of the poor Dungeon. One of the other, they flowed down like a wave. I simply looked at how a powerful Dungeon with a number of over 3300 was buried under an avalanche of anvils that popped out of this air. I said nothing and didn't dare to say anything.

“Illsy, what was the bright idea of using that idiotic spell?!” she asked as she stomped furiously on the piled of anvils, causing them to sink further into the ground.

What insane power... I thought.

“Ugh... But I was told someone was directing killing intent at me... So... Ugh... Stop stomping me!” he complained.

The woman pulled back to let him talk, and the man got out from under the pile of anvils like I would from under a pile of fluffy pillows.

What unthinkable endurance... They are definitely in the High Godlike or at least Supreme Ranks. No, a Dungeon with a number 3348 on the Dungeon Detection Stone should be way past a Supreme. I thought.

“As I said, Zertan told me that his wife felt killing intent aimed at me, and I thought that...” he said as he dusted off his clothes.

“You thought what?” she narrowed her eyes at him.

“Well... that I needed to make sure you were around and... erm... that maybe you were the one aiming the killing intent at me because you thought I was trying to flirt with some unknown woman?” he showed a wry smile.

That doesn't make any sense... I thought and the woman repeated my words.

“Well... now that I think about it, it doesn't really make any sense does it?” he began to laugh.

The woman let out a sigh and shook her head.

“Just admit that you missed us and used this idiotic spell to check if we reached the camp or not. You just used that killing intent nonsense as an excuse to cast it, didn't you?” she said as she began to gather the pairs of panties on the ground.

“Erm... nooo?” Illsyore replied while looking away.

“I can't believe that because of something as idiotic as this, you let your cute and fragile wives suffer from the cold breeze!” the woman retorted.

Illsyore narrowed his eyes at her when he heard this.

If she was his wife, I couldn't see how 'fragile' fit into her description. Besides, she was wearing leg armor not a skirt.

“Yeah... fragile.” he muttered.

She tossed him a glare and then turned her gaze at me. I flinched.

“It's been a while Zertan! How are you doing?” she asked with a smile.

“Erm, do I know you?” I asked a bit confused.

“It's me! The cute and lovely Nanya!” she pointed at herself and showed us a bright smile.

“Cute, I agree, but where does 'lovely' come into play?” Illsyore retorted and ended up getting slapped over the face by her tail.

The Dungeon flew towards some bushes as a result of that strike, yet even now I didn't hear the crack of his Magic Armor, which let me to believe that all of this was just their way of 'playing around'.

Still, if there's one thing I know, never doubt the self-compliments your wife makes. No matter how far away from reality they are... I thought as I remembered the time when I too fell into this trap.

Sleeping on the floor for one week wasn't fun, especially after I caught a cold.

“It's been a while, teacher Nanya.” I said with small smile.

“Indeed, it's been a while! And who is she? I can sense that she's hiding behind an illusion.” Nanya said with a calm smile while gathering the anvils on the ground.

She was reabsorbing them, probably to use them as ammunition later on.

“Oh, yes, indeed.” El'zavara nodded with a flushed expression. “I'm using an illusion to hide my true self... I'm a dryad.” she replied.

“Dryad?” she blinked surprised and then she looked at me with narrowed eyes.

Why do I feel like she's judging me? What's wrong with marrying a dryad?! Dryads are cute too! I retorted in my mind.

“Yes, I'm a dryad.” El'zavara replied with a smile.

“Alright, then let's head back to our camp. Ayuseya just arrived with Shanteya. We were all both surprised when a certain pervert snatched our panties.” she then tossed a glare at Illsyore, who pretend to whistle in the wind.

“Sigh... Well, I guess he found using that idiotic spell to be an effective way to check up on us... Although, that broken spell still targets only us for some reason even when it's effective range isn't restricted to his Dungeon Territory anymore...” she said and pinched Illsyore's cheek.

“OW! OW! OW!” he cried.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the camp, and I was surprised to see that everyone who gathered there was, by all means, acting like one big family.

While Illsyore apologized to his wives for using that spell on them, I watched from a distance how the other people in this camp behaved. There were by far at least fifty slaves, enough to form a small village. They all looked like they had been properly cared for and with the exception of a few, they were all in a happy and healthy state. Among them, the only ones without a slave collar was a draconian woman and a human blonde woman. From what I could hear, they were telling them about the rules they had to listen to.

To the side, I saw a big carriage made out of metal, but there were no horses around, which made me wonder if by chance Illsyore was the one who was pulling it. Of course, I didn't rule out the possibility of having monsters pulling it. Given the fact that he was a Dungeon, maybe this was the most plausible option.

Either way, I got a really warm feeling from looking at this scene. It didn't seem like anyone was forced to do anything they wanted to despite being slaves. As for Illsyore and his wives, they had the aura of a big family. Sure, they were a bit mad at him for using that spell, but it was at the same level as a mother who was scolding her child for sneaking away an apple from the table or for coming back home with dirty boots.

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