~ Chapter 116: Escaping from Paramanium (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

I let out a sigh as I looked at the bodies of the adventurers and dead soldiers on the ground. They had a chance to back down even after witnessing my power. Normally, other individuals would have went after their families as well or brought up endless destruction on their home town, but I wasn't like that. Such an individual knew only how to abuse his power and act like a monster.

There was honor in knowing when to pull back and when to sheath your sword. If at one point I feared those who were more powerful than me, this didn't grant me the right to act like them towards those weaker than myself. I didn't fear their retaliation or revenge. Of course, if they persistently came at me, just like I did with the adventurers and soldier here, I was going to use my might to crush them all, but only those who instigated the fight.

To be honest, most of the Dungeons who made up the Darkness had a mindset which fell in the category of abusing one's power and behaving with the weak just like the strong did with them. I could never agree to this sort of behavior, but I couldn't ignore it either. That was why I made a clear set of rules for myself of when to kill, when to injure, and when to forgive. This way, I also hoped to be of help to Nazra and Maragun, the Goddess and God of Justice.

Last time when I met those two, the Holy God of Big Boobs was tied up to the ceiling of Melkuth's office to keep from sexually harassing the sleeping goddesses there. They told me that instead of depending on them I should be me aware of my own thoughts and be more firm with my own decisions. They didn't exactly said it that way, but that was my way of interpreting their words. I had full confidence in the gods that they would come over and let me know if I went astray. It was this very thought which granted me a bit peace of heart no matter how many people ended up dying by my hand.

“Load everyone in the car, we're leaving this place.” I told my wives while looking at the frightened soldiers before me.

I didn't say another word to them.

Their wounds stopped them from fighting properly, but I still wanted to make sure there weren't the type to kill them. After the camp was packed, I left a bunch of healing potions on the ground that could stop the bleeding if poured directly on the wound. It was also good to stop infection form settling in or spreading if it started already.

“Today you chose to live, remember this when you return to your families.” I told them as I turned around and got in the car.

Ayuseya was in the passenger seat to my right, while Zertan and El'zavara were behind us together Shanteya, Tamara, Nanya, and Zoreya. Savannah was in the back car together with the children.

“Did everyone finish what they had to do on this continent?” I asked them without turning to look at them.

“Yes, I released my former servants from their slavery contract. Only Soleya and Marcelle decided to remain. The others have expressed their wish to travel and find their own purpose out there.” Ayuseya replied.

“We bought all the spices and slaves we could find then rushed over here.” Nanya said.

“There is nothing here for me, my husband.” Zoreya declared in firm tone of voice.

“The moment we stepped inside this strange carriage, my wife and I have been prepared to leave Paramanium behind.” said Zertan.

“It's a big leap of faith, nonetheless.” Shanteya pointed out.

Technically speaking, we just met a few hours ago, and they already got dragged to my side. It wouldn't be unexpected if he showed worry towards following me or saw us as complete strangers. For them, it was indeed a big leap of faith.

“At the moment, we believe it's worth it.” El'zavara said.

“You don't have anything left behind? Like a bag at the inn or something like that?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“We have all of our baggage with us.” Zertan replied.

“Well... That's good then. Let's go!” I said and started the engine.

Turning the wheel, we departed from the campsite and headed straight for the northern gates of Ilia Port City. Chances were that we wouldn't be allowed to enter as easily as we were before the noble showed up.

His sudden appearance was a bit of a surprise for me as well, but if the Emperor himself ordered my capture, it wouldn't be a surprise if they sent a Wanted Poster or something to this city before I had a chance to sail away. Using birds as messenger was a very common practice even in this fantasy-like world, although, I didn't rule out the existence of magic artifacts that acted like modern day smartphones either.

“Look! Up ahead! They set up a barricade!” pointed out Ayuseya.

“I see it!” I said and then stopped the car at about 20-30 meters away.

The soldiers and guards formed two lines of men, stopping all entry while the travelers hid in the forest on the left and right side of the road.

“Ayuseya, take the wheel. Zoreya, Nanya, and Tamara come with me outside. We'll defend the cars as we head to the port.” I told them the plan and then got out of the car.

My wives followed me.

“Nyahaha! These fools are going to die today!” declared Nanya as she sharpened her claws against each other.

“Why is your laugh more cat-like than mine, nya?” Tamara complained.

“My shield is yours to command, Melkuth, but my body and heart belongs to Illsyore! Fumu!” Zoreya made an outrageous declaration with which I totally agreed with.

Unbeknown to me, somewhere up in the sky, a certain god fell off his chair.

“Let's keep the body count as low as possible, shall we?” I suggested with a smile.

“Suuure! What was the total population of Paramanium again?” Nanya joked as she showed me a devilish grin.

The humans who formed the two lines could already feel her numbing monstrous killing intent. Three of them were trembling in their armors, and another one from the back of the group was trying to sneak away.

“Attack!” I ordered.

Three blurs moved past me, and in the next moment, all the soldiers were taken out of combat. The battle happened so fast, they didn't had time to give the order to retreat. Tamara was the first one, and she took out the commander who was overseeing the operation from above the wall. She jumped up and then kicked him in the chest, tossing him through the open window on the other side of the room.

Nanya and Zoreya maintained a similar speed and split up at a distance of 10 meters away from them. The demoness went to the right, while the armored Apostle to the left. It was a pincer maneuver which in normal cases would have had the purpose of confusing the enemy and splitting up their attack force. In this case, however, the enemy didn't even had time to be confused, they were taken out too fast.

“Good job, you three. Let's clean up the mess!” I announced with a smile as I approached the gates.

My wives began to pull the unconscious men away from the road, to make room for the MCV to cross safely. Meanwhile, I jumped up on the wall and walked over to the gate control room. With one kick, I smashed the door, startling the soldiers inside.

“STAY BACK!” they shouted, but I slapped them unconscious.

They were so weak it almost felt like I was bullying them. Still, I wasn't expecting to find a challenge in this place anyway. According to the map I found in the Pirate King's cave, there were clearly some continents out there where the average levels were way past 2000. Over here, level 1000 was rare as it was.

The winding system for the metal gate was simple and made to be operated by two strong men. I, on the other hand, could turn it with my pinkie finger. Once I was done up here, I jumped out the window on the inside and used a powerful wind spell around me to knock back the small army of soldiers posted here in case anyone got through.

My intent wasn't to kill them, but a few broken bones couldn't be avoided. The wind spell was powerful enough to knock them back several meters.

“M-monster...” one of them commented.

“Sigh... I'm not a monster, just your neighborhood friendly Godlike Dungeon!” I showed him a smile, and he fainted from the shock. “OH COME ON! I'm not that ugly!” I retorted as a joke and then turned my attention to the gates.

While the soldiers were still in a confused state, I took off the beam of wood that kept the doors closed and pulled them back, making a free path for my wives outside to enter together with the MCV.

“Tamara, where did you get the fried fish?” I asked pointing at the pieces she was holding in her hands.

It was freshly cooked too.

“I got bored, nya. I went to the sea, fished them out in one scoop and then returned here to cook them with a fireball! Want one?” she said and then offered me one.

This cat brain was a beauty I couldn't refuse. Plus, she was good to cuddle and pet and hug, and she was quite flexible in bed and... Ahem! Anyway...

I took the fish and ate it quickly.

Meanwhile the locals already took cover inside their homes. Gazes filled with fear were peeking at us through the window cracks, but no one dared to come out and face us. Even the soldiers who managed to stay conscious were trying to pull back and flee.

Without hesitation, we ran through the streets and cleared the way for the MCV. Besides a few carriages that needed to be pushed out of the way and a bunch of soldiers we steamrolled over, there was nothing that impeded us from reaching the docks.

The moment we left the streets, however, we saw three big galleons lined up in front of us with their side cannons aimed at us.

“FIRE!” shouted the commander of the first ship.

A row of explosions were heard and tens of black metal balls came flying at us.

“In the name of Melkuth! [Divine Shield]!” Zoreya jumped forward and cast a powerful spell.

The projectiles struck an invisible wall and lost all of their momentum. Seeing this, I hoped the enemy would stop their attack, but no such chance, another barrage of metal balls came flying at us.

[Telekinezy]!” I shouted, casting the spell I learned such a long time ago, but which over the years I had come to master.

I grabbed the hull of the ship to the far right and then pushed towards the other two. Because of the power of the sudden impulse, the anchor was pulled up from the seafloor and then the winding mechanism made a loud screeching sound. Several sailors were tossed off the edge, while others tumbled around on the bridge. The other ship's captain ordered for his sailors to pull back from the edge and then held onto the helm with both hands.

The moment when the two ships collided, debris and people came flying from both sides. The two ships then flowed in the path of the first ship, creating a wall between them and us.

“I'm done with them! Nanya, Tamara, and Zoreya take care of the soldiers and any other nuisances that come our way!” I told them as I made a dash for a free pier.

“You there! Stop!” a bunch of soldiers and local town guards jumped in front of me, lifting their shields up and pointing their spears at us.

“At the very least they're reaction time to my intrusion is spotless.” I said with a nod.

“In the name of the Emperor, I command you to stop!” ordered the one who looked like a commanding officer among their ranks.

“Alright! Fusroh... Ah, whatever! Telekinetic shikak slap!” I shouted and used [Telekinezy] to slap them all back into the street they jumped out of.

I ran past them without even casting a glance at them to see if they were alright. In my mind, I didn't slap them so hard that they would die, it was just powerful enough to send them flying, literally.

“I have a clear path from here.” I told myself as I looked at the empty pier.

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“Why is your laugh more catlike than mine?”
I love that quirk of Nanya.

david moorefield
david moorefield

Anyone know what shikak means


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The term is an insult indeed. It means a prostitute for slaves.


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Abhishek Kale

Did he just try to Fus Ro Dah someone? o_O

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I think the best line was about Illsy asking him about his bag. I was expecting him to say right after they started moving ahhh yep forgot my bag Lol. Or maybe his teaching license if they have that here.


“At the very least they’re reaction time to my intrusion is spotless.” I said with a nod.

Their, not they’re.


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