~ Chapter 71: The reason behind everything (Part 1) ~

[Kronius' point of view]

In this battle against the former human Alkelios, my job and duty was simple. All I had to do was help master Draejan get a better position so he could land the good strike on his foe. It was a combo attack I was forced to learn while traveling around the Dragon Continent to raise my level, see important strategic location, and to fight against various terrifying monsters. It was highly unlikely there was a dungeon I had yet to set foot in either Albeyater Kingdom or Embryger Empire.

When I first awakened to this ability, my master immediately ordered me to train it until I had complete control over it.

Now, I could do it with my eyes closed and thanks to a levitation spell and a wind one, I could position myself up in the sky where I had a perfect view over the battlefield. It wasn't real flight like the dragons had, but if I combined these two spells with my teleporting skills, I could easily move around faster than any of them.

Watching the battle down below, I noticed how calm I was in the middle of this battlefield, and I was reminded how much of a coward I was back then, when I was brought to this planet.

Almost two years ago, ten million humans were kidnapped from Earth and then cast off like disposable waste in a primitive world with a technological level no more advanced than what could be seen during the Middle Ages of Europe. I completely failed to see the use in expanding such a huge amount of energy for sending us here, but more so, I failed to see how I was going to be of use to this world which I didn't want to be a part of.

As a human, I was born in the beautiful and great England of the United Kingdom. My parents were commoners, but during these modern times, it was rather useless to distinguish between classes, although, it was widely known that noble folk tended to be of a different standing and mindset than the rest of us.

The way I saw it, their way of growing up, their principles and life lessons were all different from the commoner's ones from various point of view, especially when it came to the matter of who was entitled to rule over whom.

During my youth, I tended to be more interested in going out with my friends and watching a good game of soccer on the telly. I always thought gaming in general and business interests in this industry to be rather boorish and unbecoming of someone who grew up in the United Kingdom. No matter what, I failed to see its use in our great society.

When it came to studies, I wasn't the brightest bulb in the classroom, but I tended to stand out in classes such as economy or history. It was a simple matter to get a passing grade as long as I made sure to memorize whatever was written in those silly books.

Later, I got admitted the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow for the Entrepreneurship Undergraduate classes. I finished with average grades and immediately got onto starting a business together with some friends I met at the hall of residence. Then, not long after we signed our first big contract, the God-like kidnapped me and sent me to this backwater world.

Indeed, I was robbed of my good fortune and cast off in this God forsaken world where the imbecile rate was as astounding as their use of magic.

The first problem I encountered was the ridiculous status system the God-like cursed us with. It was impossible for me to understand. I didn't see the use in assigning these points. It was utterly useless and moronic to even think it could have any sort of effect, but contrary to my beliefs, reality was rather cruel. Every point placed in the right attribute could mean the difference between life and death.

The first thing I saw when I arrived on this planet was a cruel battle between a battalion of humans and a squad of dragons. The latter lost and were swiftly executed without a second thought. I could speak the language of the humans just as well as I did English, but I couldn't understand how that was possible. It felt rather ridiculous that I could do it without proper study and practice.

The humans took me under their wing and used my ability, [Pika Boo Blink], in various tactics. I had no choice but to follow the chain of command, otherwise, those backwater primitives would kill me just as they did with the dragons. Fleeing was out of the question as I couldn't get far even with my power.

Then, one week later, another squad of dragons intercepted our battalion, but this time, we lost completely, and all the humans except for me were executed. When one of the dragons aimed his sword to cut me down, I teleported a few feet away and avoided the blow. Seeing this, their leader, Draejan Andrakaryus Doesya decided to spare me in exchange for me becoming his personal slave.

I had no choice but to accept, but although I was left alive, my life had turned into a living hell. Unsatisfied with the extent of my power, my new master ordered me to train until I fainted or couldn't move anymore.

Among his spartan training routines, which consisted of me being beaten up by his troops over and over again, I was to go to various dungeons and find my way to its core. Of course, I wasn't allowed to keep any items for myself, but he didn't interdict me to do research on my own with my skills and such. In fact, he encouraged this sort of thinking because the stronger I was the better he could use me in his campaign to conquer Albeyater.

Speaking of which, master proved to be quite wise in regard to how he approached this entire war. When I became his slave, he had already set his plan in motion for more than forty years now. It all started with the last invasion of the human army. At that time, right after General Brekkar Draketerus won his battle against the human Breakthrough-er, master Draejan, although rather young at that time, left the capital and gathered the fleeing nobles from those lands. By offering them shelter, he put them in his debt, which he planned on collecting later on.

Although still unawakened, the others were impressed by his actions and earned him great favors among the higher ups in society. Seeing how he was also of royal blood, his grandmother being the respected Queen, master Draejan was able to pull strings which otherwise would have been out of his reach.

Using these favors and under the pretext of establishing a good connection with the neighboring kingdoms, master Draejan traveled in the following years around the world in order to secure the fighting force he would need for this battle. Of course, he never told me these things, but those he made deals with tended to remind him of them even when I was around. Putting two and two together wasn't that hard for someone with my education.

My job in his plan was of another kind. I was to act as a messenger at first, teleporting around to bring his precious messages to those he saw as allies or pawns. The chances of me being caught were rather low.

When I had free time, I was sent to visit various locations around the kingdom, so I would know where to teleport in the future.

Pertiko Village was my first real job where I acted independently. My mission was to cause a large enough distraction to force the Kingdom to move a bunch of troops to this small village and offer my master the perfect chance to enact another part of his plan. I had no idea what it was exactly, but I had a feeling it had something to do with the Brekkar Army, which was recalled to the capital.

Near Pertiko was a small undead dungeon where I first trained to reach a decent level. Now that I had returned, I knew exactly where to teleport, so what I did was casually send all of the undead monsters spawned inside the dungeon outside, near the village. I kept doing this for a while until a great number of them was amassed on the surface. To make things easier for me, I threatened the Dungeon Core with its destruction if it didn't obey me. All I had to do now was wait and witness the slaughter of the dragon troops sent here.

Unfortunately, that was when HE made his first appearance... Alkelios Yatagai, a hero from Earth just like me. The difference between us, however, was not only in age but in strength as well. He proved to be far more powerful than me, at a ridiculous level even.

I barely escaped with my life, but when master Draejan heard my story, he didn't seem impressed at all, or rather he found it hard to believe my words. Alkelios was already a very outrageous individual having grown so powerful in such a short time without going through any hellish training like I did, but thinking that he could grow far more powerful than that sent a shiver down my spine.

That night, I decided that within my plan to escape the clutches of Draejan, I should include a few methods to get rid of threats like Alkelios if I were to ever encounter them in the future. Unfortunately, planning was a far easier job than actually doing it. I had no idea of the extent of that man's abilities, and there was still the mystery of what sort of skills he had gained from the God-like. Above all, I was facing a lack of useful skills myself.

Up until now, I had barely received any combat worthy abilities. Whatever I gained from the God-like's skill list felt like runner up prizes in a store lottery. Most of them simply helped me around with my daily life, like the [Drowned Cat] skill, which was basically a body cleaning spell. I couldn't even use it on others and spending over 10 skill points for that felt like a complete rip off.

It was around the time when Alkelios arrived at the capital that I was training in a dungeon somewhere in the Embryger Empire. I leveled up as usual, but this time, I received a useful new skill, although the name left much to desire.

The skill was called [Goddess' Period]. It allowed me to create droplets of crystallized blood, which then could be infused with the life force of monsters. Unlike natural absorption, this one consumed even the body of the monster, leaving no body behind. The advantage was that once I used the blood crystal, it would grant me double, and recently even triple the normal amount of life force.

Not long after I used the [Goddess' Period] skill to increase my Power Level, I noticed that I didn't receive any more Skill Points. It was the cost I had to pay for quickly leveling up with it. Instead of using the blood crystals on myself, I mostly gathered them for master Draejan. He didn't acquire any new Skill Points like I did, thus, they were best used on him.

Looking at him fighting against Alkelios, I could tell that without that ridiculous skill of mine, master Draejan would have been nowhere near powerful enough to even land a decent hit on that flying monster.

Actually, just calling that former human a monster would be wrong... All of these dragons were nothing but monsters and brutes. If there was anything that I learned while journeying throughout the Dragon Continent, that was the fact that the only good dragon was a dead dragon. The humans had every right to fight and try to exterminate them. Not only were they different from us, they held no remorse towards those weaker than them either. If they appeared friendly at first, the moment you turned your back, they jumped on you like wild hyenas.

Bloody monsters they were, all of them.

“No matter if Alkelios wins or not, I will kill him...” I said in a whisper.

There were a few ways to accomplish this, I just had to be prepared, that was all. It wasn't like I didn't do anything while master Draejan leveled up. If I didn't do anything, I was sure to die sooner or later. For me, it was a battle for survival, not a simple stroll through the park as it was for Alkelios. Being the loved protegee of those powerful dragon granted him a quick path to success. Even his loss against Draejan more than one year ago was nothing but an unfortunate accident.

[Pika Boo Blink] and [Goddess' Period] weren't the only special skills I obtained from that infernal lottery. I managed to acquire a bunch of combat class ones as well. They were nothing extraordinary or outrageously powerful, and they were too few in number when compared to the others similar to the [Drowned Cat]. But out of all of them, two of them stood out.

[Flying Bull Drink] was a skill which allowed me to absorb the life force of killed enemies at double the speed and quantity as I naturally did. After improving this skill, the rate went up from double to triple to quadruple and then octuple. I was leveling up like crazy thanks to this skill.

Two months ago, while finishing the seventh floor of a dungeon in Novarak Kingdom, I finally gained a new useful combat skill...

[Grandpa 10 yo] was its name, and it allowed me to capture monsters which I had weakened through combat. All I had to do was point at it and then shout 'I will catch them all!'. It was ridiculous, but it worked. The monster would end up shrunk and trapped inside a transparent ball with a diameter of 4 centimeters. I could see it inside in a miniature form, growling and trying its best to get out.

It was impossible. Unless I shouted 'Unleash the (monster name)!' while throwing the ball away, they wouldn't be set free. If I tossed it at an enemy, the monster would then end up being compelled by magic to attack my foe. When the battle was over, the monster would return by itself to its ball.

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