~ Chapter 71: The reason behind everything (Part 3) ~

“Did you have anything to do with the invasion?” Feryumstark asked.

“I may have told him the location of the army, the locations of our forts, and I believe I also let him know about a possible chance of attack. It wasn't that hard to find out when the general's beloved granddaughter was going to take her knighthood exam.” he showed him a smirk “I never expected him to win the battle, and neither did he. All we wanted was to start a war, but the Queen managed to prevent that. All of our efforts went up in flames... That's why I changed my focus then.” he looked at the Queen “By taking you out of the picture, starting a war with the humans would have been a cinch, but...” he then looked at me “I never expected that a monster like you was going to show up.” he laughed.

“What do you mean?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“What do I mean? Don't play the fool, Alkelios Yatagai!” he shouted “Every single one of my plans went down the drain the moment you stepped in! It was like you had all the luck in the world! Always at the right moment and at the right place! I even started to believe that you are somehow managing to read my mind or keep track of my actions!” he shouted and glared at me.

“Not really, I just wanted to sleep with my redhead dragoness.” I shrugged “You were just in the way?” I tilted my head to the left.

“WHAT?!” he shouted in anger.

Seryanna blushed and looked at me with a love-filled gaze.

“You're telling me that all of your interference was because of a dragoness?! Couldn't you have went to a brothel if you couldn't keep it in your pants? Or I don't know rape someone on the street? How about her sister or that silver-scaled one?” he glared at me.

“You do know that rape is a crime right? Also, Seryanna's my dragoness, as long as I get to hold her in my arms I'm not even going to bother trying to sleep with someone else. Hm, maybe Kataryna, but definitely not someone from a brothel or her sister.” I nodded to myself.

“You are an idiot. What's so special about one dragoness? Ha! This was what I was talking about, dragons need to rule over dragonesses not the other way around. Ending up like this fool is a shame, a disgrace!” he spat.

“Maybe, but I still got the dragoness in the end and even won the war.” I showed him a big grin.

He growled.

“Enough of this!” Feryumstark roared “You have already given us more reasons than we needed to put a sword through your chest, but I still wish to hear one last thing... Were you behind the deaths of the recent noble assassinations?” he asked.

“Yes. Of course. I ordered my slave to use his teleportation ability to send the assassins groups all over Albeyater at roughly the same time. It was an easy attack, and no one expected it. I also payed the bandits to destroy the caravans of the merchants coming from outside. I bribed the local lords in each port of Albeyater to raise the prices and interfere in any way they saw fit with the foreign merchants. I even caused the Pertiko incident. Hahaha! You all thought it was some unfortunate Dungeon going wild, but it was my slave who caused it to go wild!” he confessed.

“But I stopped the Dungeon.” I reminded him.

“Yes, thanks to you, the Paladins that were supposed to have died back then lived and I lost a precious contract. If they died, I would have had at least 380000 troops today. You also ruined my deals with the Twin Daggers. Do you have any idea how much gold I lost because you destroyed that organization?” he asked glaring at me.

“I don't know, but I did convince the leader of the organization to become my friend and disband it!” I said with a smile.

“An organization as powerful as that with deals throughout the entire Albeyater was disband because of you? It's hard to believe.” he laughed.

“Was it that powerful?” I asked Kataryna.

“Meh, who cares.” she replied with a shrug.

The dragoness never held any regret over her decision. The Twin Daggers organization had always been just a hobby for her, which she never really took seriously. If she didn't meet me, maybe she would still be in that cave of hers, letting time pass by with nothing ever changing.

In my opinion, she got a better deal by disbanding that organization. This way she got to meet new people, make friends, and spread her wings a bit more.

“Now you're going to tell me that you also had a hand in stopping the spread of the Dragon Flu in Toros?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Erm, no. I just helped a merchant there make a bunch of Virlullian potions and told him the extra conditions needed to cure it besides the Rotiqus Potion.” I shrugged.

“Why am I not surprised? I spent a lot of coins to get it started and spread until it became like that. It was the perfect way to stall for time and force the Brekkar Army's commanders from reaching the capital before I managed to reorganize the ranks. Because of you, I had to spend more gold and bribe more dragonesses to get the dragons I wanted inside the army.” he let out a sigh and shook his head.

“Coincidence?” I asked tilting my head to the left.

“I refuse to believe it was so. If it wasn't for you, I would have been forced to leave the capital like I did! You stole everything for me!” he growled.

“I still don't understand. What did you plan to obtain with all of this scheming?” I asked him.

“Internal destabilization of the country and a decrease in the quality of external relationships. This way, the King would have been forced to spread his army thin. If everything would have went according to plan, then right now there would have been countless nobles rising up against the royal family. The Human Coalition Army would have faked an attack, pulling most of the army in a defensive position on the Western Islands to stop a possible human onslaught. If I had married Seryanna by then, I would have used her name to get even more nobles on my side and then I would have acted all surprised when the massive invading army knocked on Drakaria's door unexpectedly. Heh! I even managed to send a message to the insectoid Queen and have her send a part of her army as well to attack Albeyater from the North. A triple attack...” he smirked “It would have been wonderful!”

North? Insectoid Queen? Could it be? I thought as I remembered a certain insect army I squashed when I had nothing else better to do in the Northern Desert.

“But Alkelios put a stop to all of this. He helped gather the rest of the army, saved important nobles and even helped reveal most of the traitors on your side. Right now, most nobles are on my side rather than yours. The army from the North never came either, and you never got to marry Seryanna. She took Alkelios as her husband instead of you and Brekkar recovered as well, allowing me to put him back on his rightful general seat. As for the Queen, you never did expect that Alkelios was going to find the cure for her too, right?” Feryumstark summed up everything.

I don't think I ever intended or wished to be the one who stopped his overly complex strategy... I thought and when I gazed back at Seryanna, I remembered my countless wishes, among which, the most powerful one which I desired to come true from the bottom of my heart was the one in which I wanted to become her lover.

I don't think I ever stated it in words, but from the very first time I met her, I thought that it would be nice if I could become her lover, her boyfriend, but... wasn't that one of the best ways to make a wish? It was honest, pure, and came from depths of my soul... Considering how my Luck worked, it was highly likely that I was unknowingly pulling myself towards events and situations, which if left as they were would have eventually led to me and Seryanna walking on separate ways.

In the end, it was true, he was just a nuisance in the grand scheme of bringing me and my beautiful dragoness wife together. If he had not intended to make Seryanna a part of his ploy, then he might have had a chance of winning.

“No, I never expected him to do that.” Draejan replied shaking his head.

“Then, I'm going to ask you one more time... Why did you do it?” Feryumstark asked as he unsheathed his sword and aimed it at Draejan's neck.

“Because there's no honor in being peaceful. There's no glory without a battlefield and no future without death. The Human-Draconian Wars made us strong and powerful, both of our sides, while peace will only do the opposite. We need war just as much as war needs us.” he stated in a firm tone of voice as he looked into Feryumstark's eyes with an unwavering gaze.

“Then, as much as it pains me to do this as your grandfather, your crimes bear too much weight. May the gods have mercy on your soul, Draejan.” he said and pushed the blade through his grandson's chest.

The dragon received the cold sword with his eyes closed, and with one final twist of the handle, Feryumstark ended his life.

After he pulled out the sword from his chest, he cleaned it with a piece of cloth.

“It's over.” Seryanna said.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“This war... To think it was has been orchestrated from such a long time ago. Sigh... Am I getting old?” the Queen said and then rubbed her temples with two fingers.

“I doubt it, my love. This dragon simply managed to outsmart us. He was good, but too bad he used his talents to instigate chaos and death.” said Feryumstark.

“True... but I'm still worried about that slave of his.”

Just as Elliessara said this, a loud laughter caught our attention. It was coming from above us.

Looking up, I saw the human Hero who had that annoying teleporting ability. He was wearing a gothic black duster with a hood pulled over his head. With his hands on his stomach, he was laughing like a madman.

“To think he would die like this! Spilling out everything! What did he try to do? Was he an idiot?” the man laughed.

Our eyes were on the flying man, while our hands rested on the hilts of our swords. For now, we didn't know what his intentions were, but without his master, he was technically free. If he fled to the human kingdoms, we probably wouldn't have given chase, but if tried anything, we were all prepared to jump in and finish him off.

“Ah! I honestly wasn't expecting to feel SOOO good when I saw him die! Ah... that was lovely.” he then laughed again.

When he stopped, he looked down at me and said “It's a shame you gave up on being human. Now you won't be so welcomed by our comrades in arms. After all, we're here on this crappy planet for the sole purpose of keeping Earth alive! Did you forget that? Are you an idiot as well? Hahaha! Now then, time to get rid of this annoying collar!” he said and then simply teleport it off of himself

“I made my choice, and I am happy with it!” I declared.

“Too bad though.” he said as he grabbed the collar before it fell on the ground “I'm going to keep this. Safekeeping? No, just a memory of my time in Hell, that's it!” he laughed. “You know? I could have gotten rid of the collar ages ago, but I really wanted to see how that bastard was going to die! I really really wanted to see that, and now that I did, I feel like I am finally free!” he laughed again.

“What are your intentions, human?” Feryumstark asked.

“My intentions? Hm... Hm? Hmmm.” he pretend to think and ponder hard about it, but then he vanished from our sight.


When I turned my head, I saw the man standing behind Feryumstark. He tried to kill him, but the dragon's armor was far too tough to be pierced by such an attack.

Out of reflex, Feryumstark turned around and slashed at the one he now perceived as an enemy. Before the blow hit, the man jumped back and teleport a few meters away from him.

“Oh! That was close!” he laughed and then looked at his sword. The blade was chipped, “I should have expected this won't do, he is a king after all.” he shook his head and tossed it on the ground. “One moment, please!” he said with a smile and then pulled out something from his [Purse] ring.

It was Draejan's Legendary Rank sword.

“Why did no one retrieve that thing?” I asked.

“It was already gone when I got to it.” Seryanna replied.

“He must have took it not long after I grabbed Draejan to bring him before their Majesties.” I said.

“Now then! There was a lot of things that useless dragon forced me to do, but lies and deceptions are a must when you are willing to walk among these savages! You see...” he lifted the sword to his eye level and then pulled out a big red crystal from his pocket. “Draejan always assumed that these little things can't be used to charge up this monster. Well...” he smirked and a strange energy in the form of red lightning mixed with a red fog passed from the crystal into the sword. “he just wasn't using it right.”

When the charge up was complete, he slashed the sword at the ground and a crack appeared there. The weapon was back to its full potential, but this time without the unpleasant side effect of its user losing his sanity. At this point though, I was starting to doubt if he had any left.

“Now then! Alkelios!” he pointed the tip of the sword at me. “I'm going to have you die here!” he declared.

“This guy is nuts!” I said as I unsheathed Heaven and Hell and then raised them above my head “Chaos! Reveal yourself!” I shouted, although it was not needed, and the two swords merged into the powerful two-handed weapon I was most familiar with.

From within the [Black Hole] I took out another two-handed sword, which only use was so I could activate my dual wielding skills.

It was time for the true final battle... and this time, against a human from my own world.

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