~ Chapter 45: What needed to be done (Part 1) ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

Aunty Eliza's magic training was the same as always. She made me circulate Magic Energy between my palms without letting it overflow or go out of control. Even for an expert user, this was still a rather difficult exercise as it tended to use all of his focus. That was why my senses were currently peaked at their maximum. I could even hear Luthecia's humming, who was washing the dishes in the kitchen, which was on the other side of the house. The door was closed too.

Then, while I was focusing on getting the right amount of Magic Energy to flow between my palms without it spilling out or going out of control, I heard it...

“Brother! Help me!”

It was a scream filled with horror and fear. It rang in my ears and echoed in my head.

“Sister!” I said as I jumped up.

A chill ran down my spine, and I could feel something was definitely wrong.

By the time our aunt realized what just happened, I was already dashing towards the stairs. I rushed to the door of our bedroom and opened it, almost breaking the handle because of my strong grip.

There, sitting on the frame of the window and with one hand holding my unconscious little sister by the waist, I saw that terrible man, Alexandre Damascus.

“No witnesses...” the man muttered and then pointed his palm at me.

I froze in shock.

What's happening... Is Cassandra... What is... I thought, but before I could gather my thoughts, a powerful force sent me flying back.

The spell Alexandre cast with a shortened chant was a powerful one from the wind element. It created an unnaturally powerful wind which pushed me back. The world was spinning around me and all of a sudden my whole body hurt.

I blacked out...

Aunty's calls woke me up.

“Leonidas! Leonidas! By the gods! Leonidas! What happened?” she was calling out to me while crying.

“Ungh...” I groaned and tried to get up.

A terrible pain shot through my right hand and left leg.

“Ow... it hurts...” I said numbed by the pain.

Tears gathered in my eyes and my jaw was trembling as I tried to resist the urge fof screaming out loud.

“Don't move, Leo! Luthecia went to get your parents...” she told me as she placed her hand on my chest.

Aunty was trembling as well and didn't know where to look.

Ah, yes... I vaguely remember mother telling us aunty quit being an adventurer because of a problem of some sort... What was it again? I thought, but my mind was in a blur.

I closed my eyes and focused to keep the pain under control.

Then I remembered that man, Alexandre Damascus, pointing his hand at me...

I opened my eyes with a jolt and asked “Sister... Where is my little sister?”

Aunty Eliza bit her lower lip and looked away.

“Aunty!” I shouted then groaned as I felt another wave of pain rushing through me.

“I don't know...” she shook her head. “Someone took her... but I didn't see who... I wanted to run after him, but when I saw you like this...” she said in a trembling tone of voice and clenching her hands into fists.

The pain wasn't going away, so I forced myself to look at my body. There was blood everywhere and my leg was bent in a strange way. I could tell that my bones and muscles had been ripped and my body was desperately trying to heal the wound. Looking at my right arm, I saw it wasn't doing any better, the bone was sticking out and if my guess was right, I probably had a few broken ribs as well. Maybe they healed by now because my chest didn't hurt so bad as my limbs did.

“Agh! It hurts!” I couldn't bear it and screamed in pain from both the shock and the pain.

“Leonidas! Don't move anymore! W-We need to heal you... to treat you! I... I need to get something to wash the blood... no, to stop the bleeding... to...” aunty was already panicking, and her eyes were swimming.

She didn't know what to do and despite how powerful she was and how brawny she looked like, her legs were trembling.

If Cassandra saw you like this, you would have shattered her image of you. I thought to myself.

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