~ Chapter 45: What needed to be done (Part 2) ~

Tears had gathered in the corners of her eyes, and a few were already flowing down her cheeks. Despite being an Emperor Rank adventurer, she was clearly unable to keep her cool. She was actually panicking more than I was, however, this wasn't the time to idle around. Cassandra was in danger more than I was.

Grabbing her hand with my left arm, I caught her attention.

“T-That man... The Royal Knight who came with that teacher, Mister Dejun from Gallyater Royal Magic Academy... Ugh. He was the one who kidnapped my little sister... Whatever the reason, I'm certain it isn't a good one!” I told her while holding down my desire to scream in pain.

“Royal Knight? I-I'll be sure to tell your parents as soon as they get here... Y-You... You just need to calm down and don't move too much, alright?” she said trying to force a smile through her tears “If only I knew how to use healing magic...” she frowned.

“Huh? None of us can do it, right?” I showed her a wry smile.

“W-We'll call for a healer from Briston... W-We'll make sure to heal you... You're not going to die, Leonidas... you're not going to...” aunty said in a trembling tone of voice as she lowered the volume towards the end.

I hated pain. I really hated it.

Even though I experienced so many deaths and spent countless days in hospitals, pain was still pain, there was no going around it. Because of this, whenever I heard people say that you would get used to it, I couldn't help but feel like they were rubbing in my face a big fat lie. You didn't get used to it, you just learned to abstain from shouting and how to stop yourself from panicking. Maybe your nerves became a bit dull to the pain, but in the end it was still there.

Thanks to my experiences so far, I was able to keep a clam mind about it. I could barely stop myself from crying and shouting, but showing no reaction at all to the feeling of pain was something I had yet to achieve or wished to.

A good trick to help get over the pain was to scream internally. Let the shouts out in my mind or through a deep breath without contracting my vocal chords.

Thus, while looking at my current situation, I knew what I had to do. It was the only option I could go for least I wished for Alexandre Damascus to get away with my little sister.

“Hey, aunty?” I asked in a weak tone of voice.

“Yes?” she looked at me with those tearful eyes.

I can't let her see this... She may be an Emperor Rank adventurer, but looking at her current state of mind, I fear that she will faint when she will see what I will do... I wonder if this was the reason why she quit being an adventurer? Because she turns weak when she sees someone she cares about getting hurt? I thought as I looked into her eyes and then asked her with a soft smile on my lips “Can you please bring me a glass of water?”

“Of course! I'll be right back! And don't worry, once your mother gets here, your aunt will find that bastard and make him wish he was never born!” she declared as she tried to get up, but her legs failed her, and she showed me a wry smile.

On her second attempt she was able to stand up and walk out of the room.

Once she was gone, I closed my eyes and prepared myself for what was to come. This wasn't going to be easy, but there wasn't a better way to test those regenerative abilities the goddess promised to grant me.

“Oh, Sapherya, please be with me through this ordeal.” I prayed.

I took a deep breath and grabbed a nearby piece of wood and bit on it hard.

My bones were out of place, my muscles were ripped, so I had to rearrange them as they were before. This was most likely going to be the most painful thing I experienced in this entire lifetime.

With a gulp, I grabbed my broken hand and... I pulled, pushed, and twisted.

“UNNNGH!!!” I shouted while biting hard on the piece of wood.

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Thank you very much for this wonderful chapter


“I was able to keep a clam mind about it.”
Never underestimate the mind of a clam. NEVER!


Yes he misspelled it, it is “calm”.


so he actually uses her real name if it becomes serious


going the hard way, uh… Was it not better to use telekinesis instead of pure strength? Or maybe he was too mentally instable because of pain to properly concentrate on it?