~ Chapter 118: Under attack (Part 1) ~

[First Prince's point of view]

It has been over a month since the Godlike Dungeon Lord Illsyore has been last spotted in the Paramanium Empire in the Ilia Port City. By now, father was embarking on the flag ship of our naval fleet and preparing a huge armada to intercept and presumably defeat this powerful entity.

During the time my family was preparing for war, I managed to persuade and stop several important noble families from participating in this crusade. Thus, I spared just enough forces to establish a defensive perimeter alongside our borders just in case father failed miserably, as I assumed he would. Although all most working sailing vessels had been seized and sent to Ilia Port, I secretly put in orders for the construction of several navy galleons. If father were to lose too many of our ships, we would find ourselves in a tricky position where we couldn't defend our territorial waters anymore.

Father was praised as a wise and powerful Emperor, but his fame was mostly inherited from my grandfather, the former Emperor. Ever since he picked up the throne, he didn't bring even a single significant change to Paramanium, but I could at least praise him for fooling most people into believing that he simply chose not to embark on a conquering campaign.

He couldn't fool me, however, there were way too many unbelievably foolish orders he gave to his subordinates. Thanks to him, we lost the favor of many good me; the human supremacy cult rose up to unprecedented heights; and our relationships with our neighboring countries have been getting worse with each ambassador we sent to them.

However, I wasn't blaming everything on father. The Prime Minister who stood by his side as an adviser was half responsible for all of the bad decisions so far, but whenever he was put to blame, he managed to twists his words in such a way that it made you think it was just an unfavorable circumstance. My brother was gullible enough to believe every word this man said, and father saw him as a friend.

I was the first born prince, the crown prince, but this didn't mean that my family favored me to become the king. Without a good enough support from the nobles, I was never going to gain the crown. As for mother, she wasn't one who ever wished to meddle in politics. Her stance was neutral whatever the outcome of our war.

At the very least, I wasn't doing as bad as my younger brother, the fourth prince, who forced upon Teslov that murdering psychopath Dankyun. Yet, what sort of twist of fate was this when father signed the release paper for this draconian in order to put him in a special Supreme squad?

Picking up the report in question, I found it rather troubling of how little information I had on this imperial decision. While the purpose of this makeshift team was to act as a paramilitary unit all over Paramanium and our neighboring allies, completing Supreme-class missions, the complexity behind orchestrating the creation of this unit was definitely not something father could have come up with.

Was it the Prime Minister? I wondered.

Putting down this report, I looked over the opened map of the Paramanium Empire on my desk and contemplated the current political power my faction held.

Thanks to father's decision to hunt down that Dungeon Lord, a lot of the smart nobles are beginning to doubt his ability to rule. Although there are several Lords who have yet to reply to the Imperial Call to Arms, they haven't replied to my calls either. In fact, I'm already suspecting they are going to turn their swords against the Empire, especially those few on the Allasn Continent and to the South near the Teslov Kingdom's border. I thought as I followed with my finger on the map the line of the southern border of the empire.

“What do they want? Or are they waiting to see who wins the power struggle here at the capital?” I said and then I leaned back into my chair.

My faction was currently growing in strength, this was certain, but until father returned defeated by the Dungeon Lord or was proclaimed dead, I couldn't really make a move. Many of the nobles weren't so foolish as to immediately declare their allegiance to me either. They were smart Merions who waited patiently for the right food to drop on their tray. Only when they were certain they could feast in safety would they attempt to step forward.

My mind also went to Savannah Azura, the woman who captured my heart and was currently in the presence of Illsyore. I prayed and hoped for her safety above anything else. If any of my father's men managed to harm her, I would make sure they would regret to have ever been born!

[Illsyore's point of view]

After we spent the first night on the island, I decided to change the location of the pier and moved it all the way to the North West corner of the island. On a 1 kilometer area, I constructed a docking area with three big piers which extended half a kilometer towards the ocean. They were all connected to a cement pier next to the beach, which had only one path crossing the 1 kilometer wide beach.

There, at the end of it, I made a reception building designed to act as an inn as well for whatever guests we were to have in the future. Behind it, I built a 1000 meters long and 500 meters wide warehouse designed to store various non-perishable goods.

Because I promised Riveron Sei and Rengar Baria that I was going to let them farm on their own lands, I let them cultivate a big surface of 2 km2. At a distance of about 1 kilometer from it was the big wall of my academy.

Before I started working on this project, I built the first residential sector of the island, located in front of the inn and right next to the beach. All the adults and teenagers got their very own house, but the children were too young to take care of themselves, so I built for them a dormitory and temporarily assigned Savannah as the gorgeous manager there. Through her guidance, they were going to learn how to take care of themselves until they were ready to live on their own.

[At that time, somewhere on the island, all of Illsyore's wives felt a disturbance in the air]

“Hm, my wife sense is tingling.” said Nanya as she took out an anvil.

[Getting back to Illsyore]

On the beach, not that far away from the docks, I built a beach house. It was just a dummy building with the sole purpose of testing out the effects of the high tide all around the year. Depending on the results, I would know how to build a resort here and use the beach as a tourist attraction. With me around, this place was going to be safe from monsters and bandits. There would be no need for people to worry about their stuff being stolen or something lurking in the depths.

Now the academy grounds were built the last. It covered an area of three by three kilometers. The main building, which was about two kilometers long, one wide, and had five floors with a flat modern-style rooftop, had a C shape with the front towards the beach. The entry path was paved with stone and formed a T shape. The entire ground was covered with grass, but in the North, I made a place for Zertan to grow his herb garden, and in the South was a small stadium for Physical Education classes.

The academy grounds were surrounded by a ten meters tall wall with four tall guard towers. From above it might have looked more like a prison than a school, but I made it like this to give the impression of all those who were looking from outside that this was the most important place on the island.

In a way, it really was like that because way near the East wall, behind the academy building, was my home, which doubled as a dungeon entrance. Although I had yet to build it, this dungeon was going to play a crucial role in developing the minds and abilities of my students.

For now, besides the teachers themselves, everyone else was enrolled at the academy. As soon as I finished building everything else, including adding the furniture in the school, and setting up the library, I was going to officially start classes.

Building all of these took me around two weeks, but the last part, the dungeon, was still in the works. I had to make sure it wasn't going to be a actual easy one, not my type of 'easy', so I had Nanya and Savannah supervise the construction as the two of them were the most fit at giving me the right pointers. If it were up to me, Supreme Ranked Adventurers would barely be able to finish the first floor, let alone the whole dungeon.

Thus, a month and two weeks had passed since we came to this island, and everything was starting to look nice, including the dungeon. There had been a few ships who dropped by out of curiosity. They traded a few goods and then left. To make sure they were going to return, I bought a lot of things from them, and I even offered the captain a hefty sum to spread the right words about my little settlement here.

With my Dungeon Territory covering the entire surface of this island and a few kilometers of water around it, I was well prepared in case of an invasion, or so I thought.

When I mentioned this, Shanteya reminded me that spells and items capable of hiding one's presence from the Dungeon Territory's detection ability weren't that hard to come by, especially if they knew where to look. The Godlikes and Supremes alike often used these items in order to get a moment of relief when they were exploring a powerful dungeon.

In light of this new information, I decided that having a patrol force was going to do a better job at keeping the island safe. Thus, I summoned twenty imps that were level 1250 and equipped them with a good weapon and armor, minus the boots. They preferred to walk barefooted for obvious religious reasons.

To patrol the skies, I summoned ten harpies and five griffins with levels between 1000 and 1100. For most of the people living on the three continents, even one of these monsters was a bit overkill, but they stood as proof of my might.

These monsters had been given some rather strict rules to follow, and unless me or one of my wives gave the 'kill' order, they weren't allowed to take the life of another sapient being. One of their main duties was also to raise an alarm when they spotted the approach of a large monster or a big fleet of ships.

Since no proper settlement could exist without a watchtower or two, I refitted the academy's guard towers. On top of each of it, I placed a gatling laser turret that could be operated by anyone I gave permission to. If an intruder tried to activate it or some kid wondered off and decided to play pew pew, it wouldn't work.

The source of power for this thing was going to come from the Magic Energy Collector Crystal network which I planned to build in the upcoming period. For now, I supplied their Battery Crystals myself. For now, it was more than enough to maintain proper living conditions.

During the past two and a half months, I was so busy with everything, I managed to forget completely about the fact that Paramanium was still after me for a rather obscure reason I never bothered to find out. Then, one day, I was woken up from my slumber by the alarm given by my harpy monsters.

Everyone on the island, as soon as they heard the sound of bells and screeches of the monsters, they took shelter in the basement of the academy, which had walls made out of enchanted Inconel alloy.

Basically speaking, it was a bunker, a fallout shelter of sorts.

Once I got dressed, I joined my wives, who were waiting for me on top of the academy's walls looking towards the ocean.

“What's going on?” I asked.

“Look.” Nanya pointed at a fleet of 86 large galleons with their cannons aimed at us.

“What's this?” I asked again.

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Your inconel references have been annoying me since I’ve started reading this. ‘Inconel’ usually refers to inconel 625, what you’ve been describing is generally closer to waspalloy (inconel 792, extremely hard) or one of the other very high end variants.


I’m pretty sure in arc 3 side story Dakyun or what ever his name was had death or Life incarceration as his sentence. There’s no coming back from that. Also since he has gone mad, I don’t think he can follow orders or be in a unit. Is this a way for Ayuseya to have some closure on her story to beat her past?


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