~ Chapter 118: Under attack (Part 2) ~

“It appears to be Paramanium's main naval fleet, but I'm also spotting boats bearing either the Shoraya flag or the Teslov flag.” said Shanteya as she squinted her eyes at the tiny boats on the horizon.

“It's an allied fleet.” Ayuseya said.

“Then there must be Feyan boats as well among them.” Nanya pointed out.

“Basically, that's more or less the naval fleet of the Allasn and Thorya continent?” I asked.

“No.” Ayuseya shook her head “Maybe a big part of Paramanium's and a few support ships that belong to the other kingdoms. Their whole fleet could easily surpass a number of 300 strong vessels.” she explained.

“Then this must be a subjugation force.” I nodded.

“Yes, most likely.” Nanya nodded.

“Alright! Let's go talk with them. Maybe we can end this peacefully without getting violent. Zoreya, Tamara, and Ayuseya stay here and protect Shanteya and the others.” I told them.

“By my shield I swear to do as you have asked! And fear not, these mongrels who call themselves warriors do not have the blessing of Melkuth! They will fail if they dare to attack!” the High Apostle gave me her usual reply, while the others merely nodded once.

Somehow it's hard to imagine her wearing sexy provocative lingerie under all that bulky armor... or maybe none at all. I thought to myself.

As if reading my mind, Zoreya blushed and looked away.

A few minutes later, I was at the end of the pier, looking at the big fleet ahead. They were at a distance of around one kilometer away from us, aiming their cannons at us, and awaited their commander's order.

“What should we do now?” Nanya asked.

“Let's see what they have to say.” I shrugged and then I activated a spell which sent my voice across a large area, which incorporated the whole fleet “Ahoy there! This is Illsyore Deus, a Godlike Dungeon. May I ask what you're doing here?”

I waited for a little while, and just when I was about to send another message, I heard their reply.

“Dungeon, you are in the esteemed presence of his Majesty, Emperor Aldembard Paramanium of the Paramanium Empire! Your existence has been declared as a sacrilege against the good will of our nation's people, and we have gathered our forces to make you kneel before his esteemed Majesty! Cease and decease any aggrieving actions you may wish to take and offer an unconditional surrender at once or we shall be forced to exterminate you!” said a man with the help of a similar spell as mine.

Hearing this preposterous thing, I couldn't help but feel like I didn't hear it right, so, I let my voice be known “Can you repeat that? You kind got cut off here and there... I think I didn't catch all of that.”

Of course, I was just making sure that he really did say something as ridiculous as that.

The human confirmed my suspicions and repeated that message.

I let out a sigh and shook my head.

“I think if we have Zoreya declare who she is, they will think twice before doing something stupid.” Nanya suggested.

My wife was indeed a High Apostle of the God of War, and it was highly improbably they wouldn't at least listen to her, however, I remembered what Ayuseya told me a while ago. The very moment I set up my academy, I became a power in the struggle for dominance between the three big continents. As such, conflict was going to be extremely hard to avoid. I had to be prepared to crush my opponents or flee with my life.

The latter wasn't an option.

“I don't think that will cure their stupidity. Hm... What to do?” I wondered, but as soon as I said that, one of the ships opened fire and shot a cannon ball at us.

Nanya caught it before it landed.

“What's this? Are they playing catch? Here! I'll send it back!” she shouted and then tossed it at them.

The enemy wasn't even aiming at us. It was most likely an intimidation shot, but my wife would have none of that. The force she put into that attack was absolutely ridiculous. It flew through the air at a speed faster than sound, and pierced through the enemy vessel, heavily damaging it.

“You dare strike back! Elimination it is!” the guy from before shouted with the spell.

“Huh? What?” I blinked surprised.

These bastards never intended to have us surrender in the first place! I shouted in my mind.

With the situation being as it was, I had to make sure my academy wasn't going to get destroyed, so I lifted my hand up and let loose a yellow beam of light. It was the signal for Zoreya to activate her spell.

Right then, a magic shield dome covered the entire settlement. It was going to hold out well against these metal pebbles shot by the ships, but it wasn't going to hold out against the continuous barrage of a Supreme Ranked Adventurer. She could make one capable of doing so, but what was the use of that when the two of us were out here?

“They're attacking!” announced Nanya.

“Take care of them, pretty please. I'll make sure no one tries to sneak past Zoreya's shield.” I told her.

“Can I kill them?” she asked.

“Keep the casualties level to a minimum if possible. Cleaning up the bodies afterwards is going to be a pain.” I told her.

She smirked and gave me a thumbs up.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this? I wondered as I squinted my eyes at my demoness wife.

Before I had a chance to ask what her plan was, she spread her wings and flew up in the air.

[OVER BOOST]!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.

Yup! She activated her Over Supreme skill.

An aura of golden Magic Energy covered her body, which increased all of her base stats by 300%. A ridiculous amount given how powerful she already was, but this was not all, she could actively share her aura with us, but it only doubled the stats of her chosen allies. As such, I was covered by this golden aura as well, allowing me to feel how ridiculous this boost was.

When she was in this state, all of her direct physical attacks were devastating, but her Magic Energy was consumed fast, and she couldn't afford to cast any big spells either. It was a skill designed to be used only by melee attackers.

In the blink of an eye, Nanya arrived next to the first ship and punched it right in the prow. The attacks shattered the structural integrity of the ship. From afar, it looked as though it was ripped apart into pieces and then blown back by a powerful force, while the seawater at the surface turned into vapor.

I sincerely held no hope of survival for the crew onboard, but before the pieces of the ship had a chance to land on the water, Nanya appeared next to the second ship. She lifted it up out of the water and then ripped it in half in the middle of the air.

The crew jumped off, trying to flee and save themselves.

The demoness aimed for the next two vessels, which she destroyed by tossing the two halves of the destroyed ship at them. From another ship, I saw an armored man jumping towards her, but she swatted him with her tail like he was some sort of insignificant fly. A big splash could be seen far away from the combat area where he landed.

Dropping down on another ship, she punched the deck and shattered it to pieces, then she jumped to the next one, picked it up by the stern and sent it flying to another ship on the other side of the fleet.

Several of them opened fire on her, but none of the cannonballs hit her. Just for giggles she caught one and then molded the metal with her bare hands until it had an amorphous shape. Dropping it in the ocean, she skipped over the water until she arrived at the point between four ships. With a smile on her lips, she punched the water surface at her feet, causing it to explode and raise the nearby ships into the air.

To be more specific, her punch was the equivalent of a mini nuke explosion with a 1.5 kiloton yield. This meant that 70 meters around her, the water simply turned to vapor, and in continuation, a water crater was formed with a radius of 620 meters, which sent a shockwave over an area of 2.13 km2 around her. If not for Zoreya's shield, I would have needed to rebuild the whole settlement. The beach under my feet was partially blown away, and there was also a ten meters high tsunami, which I blasted with my laser to break the surface tension and stop its advance. The beach house was also gone, but I could rebuild it later.

As the smoke from the evaporated water dispersed, I could finally see the outcome of Nanya's attack. More than twenty ships had been turned upside down and sinking fast, while the initial four around her had been shattered to pieces because they were too close to the point of impact. Sailors were screaming for help and bodies laid floating on the sea, they were the unfortunate fellows who were met with Death's sharp scythe.

Unfortunately for them, Nanya was not yet ready to stop the mayhem she had unleashed. With a wide smirk on her lips like a crazy lunatic who escaped the asylum, she rushed towards the boats that were still able to sail. Clenching her fists, she punched the first one to come into sight, shattering it to pieces, then she went for the second one and then the third one. Without stopping, she continued to destroy the enemy vessels, even those that gave up the fight and were trying to retreat.

I may have seen things wrong, but there were a few who jumped towards her, trying to attack her with their weapons or spells, but they got swatted away like flies, punched or slapped and sent flying hundreds of meters away from her.

When she got tired of punching, she picked up the boats and tossed them one into another. That insane strength of hers made her a fearsome opponent to have, but if I were to point out something about her prowess, that would be the fact that Tamara could flee from her with her speed, Ayuseya could keep her distance while bombarding her with powerful magic, Zoreya's shield was more durable than it looked, and Shanteya had a few aces up her sleeve as well. Out of all of them, Nanya had the best chances of winning against Tamara and Shanteya, while those two could win against Zoreya and Ayuseya. Actually, Zoreya was overall a buffed up tank with an insane amounts of health points. Defeating her was a matter of perseverance rather than skill and brute strength.

By now more than half of the enemy fleet had been sunk, and Nanya showed no signs of stopping any time too soon. Without even using a single spell besides the [Over Boost], she managed to play with them like they were toys. All of the enemy's attacks were useless against her. Their spells didn't connect and their cannonballs bounced off of her like they were rubber balls.

Through some miracle, however, there weren't that many dead, just the unlucky few who were too close to the impact location of her strikes. I was suspecting some of the soldiers brought on those ships were actually adventurers or some sort of nobles because their armors differed in color and shape. If any of them were Supremes or not remained to be seem, but they would most likely be the ones with the highest chances of survival and also the only ones brave enough to attack her.

When they saw themselves in this helpless situation, the commanders began to shout out orders of attack instead of retreat. It was clear they were intent on defeating Nanya, and for some unknown mythical reason, they actually believe they stood a chance.

My wife showed them no mercy. She dodged their cannonballs and even kicked back several of them, completely destroying their vessels because of the impact force. The sounds made by her punches and kicks were Sonic Booms. They broke the sound barrier, and the shockwave was transmitted to all those unlucky enough to be too close to it. From that distance I was at, it was still quite loud, so I could only imagine the many ruptured eardrums the sailors suffered, especially if their Magic Armor wasn't powerful enough to suppress it. I didn't even think about what the blown off debris from the ships did to those inside and around it.

The death count was going up with each of her attacks, but I felt no regret or pity for those people. The moment they stepped on my 'lawn' and demanded for me to listen to their nonsense, that was the moment when they should have been prepared to risk their lives for those beliefs of theirs.

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