~ Chapter 49: The plan ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

The moment I started running towards the Chedelle Forest, where my sister was taken, my whole body screamed in agony. I wasn't fully healed yet, but if I stopped now, before I entered the forest, my aunty Eliza was going to see me and rush over to check if I was alright. My only silver lining was her current confused state of mind. If she took a moment to think clearly, or should I say like a proper adult, then her immediate course of action would have been to stop me from going anywhere. Luthecia would have done so, therefore, I was lucky she left to go over to the Vlamyr Estate to let my parents know of what transpired here.

With aunty's [Mark] spell on me, she could find me with ease, so once reinforcements arrived, they would all come running after me. Therefore, everything depended on me to find and keep my little sister alive long enough for both of us to get rescued.

In theory, it was a simple plan, the only problem was that I was going by gut feeling. There were a million and one things that could go wrong, including the fact that I underestimated the strength of our foe, his objective, and maybe even the amount of allies he had. What was there to say that a group of powerful mercenaries or other conspirators didn't wait for him inside the forest?

However, what else was there for me to do if I wanted to save my little sister?

Back on Earth, almost all twins had a mysterious connection with one another. They could sort of feel if their sibling was safe or not. Maybe it wasn't up to the level where it could be called a supernatural ability, but something was there, a connection of sorts, which in most cases proved to exist.

I even got to witness it in action once when I was still alive on Earth.

One day, when I was recovering in the hospital after I got hit by a truck, which had the tendency of hitting me one too many times, the old grandpa with whom I shared the room suddenly started crying. When I asked him what was wrong and if I should call the nurse, he told me something really odd, he told me that his brother just died. I thought maybe old age was messing with him or something, but then later that day his niece came over and told him the tragic news. It was a heart attack.

The other time when I experienced this mysterious connection in action was in this world with Cassandra. Back when we were babies, I could always tell how far away from me she was. When she was hungry, I was hungry. When she cried, I cried as well. Then came the hide and seek games. We could always find each other with incredible ease, so much that we gave up on playing the game by ourselves.

Even now, thanks to this strange connection, I could more or less guess the general direction she was in and maybe how far away as well, but it didn't compare to a modern GPS or some other tracking method. For me, it was nothing more than a gut feeling. I had the feeling that she was there, in that direction, but there was no way of me proving this... If I was wrong, I could end up getting farther and farther away from her and even get lost myself.

Still, just when I was starting to worry about this possible outcome, my little sister managed to telepathically contact me. I was so surprised by this, I almost stumbled on a root.

This wasn't something any ordinary human from this planet should be able to do. Maybe there was a similar spell or something, but without a doubt this was an ability resulted from the same mutation I possessed.

Up until now, my little sister showed signs of rapid regeneration and an abnormal sturdiness, but telepathy was something I never thought to be included in the package. Actually it could have been possible that this ability of hers was in fact responsible for this close connection I felt between us and not the mythical twins connection back from Earth.

I got telekinesis and she got telepathy...

Well, it was all good in the end. As long as we had this connection, I could find her, then all we had to do was stay alive long enough for our parents to come rescue us. It was that simple.

Was this a crazy plan? Yes.

Did I foolishly rush ahead? Probably.

Were there other, better, safer options? Most definitely, but I couldn't think of anything, yet!

Now, it was already too late to change anything... Either I saved my little sister or I would end up regretting not trying for the rest of my life. I already knew I could reincarnate and that our bodies were different, so why worry about death?

If I were to die now despite the so-called 'help' of the gods, I would make sure to come back as a ghost and haunt all of them until they went crazy from the lack of sleep!

At that time, all of the 118 gods felt a chill running down their spine, but they couldn't figure out why.

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