~ Chapter 51: The Ritual (Part 1) ~

[Alexandre Damascus' point of view]

Struggle as they might, little children, especially little girls, had no way of fighting against me. I was more powerful than them. I had the strength and speed of an adult body as well as more Blessings than they believed anyone could ever possess. A total of 64 were at my disposal, and now I was going to steal three more.

Who could stop me? No one!

The girl's parents were away from their estate and never even suspected that in their absence tragedy was going to strike. The adventurers in Briston couldn't be relied upon. The town's guards were far too weak when compared to me. This brat's aunt couldn't even stop me, and her maid was most likely panicking because of how severe the boy's injuries were.

Even if there was someone powerful enough to stop me, they wouldn't be able to find me. The moment I entered Chedelle Forest, their chances of tracking me down came down to ZERO! If they tried to discover my real identity, they would find none. Alexandre Damascus was already dead.

“Ah, yes! Everything falls into place just perfectly! Of course, it does! All the gods are on my side!” I spread my arms to the sky and laughed out loud.

Looking back at the little girl, I saw her glaring at me. There was still some fight within her. If not for those precious Blessings of hers, she would have started to cry like all the previous brats I had killed before her.

“You don't think so?” I asked and showed her a big grin.

She knitted her brows and glared at me.

In a split second, I moved right in front of her and then slapped her hard. The girl's body was tossed to the side by the sheer force and rolled on the ground a few times before it came to a stop.

Unlike her, a normal child would have had her neck broken, but she was trained well. Beneath that frail appearance of hers, she was building up enough muscles to fight on equal footing with an adult.

The moment I slapped her, I felt the resistance she put up and saw her muscles tense. Thus, I knew this much wouldn't kill her, but it would hurt her.

At a calm pace, I walked over to her and lifted her up by her golden hair.

“Ugh!” she groaned, but she didn't scream or cry as I had hoped.

She was a tough one.

“Who do you think is going to come and save you? No, even if there is someone... how fast do you think they can find us?” I smirked as I looked into her blue eyes.

“You won't get away with this...” she said glaring at me.

I couldn't abstain.

I tossed her on the ground several meters away from me, and I burst out into a loud laughter. So loud I was that I scared off some nearby birds perched up on the branches of the trees.

It was never tiring to hear this old line from my victims. So many times I was told those exact same words, yet here I was... still hunting, still killing, and I was never caught.

Now came the fun part!

“Actually, I already did. Alexandre Damascus isn't my real name. That guy's dead already. As for my real name, I abandoned it... no, I forgot it. A simple trade off for a remarkable Blessing.” I began to walk around her as I spoke, circling her like a hungry predator.

I was letting her know that she had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from me.

This was a habit I had picked up from watching wolves and Dayuks hunting down their prey. It was a trait I found in many other monsters as well. For some reason, it worked wonders on anyone, man or beast.

“Look, we are in the middle of the Chedelle Forest!” I spread my arms wide. “I ran here in a zig-zag pattern and was careful not to leave any sign of my tracks behind.” I made a polite bow as my performance continued, circling around her like a vulture in the sky. “Yes, eventually someone will find this place, but... will you still be alive by then?” I asked and showed her a triumphant smirk.

“Why do you do this?” she asked.

Oh? Even after all of this, she's still not crying? Impressive. I thought.

She was the first child out of all that I had killed who didn't try to beg, run away, or cry after I told them this.

“Why shouldn't I?” I replied with a grin, but she didn't answer, she just glared at me.

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