~ Chapter 51: The Ritual (Part 2) ~

Stopping in front of her, I crouched down and grabbed her head. She tried to dodge, but I was faster than her.

I squeezed hard.

“Ow...” she winced.

“Listen, brat! I have no reason NOT to kill you. What do you think your value is? I can't even sell you as a slave because the traders aren't allowed to sell those of noble blood. You come from a house with almost no influence at all within this kingdom. From what I heard, your family is even hated by the king and his family!” I spat next to her.

Of course, if legal slave dealers didn't buy her, black market ones were always eager to get their hands on such a lovely... pure specimen. As for what I said about the king, it was a well known fact that the Drakarys family and the royal family were at odds with each other.

“You want to know another reason why your pathetic life has no value?” I asked her.

“W-Why?” she said struggling in my grasp.

Oh goodie! I'm getting to her! I thought.

“You are just a 10 years-old girl. You have no power, no impressive feats, no results in anything. Socially speaking, you're only good to be married off to some poor sap so your family can gain a bit more political power from his family, but even then your value is far below that of your brother because you were born a woman! You can't inherit your family's name. If you were to die in some ditch somewhere, you parents wouldn't even bother to find the killer, they would just make another kid. After all, they are still young, they can make another two or three kids.” I said and showed her a big grin.

The girl was glaring at me through my fingers, but I could see tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. I was slowly getting to her.

“Do you understand, you brat? You are expandable! Garbage! Hahaha!” I laughed and then tossed her away from me.

She rolled a few times on the ground before she came to a stop. Now all of her clothes were dirty, and she had a few cuts here and there.

“If I kill you now, people will just feel sad for a while and then you will be forgotten by everyone! You are that worthless! You have no value! No one knows you and no one cares about you! And if you believe otherwise, those are just your childish delusions!” I said and then walked over to her and took off my right gauntlet.

The shroud of darkness around me was slowly extending, and its tendrils were surrounding the little girl, but none touched her so far. They were there just to scare her off, just to make her realize that she had no escape and nothing to hope for.

The [Blessing of the Thief] was a very peculiar one. To activate its power, I would normally need to fulfill several conditions. One of them was for me to be alone with my victim or victims. This was the easiest one to fulfill. Then I had to release this shroud of darkness with wriggling tendrils coming out of it.

Once I fulfilled these two conditions, I had to step onto the third one, which was to tell my victim what I was about to do to her. It was a bit idiotic in my opinion, but I couldn't question why the God of Darkness chose this thing as a condition, maybe it was to better nurture the mentality of a deranged killer?

Of course, how I did it this depended on me. I could even tell her through a letter or by writing a story and letting my victim read it. I tested out both options and it worked perfectly. That was why the ritual was important, it gave a certain 'flavor' to the whole deal. It made it... less boring, especially once I learned to activate my Blessing without needing to fulfill all of those conditions. Sometimes, just the darkness shroud and telling them that I was going to kill them was enough.

Then again, I was quite surprised to see how stubborn and strong willed this little girl was. She still maintained her cool despite me looking like a walking nightmare. It was absolutely incredible, but this also meant that her Blessings were going to be exceptionally good. It was an unspoken rule that those with powerful and unique Blessings had personalities which reflected them.

I simply couldn't wait to get my hands on them and test them out for myself!

“The only value in you... are your Blessings, and I am going to take them from you by ripping your heart right out of your chest and eating it in front of you!” I told her with an evil smirk on my lips as fear finally dawned upon her.

“W-What? E-Eat my h-heart?” she asked in a trembling tone of voice as she clenched a fist over her chest.

I showed her a smile.

Seeing her like this reminded me of all of my past victims. All those who tried to put on a brave act in front of me ended up like this once they heard what I intended to do.

Mankind's fear wasn't one of the dark and spooky but of the monster who lurked inside each and every one of us, waiting for the right moment to jump out and eat them alive.

What mankind feared the most was to become the food of others, especially that of fellow men.

“Yes... I'm going to eat your heart raw, and this isn't the first time I'm doing this, little girl. You are merely one in a long long series of meals I had. And I have always gotten away with it.” I said and looked into her eyes.

Shadows of darkness covered my hand, turning it into a fiendish claw meant to dig into her flesh.

“Now... die.” I said in a calm tone of voice before I unleashed my attack.

Her Blessings were going to be mine. They were going to make me more powerful... Yes, more powerful...

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I hope the MC beats the hell out of SARGE and the gods because they are neither doing their job nor fulfilling their promise of an easy happy life. and no the dark god is not an excuse unless he has the ability to overcome all 118 other gods at the same time.

Sukatto Micka

It’s called character development……lol