~ Chapter 73: The God-like's Truth (Part 1) ~

[Kronius' point of view]

I did it... I thought as I was falling from the sky.

With that last burst of Magic Energy, I was completely depleted and wasn't able to sustain my flight. The ground was approaching fast, and my only chance of survival if I didn't want to end up a simple red splat on the ground was to drink a potion that would restore my Magic Energy.

“Come on!” I struggled against the wind as I took out a small blue bottle, but in my weakened state, I wasn't able to hold on to it, and it flew out of my grasp “NO!” I screamed as I tried to catch it again, but it was to no avail.

Not giving up, I took out another potion, but this time, I held it better. After popping the cork, I drank it with haste. The moment the sour liquid touched my lips, I could feel the energy coursing through me again.

I had no time to lose. I cast a barrier around me and then invoked the winds to slow down my fall.

The moment I made contact with the ground, my barrier broke, but only a small part of the shock reached me, which meant that minus a few bruises here and there I survived.

“Cough! Cough! I did it!” I said with a smile as I pushed myself up and flipped myself over on my back while looking up at the sky.

Alkelios is now dead, and I am alive! I won! I thought as I smiled.


A surge of pain washed over me from my left leg, and I let out a loud shout “AAARGH!”

It hurts! It hurts! I screamed in my mind, but when I looked at the source of pain, I saw... her.

That red-scaled dragoness, Seryanna Draketerus, was looking at me with a cold gaze, and I could feel her bloodlust washing over me. Three others landed next to her: the silver-scaled dragoness Kataryna Greorg, the black-scaled dragoness Thraherkleyoseya Draketerus, and the white-scaled dragon whose name I had forgotten.

They were looking at me with the same cold piercing eyes. In their half-beast forms they were no different than monsters, man-eating monsters. I felt a shiver of fear rushing down my spine because I knew there was no way to reason with these... things.

The God-like was right, this continent was filled with nothing but monsters.

“Where is he?” Seryanna asked with a threatening guttural growl.

I smirked.

“Dead.” I told her.

She twisted her foot on my broken leg, sending another surge of pain through my body. I screamed, but she closed my mouth by slapping my jaw with her tail.

“Where is he, human?” she asked again.

“I told you, he's dead.” I spat some blood.

“What do you mean? Explain.” Kataryna demanded.

I showed her a smirk “That last attack, it was my most powerful yet, and even I don't have full control over it. You see, what it does is uses all of my Magic Energy in order to send my target to a random place in the solar system. By random, I mean it could be another planet, the cold void between the stars, an asteroid, or even within the crust or mantle of a planet.” I smiled triumphantly “There's also another catch to it. Not only is he sent in a random place in this solar system, but he is also sent either to the past or to the future.”

“What?” the dragoness was showing me a confused expression.

“Let me put it this way, my spell could have sent him 100 years into the future right in the middle of the Sun. Or it could have sent him 100 years into the past right in the middle of this planet, thousands of kilometers beneath the surface. Do you really think anyone or anything can survive that?” I asked with a smile. “Face it, he's dead.” I told her.

“How do we know you aren't lying?” the black-scaled dragoness asked as she let out growl.

“Why should I? Besides, I give up. You can take me to jail or put another slave collar on me, I don't care.” I said as I raised my hands up in a sign of submission.

The dragonesses looked at each other for a moment and then back at me with a cold gaze.

What's going on? I wondered.

“You seem to be mistaken about something.” Seryanna said and then, before I could do anything, she stabbed her sword into my gut.

“Gah!” I spat blood and winced from the pain.

It hurts! I've been stabbed! I'm bleeding! I thought in shock.

“Alkelios told us about your little teleportation trick. As long as I keep my foot on your leg, you can't run away. Besides, you are deeply mistaken about the fact that he's dead. I'm his wife, his mate, I would know if he died or not. No matter where you sent him, be it the past or the future, he will come back to me, and I will see him again. That man, unlike you, has 100 points in Luck. He has it maxed out. Which means that even if he has a chance of a chance of a chance to survive, he will. Not only this, but we, his friends and family, also deeply wish for him to return to us safe and sound.” she told me with her cold gaze as she slowly pushed the blade of her sword deeper into me.

“You are mad! I said I gave up!” I shouted back, trying to stop the blade from going deeper.

I could still be saved if I drank a healing potion or if someone cast a healing magic on me. Magic in this world could do what no modern tech could. There was still time. There was still a way for me to survive!

“You are also mistaken about something else, little human. Do you really think, that I, Alkelios Yatagai's wife, would calmly just let you walk away after attempting to murder my husband?” she asked as she got close to me with her scaly reptilian head.

“W-What?” I asked horrified of what her words implied.

“You're not going to jail, and you are definitely not going to be wearing a slave collar. I saw what you did back there, how you easily took it off. Do you think I'm stupid? No, what awaits you is nothing but death.” she told me this, and I could tell... I could tell... she was enjoying this.

S-She wants to kill me? No! I can't die! I thought, and I struggled in vain to free myself of her.

There was no way of getting out. I didn't have enough Magic Energy left to cast a spell, not even a simple barrier let alone to use my ability to teleport out of here. I was trapped.

I was trapped like a hare in a fox's den.

There's no way out... These things really are monsters... Monsters who walk and talk like humans do. I thought horrified.

In the next moment, she pulled out her sword, making me spit blood, and when our eyes met, she slashed horizontally. The world began to lean to the side, and I couldn't feel my body anymore.

No... I don't want to die... NOOO!!! I screamed in my mind as the world turned black.

[Seryanna's point of view]

I was heaving from the effort and rage that was surging through me. The body of the man who took away my husband laid at my feet chopped up in several pieces. I wasn't satisfied at all with this, so I unleashed my fire breath on his remains.

I burned him until there was nothing left, not even his bones.

“AAARGH!” I screamed in anger and unleashed another fire breath towards the sky.

With a heaving breath, I fell on my knees, trembling and scared of the possibility that he might never return to me.

“Seryanna...” Kataryna said as she placed her hand on my left shoulder.

Looking up at her, I saw that even she was barely holding back her anger. My sister was crying in Iolaus' arms, probably thinking that Alkelios was gone.

“If that man's words were indeed true and Alkelios was sent either to the past or the future in some random place in space, then he is also the only one who can survive it. If anyone can hope to have the luck of getting out of that one, then Alkelios is the one. You said it yourself, didn't you?” Kataryna told me with a soft smile, but it didn't seem like she was fully believing those words either.

“Yes, you are right...” I said as I lowered my gaze to the charred ground around us. “If anyone can do it, he can...” I clenched my fists and then got back up on my feet.

“What are you going to do, sister?” Kleo asked me, but she was still crying.

“I'm going to wait for him.” I replied as I looked into her eyes “No matter what, I will wait for him. I know he is alive somewhere... I just have to wait...” I said.

“What if...”

I knew what Kataryna wanted to say, but I sent her a sharp glare to stop her from finishing that sentence.

“I know he's alive, Kataryna. The moment I killed that trash of a human, I felt his life force entering my body as it usually happens when I kill someone or a monster. It wasn't like I had once felt it before meeting Alkelios, but it was the same as if the boost he offered us was still there.” I told her.

“So you are saying that his ability was not canceled? You are using that as a proof? But what if it's something that isn't influenced by whether he is alive or dead?” she asked.

“I refuse to believe that. He is alive, I know it, and as his wife, I'll wait for him!” I told her and narrowed my eyes a little.

There was no way I was going to just give up on Alkelios. There was no way he was dead. The gods wouldn't let it...

“To be honest, I also want to believe this, but I can't help it if there's a small part of me that wonders if maybe just maybe he isn't going to come back anymore... However, giving up on him just like that would be a shame for all of us who love him as either a friend or lover. I won't give up on him either, but in the case he takes a while to come back to us, we better be ready. Seryanna, you need to reach a Breakthrough.” Kataryna told me.

“I will. I will become stronger than I am. I will show everyone the true power of the Superior Draconian of the High Flame, and next time, I will stand by his side when he goes to face off his enemies! I swear I will become someone he can lean on not someone he needs to worry about!” I declared as I clenched my fist.

“All of us will!” Kleo declared as well.

No matter what that trash human said, Alkelios Yatagai wasn't gone, he wasn't dead. We would declare him as missing, but not dead.

That's why... my love, come back to me quickly. I already miss you. I thought as I looked up at the sky.

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Well if he really did get sent 100 years forwards or backwards then im dropping this novel cause i need regression or insane time skips regardless if all the characters are immortal honestly i cant believe that i finally made it past the stupid arranged marriage/Mcs tantrum arc only for this BS to happen


I don’t know how I feel about this chapter. I feel weird about it. He wished to win, yet he lost? Or does this fall in the “I lost the battle but still won the war?” How would “vanish actually affect him? He is able to resist all of his other spells. So yeah I’m conflicted with this chapter.