~ Chapter 55: Ezimuth's story (Part 1) ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

It all happened so fast.... I thought I saved Cassandra, that there was no way that man could have survived an impact like that unscratched. I thought that it was over, and for a fraction of a second, I let my guard down.

That was all Alexandre Damascus needed in order to put an end to my life. He appeared behind me in the blink of an eye and then I saw his shadow-covered hand moving towards my chest. I could see it, but my body was too slow to act. It couldn't keep up with my brain's commands.

His hand pierced my chest and grabbed hold of my heart. In that moment, I knew I was going to die... My end was set in stone...

It was a short life, but I had fun. I got to experience how it is to have a loving family and a cute little sister. Sure, they were going to be sad after I was gone, but I was sure they were going to manage somehow, I hoped so...

Still, I had to admit... it was a bit weird to look at my own beating heart as it was being grasped by that man's hand. My chest felt empty and cold, but as I stood there, letting those seemingly endless moments float by, I remembered that Cassandra was still here.

Ah, I should do something about her... I thought rather nonchalantly.

I had experienced death so many times in the past thanks to my luck as an unwanted hero, that again felt like something normal. There was no reason to be angry, no reason to scream in agony, those were futile actions that would bring me nothing good. All I could do was accept my fate, my death, but for Cassandra, I still wanted to do one last thing if possible.

So, with the last drops of my strength, I tried to turn around but a half turn was all I could muster. My lips couldn't move. I couldn't even breath, so before the light in my eyes faded, I sent one last thought towards her and hoped she was able to read it.

I'm sorry... Run...

Then... I died...

My limp body fell on the ground, and it was over.

Yet, what was I sorry about in the end? If I were to put that sensation into words, I was sorry because I wasn't able to do my duty as her older brother. I wanted to see her grow up into a splendid woman and protect her from noisy useless men that fawned over her. I wanted to see her wear cute clothes like a proper lady should, but most of all, I wanted to see her smile, to see her attain her happiness with her own hands, to know that she achieved her dreams and maybe found someone worthy to share them with. I wanted to see her get married, and I would have loved to meet my nephews one day too... Yes, I was sorry because I was now going to miss out on all of those important moments in her life.

I wanted to become a great older brother for her, someone she could look up to and be there for her no matter what. In the end... it appeared as though I was the one destined to leave first... Talk about the gods failing me big time, but maybe that was just my luck?

Now.. . where was I?

Yes... I was surrounded by a vast darkness with no one and nothing in sight. I was alone here, floating in this endless abyss.

“This sucks...” I said as I gathered my knees to my chest.

Some time passed by in this endless darkness, but I had no idea how much. I was guessing somewhere between several hours and several days, but I could have been wrong. Without the need to eat or drink or even seeing the sun or moon above my head, it was hard to keep track of time.

“So you died...” someone spoke, a man.

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw someone there. He looked like a young man around 20 years or so, with short cut black spiky hair, thick black clothes like those worn during winter, but they had a very modern feel to them. Over his shoulders, he carried a black mantle that moved around like a living entity made out of smoke.

“Why do I have the feeling that I know you?” I asked him.

I tried to remember, but I couldn't.

“My name is Ezimuth. I am the Primary God of the Loya World. My main element is Darkness, although, I dabble a lot in Death too.” he showed me a weak smile.

“Are you one of the 118?” I asked him.

He nodded silently.

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I’m sorry DragomirCM I love most of your stories but I’m going to drop this one. the 118 are lying, useless and horrible gods that are not worth reading about. they literally broke every single part of their promice. “We have unanimously decided to offer you our blessings to you in the form of abilities and life events. As long as you won’t decided to become a Demon Lord in your next life, these blessings will keep you safe and hopefully… happy.” “Lastly, I don’t want to trigger any death flags for myself, no matter how bad a situation. I… Read more »


Thank you for the chapter 🙂

Ooh ooh is he going to go through training like Goku in the Time Dilation room? 😀