~ Chapter 55: Ezimuth's story (Part 2) ~

“I see... Well... I'm sorry, but it seems like I died. Are you disappointed?” I asked him.

Strange, but I wasn't angry at them for not keeping their promise to me for a happy life. Maybe it was because I was aware of the fact that these gods knew more than I did and if they wanted to, they could have easily denied my existence.

Someone once told me that not everything we experience has to make sense according to what we know and think. That was why there was no way of telling how these gods prepared my life.

I wasn't angry, but I was a little sad that I couldn't continue it.

Ezimuth slowly shook his head left and right.

“That's good... I think.” I looked down at my knees.

Yes, I was sad because I couldn't continue that life, that dream, but there was nothing I could do about it. The matters of Life and Death were beyond my grasp and understanding.

“You know... Loya is the first world I made, so I was really excited about it.” he smiled, and I looked up at him to listen to his story. “I made the magic system first, which gave me a bit of trouble, I have to admit.” he scratched his right cheek with his pointing finger. “After I was done with it, I shaped the world. I made the mountains, the seas, everything as I wanted. It was like working with clay. Other gods soon joined me, and little by little... Loya took a form of its own.” he sighed and rubbed the back of his head “You see... Main Gods like me need to handle everything about the world both from the Good and Evil perspective, no matter our element of choice.” he explained.

“That sounds tough.” I said, then I remembered the goddess' weird demonic voice when I first met her and asked “Is that the reason why Sapherya sounded like she did back then?”

Ezimuth shook his head left to right.

“It's really as tough as you imagine it to be, it depends... Sometimes things are very easy to handle, but there are those moments too when we feel overwhelmed. As for Sapherya's voice back then, when she takes the role of a god of Darkness, she sounds really demonic out of her own choice, but it's not mandatory. Although, it does help in persuading the mortals that you are indeed an Evil God. As I said, as Primary Gods or Main Gods we cannot afford to pick sides for too long. We can shape the world in the direction we wish for, true, but that's something decided upon its creation. We have to handle both the good and bad events, and sometimes... we mess up as well.” he showed me a wry smile.

“I see...”

It was very confusing, but from what he told me Sapherya's job was probably more complicated than she let out to be, and her goofing around was probably just an act to make me feel at ease and not worry too much about it... probably.

“As Main Gods we create our own species of our own choosing or leave it to those other gods who wish to work with us in shaping our world. I really wanted to make one of my own, so I did. Loya got its very first sapient species, which were the demons, but then another god had to make the humans.” he said and let out a sigh.

“Was it to balance out the power?” I asked.

Ezimuth nodded.

“In worlds with magic, a counter force is needed in order for the sapient species not to destroy itself. Although, it's possible, depending on the situation, to keep them from doing so by interfering with Prophets, Apostles, Messiahs, and Heroes. Even Earth had its share of such individuals, but Earth had its magic taken away a long time ago. When mankind appeared there, it was already dwindling.” he explained.

“Was it Earth's god wish for that to happen?” I asked.

“Yes.” he nodded.

“So what happened between your demons and the humans?” I asked.

“On Loya, demons were on the good side, while humans were the evil ones... Do you know what's the equivalent of a Demon King when the demons are the good guys?” he asked me with a soft smile.

“Erm... A Prime Minister? A Politician?” I asked half joking.

“Good one. Hehe. But no. They are called a Human King. Simple, right?” he asked and showed me a smile.

For a god with the main element of Darkness, Ezimuth sure smiled a lot.

I nodded.

“Well, peace was never an option between the two of them, at least, not now. Unfortunately, the situation reached a point where the demons requested a Hero to save them from the threat of the humans.” he said.

“It's a bit funny when I think about it. Demons praying to gods to save them from humans. Completely opposite from most stories on Earth.” I sighed and shook my head.

“For you and others like you, it's indeed funny or rather ironic.” he nodded.

“So what happened?” I asked.

“I got excited all over again and thought long and hard about what sort of gift I wanted to give to this hero when he would come to my world. So, when I had finally decided, I let the demons know, and helped them in their summoning.” he showed me a weak smile.

“Then I was the one who got summoned, right?” I asked.

Ezimuth nodded.


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