~ Chapter 55: Ezimuth's story (Part 3) ~

“You were supposed to be my very first Hero. When I saw your potential, I was really happy and excited, but before I could act, it all ended tragically...” he let out a sigh.

“They killed me.” I said.

“Yes... With so many 'bad marks' you were akin to an actual Human King in their eyes. The prince didn't even hesitate.” he let out another sigh. “My perfect skill... My first ever Hero... Everything ended so badly I was left without words.” Ezimuth spoke in a sad tone of voice.

“What happened afterwards?” I asked, wondering about the future of his world.

“They tried again because they thought it was a failure, but I stopped them. I was mad, furious at what they did. So for ten years, I didn't look at them or listened to their prayers. I let them fend of for themselves.” he replied.

“That must have not ended well...” I showed him a wry smile.

“No, it didn't.” he shook his head. “The humans destroyed their civilization and turned their empires into dust. When I returned, all but one kingdom was left standing. I contacted them and told them about the Hero summoning the now destroyed empire did and that they were allowed to try one as well, but I warned them that whatever came out was going to be their hero and that they should not dare do what the others did.” he said.

“What happened then?” I asked.

“A human woman came forth. She was brought to my temple, I gave her a Blessing I saw fit and then left her to do her thing. She defeated the humans, married the Demon King, and lived a happy life.” he showed me a smile.

“Nice story, but there's more to it, right?” I guessed.

Ezimuth nodded.

“The humans didn't give up that easily and until she could marry the King, she had to make sure the Prince, who was her comrade and friend, was able to take the throne. That woman was scary when she plotted something. But there were many trials and anguishing moments she had to go through. There were many demons she cared about and inevitably came to witness the death of many friends either at the hand of demons, humans, or fate. Honestly, there are enough stories about her to fill a book.” he laughed.

“The life of a Hero isn't easy, right?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Then... did I fail?” I asked and looked into his eyes.

A few tears rolled down my cheeks,, and I wiped them off before they reached my chin.

Hearing such a story could not make me help but wonder 'what if' in all those 117 worlds, I could have done something like those other heroes. What if I wasn't killed or chased away, I could have friends and family, I could grow strong and save those around me?

It was a bit ironic that when I was finally give the chance to do so in this 118th world, I died before I reached adulthood. What else could it be if not failure?

That was why I was sad.

“No...” Ezimuth replied in a caring tone of voice as he shook his head.

“But I died...” I told him.

“True.” he nodded.


“Do you know what happened to that Blessing I wanted to give you back on Loya?” he asked me with a gentle smile.

I shook my head. There was no way I could know what happened to it.

“I gave it to you.” he smiled. “In the end, my Blessing reached the Hero it was meant for, and I have the feeling I'm not the only one who did this.” he said.

“What Blessing is that?” I asked with a confused look on my face.

[Blessing of Endless Life] from Ezimuth the God of Darkness.” he smiled.

“What?” I blinked.

I was even more confused now.

“I think it's time for you to use it, Leonidas. You are the Hero I chose back then and which I approve of right now. Honestly, souls like yours are rare to find.” he said and once more I was surrounded by countless particles of light which shined brightly in this endless darkness.

The bright light forced me to close my eyes and when I opened them again, I saw the starry sky of the world I was born into, Sapherya's world. My lungs took a deep breath in, and I could feel the fresh air burning away the state of oxygen deprivation I was in. Looking down, I saw my chest healing at a remarkable speed, and once more I could feel my heart beating in my chest.

Without a moment to lose, I chanted in my mind the spell for [Status Window] and cast it on myself.

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Liked Ezimuth, though underwhelmed by the plot that took mc here and forced this specific blessing… he was supposed to already be pretty much immortal with insane healing and strengthened bones (healing ended up being subpar compared to what we were lead to believe) and this just seems like a more powerful extension of that. He already HAD defense, he needs offensive, he’s just the world’s best punching bag at the moment… ah well, at least we found out one of his blessings…


Ezimuth came across as a really nice guy. Good work.