~ Chapter 57: Monsters... (Part 1) ~

[Alexandre Damascus' point of view]

What's this? What's this? What's this?! I thought as I looked at the heart I held in my hand.

It belonged to the 10 years-old little boy I just killed, yet something was strange about it.

This wasn't the first time I tasted human flesh, so I immediately noticed that something was definitely off about the taste. It was different, but surely this couldn't have been the reason why my [Blessing of the Thief] failed to steal his Blessing, right?

My Blessing either didn't activate at all or it worked as intended and stole the Blessing of my target and then gave me a copy of it. Although weakened and not as powerful as the original version, it was still better than one of a lesser version.

So far, it had never, and I mean NEVER failed! Not even ONCE in all of my hunts so far did this power when activated and successfully cast failed to steal my target's Blessings. No, it should have been impossible! Even the Blessing of the mighty Sapherya could be stolen with this ability of mine!

To not be able to take the power of a mere child...

What sort of Blessing is this? What power did this boy had? I thought, but while doing so, the air around me began to change.

The reason for this was my prey, the ten years-old little girl and also the sister of the boy I killed.

When I cast my eyes upon her, I felt a chill running down my spine, and I couldn't help but gulp.

The little girl's blonde hair turned into a bright red like a fire spell ready to explode, and it moved as though unsettled by a strong gust of wind which blew from her front. Her blue eyes like the clear sky turned red and glowed with the desire for battle and the thirst for blood. The aura around her change into one worthy of a warrior. A shroud of red crackling energy like untamed lightning surrounded her, pushing back the dust, dirt, and leafs around her, flaunting her strength and prowess.

In a moment, I felt like I was standing on the battlefield and thousands of soldiers were raging around me, clashing their swords with all of their might, while she, like a redhead goddess of destruction stood there in front of me as my enemy.

I felt like all of my escape paths had been cut off, and my hair rose at its ends. With her mere presence and that mocking smirk on her lips made ME, a hunter of Blessings, one who faced more adversity and more enemies than one could imagine, feel as though I had no choice but to face her head head on.

What a dangerous child. I thought and gulped.

Clenching my hands into fists, I said “What's this? Are you activating your Blessing? I can't let you do that!” I shouted and launched myself at her.

I already knew that she never activated her Blessings before, so this meant that no matter how terrible her power was, she was far too inexperienced to face someone like me in battle. Age and battle experience were on my side. I could win, and the one who struck first had the advantage.

When I attacked her, I didn't held back. The moment my punch entered her aura, I felt her savage bloodlust, and I felt like I was staring in a monster's hungry eyes. This little girl was no ordinary child... such fierce power... such bloodlust... How could she release something like this when she was merely 10 years of age?!

She was a monster, that was what she was!

However, just when my punch was about to connect, she dodged and counter-attacked with a leg strike to my right cheek. One moment I was standing in front of her, then in the next one I was flying above the grass towards the other side of the clearing, right into the trees.

Instinctively, I switched my Blessings and activated [Blessing of the Fighter], from the God of War. It was one of the first Blessings which I stole and also one of the strongest out there.

Under the influence of this Blessing, my body was covered in a similar red aura as hers, but my hair and eyes didn't turn red, and I wasn't emitting such a scary bloodlust. The boost in strength and speed I received from it was extraordinary. In the blink of an eye, I was able to turn my body around and stop myself from slamming into the trees.

I smirked as I came to a stop.

“Don't think you are the only one with...” my words were cut short.

When I raised my eyes from the ground, I saw the fiery little girl with a cold expression on her face standing right in front of me, ready to punch me. There wasn't even the smallest sign of hesitation in her movement. She was going all out and intent on killing me.

I barely had time to lift my hands up to block the strike.

“Kuh!” I groaned when I felt it connect.

This little monster hit me with such a strength that I even heard a crack in my left hand, which was already damaged by that little boy's attack earlier. I clenched my teeth and bared with the pain as I restored my balance.


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