~ Chapter 57: Monsters... (Part 2) ~

The girl's punch was no joke. If she attacked a normal guard with that strength, she would have made his head explode into a thousands bloody pieces. She could achieve the so-called decapitation with a hammer.

Such power, I couldn't wait to test it out for myself once I stole her Blessings!

Pulling some distance from her, I took out my sword and prepared to do a little damage on her frail body. No matter how powerful one's Blessing was, if you damaged their bodies enough, they would eventually lose focus from the pain and be unable to properly use it. Considering the fact that my opponent was a mere ten years-old child, a few precise cuts would have been more enough to get her crying for her mother.

Thus, I attacked.

I aimed first for the muscles of her thighs and then for her calves, to heavily reduce her mobility. This was a simple hit and run tactic which would eventually lead to the bleed out of any opponent no matter how powerful they were. If she wore armor, it would have been almost impossible to attack her with this given her current speed and everything. Aiming for the tendons was also one of the other parts I could aim for. A cut tendon would make the muscle it was attached to useless, but unfortunately, such a precise cut wasn't something I could skillfully do at this speed.

“Ngh!” she groaned from the pain and fell on her knees as I kept running around her and slicing her muscles into shreds.

“Soon, you will fall down, and your Blessing will be mine!” I declared with a big smile on my face.

What could I say? I was in love with the role of the villain or rather it suited me like a glove! After all, only those like me held the true power! The only difference was how society looked at us. Some were nobles, others priests, while others still searched for a convenient mask to wear. That of the Royal Knight was fun to wear until I got bored with it, but I wanted more! I wanted something better than this!

Maybe with her Blessings I can finally aim for becoming a part of the Royal Family? OR maybe I could replace them altogether! I thought to myself.

I could start by becoming the young Prince's helper, than convince the King to make another child, a little girl which I could then teach to become my perfect wife. Afterwards, it would be just a matter of quietly assassinating the other members of the Royal Family. It was simple, a perfect plan from a genius like me!

“Stop... RUNNING!” the little girl growled and jumped forward to punch me.

In this attack, I slashed open her left biceps, but she pushed forward, ignoring her own open wound and punched me in the face. I was tossed back several meters and fell rolling on the ground.

This is insane! How did she attack me?! I injured both her legs! By now she should be crying from the pain and be unable to stand let alone jump! I thought as I got back up on my feet, holding my bleeding nose with my hand.

When I looked back at her, I saw the little girl's bleeding left arm, but she merely pushed the heavy cut together and it already began to heal at an insane speed.

Is this because of her Blessing or is she some sort of monster?! I thought when I witness this inhuman feat.

Angered, I dashed at her before I recovered and swung down my sword. She lifted her right hand up and stopped the blade with just her bones.

“Why can't I cut your arm?!” I shouted.

I was outraged by this impossible feat that happened right before my eyes.

The strength and speed I put into my sword were by no means something to joke about, yet she received such a blow in a way which should have led to it being cut clean. Her bones simply refused to be cut.

Even so, the amount of blood she had lost due to the number of injuries she suffered was no joke. This child should have lost her will to fight and even consciousness by now because of that. She should had groveled on the ground screaming in pain and begging me for forgiveness not glare at me like she wanted to jump and rip me to shreds.

This little girl, my prey, didn't care about her wounds. She didn't care how badly injured she was or how much blood she had lost, she just wanted to get to me... to kill me.

Angered, I looked at where I previously cut her biceps, wondering if maybe I simply didn't cut deep enough, but... the wound... it was gone. The cuts on her legs and arms were gone!

This is impossible! No normal human can heal so fast without a healing spell cast on them! I screamed in my mind.

“What sort of monster are you?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Get away from my little sister!” someone shouted and then I was punched in the left cheek.

My body went flying, but I felt like this scene already happened before, but there was no way that could be true, right? I killed that little boy, her brother, so who could have been?

I landed at the edge of the clearing and somehow or another stopped myself from slamming into the trees behind me at a full force.

Who? Who was it?! I asked in anger as I got up on my feet and looked at culprit.

“Huh?! Impossible! I killed you! I ripped your heart right out of your chest! So why... why are you still alive?!” I shouted and pointed at him.

Indeed, the one who punched me was none other than the auburn haired little boy with blue eyes like his sister. He too was surrounded by a fiery aura just like her and then his hair and eyes slowly turned into the same bright red as hers.

As I watched him activate a similar Blessing, I noticed that his disheveled clothes were stained by a quantity of blood that should have been fatal for someone of his size. The other thing I noticed was that the hole I personally made in his chest was now gone, completely healed.

These children... What sort of monsters are they? I wondered.

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Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton
Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

This image described of the twins standing together with glowing red auras and red hair and eyes facimg down this evil man… It just feels like something out of legend. I can’t wait to see the parents’ reaction to this.

Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton
Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton



Thank you for the chapter


Shit just got unreal…
PS: when his blessing-sucking skill got denied: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QbzBW6uy2M


What sort of monsters are they?
rip momy is coming
Becous we hawent seen joust how badas she is


Mom is going to arrive and find both of her children in Rage Mode, already shredded the imposter to pieces.


Thanks for the chapter.


Genetically modified human supporting ultra dense muscle and bone structure, to support fight and extreme healing factor would be the answer.

Also with this genetic mutation comes psionic power never before seen in this world.

Really, you should have stolen his body instead. At least you might have more of a chance to use it than his insane blessings

Matt J
Matt J

In any life, there are people who should just not be messed with, this assassin has been graced with the misfortune to honk-off two at once. Now, let us all witness the ironic, and very entertaining, fate of such a person.

Ascending Flame
Ascending Flame

Personally, I would have liked a moment where, during the fight, he noticed Leo getting up, like a zombie. Coupled with a mini freak-out of just what the hell is going on there.