~ Chapter 58: Overkill (Part 1) ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

Alexandre Damascus looked at me as though he saw a ghost. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't understand why or how I was still alive, after all, we all knew that he plucked my still beating heart right out of my body. A normal human being would have been dead with no chance of salvation even with this world's magic.

Answering a villain's questions was not part of my routine, so I kept quiet. This wasn't a comic book in which I had to reply in order for the reader to understand my intentions and abilities, this was real life. Such information could potentially land me in a very serious predicament or even allow my foe to devise a countermeasure, so I considered this man's question to be mere background noise. On the other hand, I would have some explaining to do to my little sister after this was over.

“Brother... I'm glad...” she said in a weak tone of voice.

The fiery aura around her was still there, which told me that her Blessing from the God of War was still active, but she was heavily weakened from all the blood she had lost and the energy she had spent fighting this man. I wasn't doing too peachy either, but I had to fight, we both did.

Still, I was happy to see that the regenerative properties of our bodies were the same and Cassandra wouldn't have to worry about a scar left on her body from that bastard's attacks.

For what he did to the both of us, I wasn't going to let him go.

He hurt my precious little sister.

He killed me.

He was a Blessing thief.

For the first offense alone he deserved nothing less than the capital punishment through torture!

Even Sapherya wants me to put an end to this bastard... I thought as I looked at the dark-red light emitting form Alexandre's body, which turned him into a living beacon for all those with [Oracle Eyes].

In other words... I had the divine right to kill this man. He was a non-essential piece for this world.

I could only wonder if maybe he appeared in our lives as that one tutorial boss all games had. The one who basically taught you what a boss character was and had as one sole destiny to be killed by the hero and become experience points. He always dropped junk items if any at all.

If this was an actual game, I would have had a lot of things to complain about to the developers. This ridiculous OverPowered setting was set on IMPOSSIBRU Difficulty!

I literally had to die in order to gain a chance at defeating this boss...

Clenching my fists, I took a deep breath and attacked this man.

He dodged my first fist, but he couldn't dodge my second one, which pushed him back a few meters. I saw him grinning at that moment. His sword had fresh blood on it, and when I looked down, I saw a slit opening in my chest.

That quarter of a second attack was played back again in my mind. The attack to my heart was done when I pulled back my fist and went for a second one. Using a quick jab, he stabbed me, but this wasn't a precise attack which skewered my heart right in the middle. This felt like a near-miss one because my ribs hit the blade and the cut to my insides was done at an angle.

A normal human being would have fallen prey to Death's grasp as a result, but I just ignored it. [Blessing of Endless Life] kept me from kicking the bucket, and my high speed regeneration repaired the injury at a snap of the fingers. When I thought about it, if not for this combo, I would have been in serious need of some healing magic. On Ezimuth's world I would have probably gathered a party of healers to keep me up and running all the time. I would have been the perfect meat shield.

Now, if Alexandre Damascus had plucked out my heart again, I may have ended up staggered or stunned for a while just like I was the first time around.

Thinking about it, decapitation could also put an end to my struggles and if by chance those separated pieces were burnt to the last cell, death would become a certain thing. Thus, I kept a mental note as to avoid such dangerous scenarios or attacks in the future.

“Fireball!” I said and launched a water sphere from my left hand while I prepared a wind one with my right.

Yeah, I lied about the spell I was going to cast, but this was a battle and chantless magic was a go. Unfortunately, I was far too unskilled for the water-lightning combo. Basic spells with insane amount of Magic Energy were the best option for me in this situation.

Alexandre Damascus jumped to the left and avoided the water sphere, which splashed on the ground with enough force to turn it over. The air sphere was then cut in half by his sword, and the two pieces flew towards the trees behind him. The result: two large trees had their barks burst into a thousand pieces.

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“Fireball!” I said and launched a water sphere from my left hand
Fireball! = water sphere
10/10 IGN

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